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Volume 7: Understanding Totalizm

JB. Understanding Totalizm
- JB1. Everything is governed by appropriate laws, and beware to break any of these laws

JB2. Totalizm is the philosophy which teaches us how to live without breaking "moral laws"

JA3. Theoretical foundations of totalizm
- JA3.1. Moral field
- JA3.2. Intelligent moral energy
- JA3.3. Moral laws

JB4. Totalizm versus atheism

JB5. Totalizm versus parasitism

JB6. Why every "motion along the line of least resistance" always creates a "black hole" in which any motion is impossible

JB7. Basic concepts of Totalizm
- JB7.1. Intellect
- JB7.2. Three façades of a typical philosophy (personal, official, propaganda)
- JB7.3. Everything is possible: we only need to find out how to achieve it
- JB7.4. Canons (primary principies of the operations of our universe
- JB7.5. The founding theorem of totalizm

JB8. Attributes of totalizm (open, continually perfected, striving to simplicity, devoted to truth, result oriented, secular)

JB9. Service of totalizm for the future of humanity

JC. Knowledge is responsibility
- JC1. What is totalizm
- JC1.1. Versions of totalizm

JC2. How the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity corrects errors of an old concept of monopolar gravity

JD. Stand of Totalizm in controversal moral issues
- JD1. Fast regularly, and willingly accept pain, effort, and discomfort

JD2. Spare the rod and spoil the child (why totalizm is "pro" corporal punishment)

JD3. How immoral people should be judged and punished

JD4. Promote truth even if this works against your interests

JD5. If moral and human laws collide then obey moral laws

JD6. There are immoral professions (e.g. teachers, tobacco producers, executioners) but prostitution does not need to be one of them

JD7. According to totalizm, so-called coincidents are actually someone's direct interventions (e.g. arranged by the universal intellect)

JD8. Defence killing (e.g. "you or me" situation)

JD9. Karma of a butcher - those who wish to eat hand killed animals, should kill with their own hands, whatever they eat

JD10. Capabilities of totalizm to heal social life

JD11. Common expressions, which in the light of totalizm require explanations
- JD11.1. The duty of defence - the most important of all totaliztic good deeds
- JD11.1.1. Sins of aggression as beginnings of avalanches of evil
- JD11.2. Avoid totaliztic sins of behavioural sacrifices, which are not accompanied by powerful "moral" feelings
- JD11.3. Totaliztic help
- JD11.4. There is a totaliztic method for forcing
- JD11.5. Totaliztic understanding of forgiveness
- JD11.6. What scepticism really is
- JD11.7. Dangers of meditations (act instead of meditating)
- JD11.8. Side effects are "shadows from moral field"

JD12. The stand of totalizm in some religious interpretations
- JD12.1. Totalizm acknowledges the eternal life and benefits in afterlife
- JD12.2. Differences in totaliztic and religious understanding of the universal intellect (God)
- JD12.3. Beware of religious fanaticism
- JD12.4. Totalizm is NOT a jealous philosophy, thus is allows to practice morally whatever one wishes

JD13. Moral mysteries and paradoxes
- JD13.1. Morality of the second in family
- JD13.2. "Cot death" of twins


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