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Volume 17: Meaning of evidence on UFOs

V. Evidence that magnocraft-like UFOs continually operate on the earth
- V1. How to recognize whether a given civilization is exploited by evil parasites

V2. The bitter taste of truth: Earth is a slave planet for evil parasites (UFOnauts)

V3. Mutual deadlocking, used by evil parasites as the method of paralysing of self-defence in primitive civilizations

V4. Photographs of UFOs and visual observations of UFOs and UFOnauts

V5. Permanent evidence for the continuous UFO activity on Earth
- V5.1. UFO landing sites
- V5.2. UFO explosion sites
- V5.3. Long, straight, glossy tunnels evaporated during underground flights of UFOs
- V5.3.1. The Deer Cave from Northern Borneo as the most spectacular example of a UFO tunnel
- V5.3.2. Glossy tunnels from Babia Gora in Poland
- V5.3.3. Master of the world - means the governor of Earth and his council of 12 UFOnauts
- V5.4. Substances dropped from UFOs
- V5.5. Fragments of UFO shells

V6. Evidence of UFO activities permantly written into our culture

V7. Commonly known "natural phenomena" induced by UFOs

V8. Attack of UFOnauts on the human civilisation
- V8.1. Evaporation of WTC by UFOs
- V8.2. Exploding the space shuttle Columbia by UFOs
- V8.3. Other spectacular cases of attacks of UFOnauts on the USA
- V8.4. The worst scenario of a "big bang"

V9. Summary

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