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Volume 1 - Introduction
A. Introduction
- A1. The situation before the primeval beginnings - i.e.: the infinity, chaos, motion and darkness
- A1.1. The evolutionary power of the primeval chaos and the significance of it to the future of the humanity
- A1.1.1. Hostile for people consequence of evolutionary power of chaotic interactions

A2. The self-evolution of God

A3. The hunger for knowledge as the propelling force of creation
- A3.1. Definition of the magor goal of creating humans
- A3.2. The body of evidence and proofs which confirm that the major goal of God’s creation of the physical world and man is the continuous "pursue of knowledge" by God

A4. Problems of continuous perfecting and managing the physical world, and the need for experimental creation of several physical worlds and creatures that populated them

A5. The optimal solution for the problem of introducing improvements and managing, means the so-called "omniplan" and "software time"
- A5.1. How this God’s "omniplan" works, means how it controls the reversive software time from our physical world

A6. How God created our physical world and living creatures

A7. The development of requirements that must be fulfilled by the most vital of God’s creations, means by the mankind

A8. The creation of humans

A9. Sirens, whales, and dolphins – means relatives and genetic ancestors of humans

A10. How old is the humanity and the physical world

- A10.1. Which evidence documents that the thinking component of the Gods "Holy Trinit"

A11. The fiasco of first attempts to control directly the development of humans and further improvements which resulted from it

A12. The need to generate guidelines for permissible human behaviours – means the first religion

A13. The evolution of knowledge and views of God and its reflection in next religions of the world

A14. The creation of next races of people and next religions, standard procedure of creation
- A14.1. Why the confirmation of the use of this "standard procedure" during thecreation of Maoris by God, is for us so important
- A14.2. When and how God created Maori people

A15. Further development of the humanity

A16. Presently prevailing principles used by God to manage the development of people

A17. Imperfections of some methods of God

A18. My fate and what stems from it

A19. How started discoveries and inventions which changed my life and fate

A20. How my fate went afterwards

AB. Scientific characteristic of this monograph

AB1. Subject, goal, and main thesis of this monograph

AB2. Intellectual property of concepts presented here

AB3. Notations used in this monograph

AB4. Summary of this monograph


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