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Volume 16: Abductions of people to UFOs

U. Systematic abductionsto UFOs of everyninhabitant of the earth
- U1. Two categories of people on Earth: aware UFO abductees and unaware UFO abductees

U2. The history of evolution of my knowledge about the scale of UFO abductions

U3. How to objectively prove to ourselves that we are abducted to UFOs
- U3.1. A scar on our leg left after the insertion of an "identification implant" that each person on Earth is carrying
- U3.1.1. How many UFOnauts and how many UFO vehicles continually reside on Earth
- U3.1.2. "Rods": an empirical evidence for the enormous density of invisible UFO vehicles operating on Earth
- U3.1.3. Various consequences of the occupational army of UFOnauts residing on Earth
- U3.1.4. How to detect the scar on our leg from an "identification implant"
- U3.2. The "indoctrination implant" in our temple
- U3.2.1. The MIR test (Magnetic Implant Response)
- U3.2.2. Various consequences of the presence of the indoctrination implant in our temple
- U3.3. The instalment of other implants and bruises on our bodies that originate from UFOs
- U3.4. Consequences of our abductions to UFOs
- U3.5. External evidence of our own abductions to UFOs
- U3.6. Observable consequences of operational telekinetic UFOs entering our homes
- U3.7. Rapes of people by UFOnauts
- U3.7.1. Detecting cases when we ourselves were raped by UFOnauts
- U3.8. Instrumental detection of arrival of invisible UFOs to our homes

U4. How UFOnauts exploit us
- U4.1. Manners of exploiting people by UFOnauts identified so far
- U4.2. The mass production of "biorobots"
- U4.3. Let us call the situation by its name, means a dictionary from the occupational model
- U4.4. UFO collaborators

U5. Research on UFO abductions
- U5.1. Research on the detectability of evidence of our own abductions to UFOs
- U5.2. Other research opened for each one of us
- U5.3. Examples of research topics for students and scientists

U6. Interpretation of reports from UFO abductions

U7. To conclude this chapter

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