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Volume 13: Parasitism

OA. Parasitism - the main enemy of totalizm
- OA1. Let us define parasitism

OA2. Various versions of parasitism
- OA2.1. Two basic forms of parasitism: primitive parasitism and refined parasitism
- OA2.2. Primitive parasitism
- OA2.3. Refined parasitism
- OA2.4. Evil parasitism
- OA2.5. Institutional parasitism

OA3. Wicked ways of parasitism
- OA3.1. How refined parasites are going around moral laws
- OA3.2. How parasites enslave other people

OA4. Stages of primitive parasitism
- OA4.1. A triggering event for individual people
- OA4.2. Stages of primitive parasitism in individual people
- OA4.3. Institutional parasitism and forced philosophical corruption of individual people
- OA4.4. Behaviour of parasitic institutions which are allowed to vampire forever

OA5. Stages of advancement of refined parasitism
- OA5.1. Stages of refined parasitism in individual people
- OA5.2. Pseudo-morality of the refined parasitism

OA6. Consequences of parasitism
- OA6.1. Parasitic inclinations of women
- OA6.2. Major attributes of institutional parasitism

OA7. How to recognize parasites around us
- OA7.1. Differences between totalizts and parasites

OA8. Let us summarise what is parasitism
- OA8.1. Parasitism as a deadly moral illness
- OA8.2. Parasitism as an outcome of the downhill philosophical life-cycle
- OA8.3. Parasitism as a negation of the uphill philosophical life-cycle
- OA8.4. Parasitism as a contradiction of totaliztic modelsof governing and ownership
- OA8.5. Parasitism and totalizm as moral equivalents to linear motion and rotary motion
- OA8.6. Parasitism as a manifestation of a deficiency of moral energy
- OA8.6.1. The "μ" coefficient for expressing a level of someone's moral energy
- OA8.6.2. How to estimate the level of moral energy that an intellect managed to accumulate
- OA8.6.3. Relationship between "μ" and conditions of intellects

OB. How god corrects the morality through sending cataclysms on parasitic communities
- OB1. How communities can defend themselves against adopting parasitism

OC. Parasitic civilisations
- OC1. An example how our civilisation can become a parasitic civilisation

OC2. Natural transformation of whole civilisations: from institutional parasites into evil parasites
- OC2.1. How life looks like in civilisations that practice institutional parasitism
- OC2.2. Let us define "evil parasites" and "evil parasitism"

OC3. Technical devices utilized by evil parasites to enslave other civilisations
- OC3.1. Oscillatory Chambers
- OC3.2. Magnocrafts
- OC3.3. Devices for telekinetic flickering
- OC3.4. Time vehicles
- OC3.5. Devices for telepathic communication
- OC3.6. Telekinetic generators of free energy

OC4. Improvement of the morality of universe through the natural mechanism of transformation of parasites into evil parasites who then stimulate all complacent civilizations with threats of aggression

OC5. Defence of totalizts from the aggression of parasites
- OC5.1. Defence of totalizts from physical aggression of parasites
- OC5.2. Defence of totalizts from emotional aggression of parasites
- OC5.3. Defence of totalizts from spiritual threats of parasites

OC6. To summarise

OD. Methods used by god for preventing the humanity to become a parasitic civilisation
- OD1. An iron rule of God to always provide confirming evidence to all people who strongly believe in something

OD2. "Omen" and "foretelling" nature of God’s simulations of flying vehicles

OD3. The ”simulation” of the occupation of the Earth by parasitic UFOnauts

OD4. What are these God’s “simulations” of UFOs and UFOnauts

OD5. The evidence which confirms, that manifestations of UFOs on the Earth are really God’s ”simulations”, not a true occupation by evil UFOnauts


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