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Volume 6: Totalizm

JA. Philosophy of Totalizm and practising Totalizm in our everyday life
- JA1. Here is a brief initial information regarding totalizm

JA2. The only rule of totalizm ("pedantically obey moral laws"), and how to apply it in everyday life
- JA2.1. Obey to moral laws do everything morally
- JA2.2. Obey moral laws to be inspired
- JA2.3. Indicators of the moral correctness
- JA2.4. Moral rewards and punishments
- JA2.5. Subdivision of moral laws
- JA2.6. Continually increase your knowledge

JA3. Control your karma
- JA3.1. Totaliztic versus Hinduistic interpretation of karma
- JA3.2. How to manage and transform karma (from immoral into moral)

JA4. Constantly lift yourself upwards in the moral field
- JA4.1. In all actions always choose the solution that is opposite to the line of the least intellectual resistance
- JA4.2. Attributes of moral field
- JA4.3. How to categorise our actions into totaliztic categories "moral" or "immoral"
- JA4.4. How to utilize moral field for transforming "immoral" actions into "moral" ones
- JA4.5. Whenever in moral dilemmas - atomise or converge issues
- JA4.6. Apply the method "from a principle, to implementation"

JA5. Totaliztic (behavioural) good deeds and totaliztic sins
- JA5.1. Totaliztic (behavioural) good deeds
- JA5.2. Totaliztic (behavioural) sins
- JA5.3. Basic attributes of totaliztic good deeds and totaliztic sins
- JA5.4. Categorize or qualify each everyday chore
- JA5.5. A way of converting totaliztic sins into totaliztic good deeds
- JA5.6. Factors, which distort concepts of totaliztic sins and totaliztic good deeds

JA6. Moral work, immoral work, and totaliztic nirvana

JA7. Managing our feelings and motivations
- JA7.1. How our feelings and motivations work
- JA7.2. Emotional good deeds and sins
- JA7.3. Conversion of immoral feelings into moral actions
- JA7.4. How to categorise our motivations and transform them into a kinetic moral energy

JA8. Let us take the personal responsibility

JA9. Totaliztic handling of spiritual matters

JA10. Let us listen and obey our organ of conscience

JA11. Development of moral quantities: intelligence, moral power, etc.

JA12. No one is perfect, but it always is worth to try

JA13. So let us summarise what we have learned so-far from the content of this volume


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