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Volume 12: Let us get to know God

NA. Let us get to know better our young god
- NA1. Let us define God and also analyse factors which decide about His interactions with people
- NA1.1. How God come to existence - means how looked like the self-evolution of God
- NA1.2. What is the age of God
- NA1.3. Which evidence documents that God is around 6000 years young
- NA1.4. How many Gods actually is there

NA2. Let us define the appearance of God

NA3. Whether God is really composed of "Father", "Holy Ghost", and "Son" - as the Christian religion states this, or from „God Creator”, ”God Sustenance”, and ”God Destructor” according to teachings of Hinduism

NB. Evidence that confirms the existence of god
- NB.1. Which people and in what manner God typically maintains in the uncertainty of His existence
- NB.2. Let us define the term "evidence for the existence of God"
- NB3. God wants that we "know" that He does exist, not just "believe" in His existence - means let us learn the reason for which God forces each one amongst us to contribute in person the significant effort into the cognitive recognition of evidence for the existence of God and into the earning of the cognitive certainty that God does exist

NB4. With what methods and for what reason God forces everyone amongst us to contribute the personal effort into the cognitive recognition of evidence for the existence of God and into the earning the cognitive certainty that God does exist

NB5. "Proving through the contradiction" - i.e. since there is no even a smallest shred of evidence for the non-existence of God, this means that God does exist

NB6. A compendium of evidence from the area of physical sciences for the existence of God

NB7. A compendium of evidence from the area of biological sciences for the existence of God

NB8. The formal proof for the existence of God completed with a method of mathematical logic

NC. The bible - means an autobiography of god
- NC1. Which facts confirm that the Bible is really authorised by God Himself

ND. Personalitiesand "charakter" of god
- ND1. How the list of different personalities of the same God is described by the religion of Hinduism

ND2. God’s sense of humour

NE. Knowledge and capabilities of god
- NE1. What god knows already, and what God still does not know

NE2. How God carries out the creation

NE3. Two basic kinds of creation, namely: (1) temporary simulation and (2) permanent creation

NE4. What are reasons for repetitive "simulation" of creatures by God - means reasons for the "temporally creation" by God creatures deprived of the "free will"

NE5. Whether God sometimes links temporally ones amongst His many personalities, and His own awareness, to bodies of selected people

NE6. Since there is something that God still does NOT know, God is going to carry the process of creation in such a manner, that He is going to learn it

NF. God versus man (means what totalizm determined scientifically about the role of man in God’s plans)
- NF1. Although God knows almost infinitively more than people do, still God does NOT know everything - thus the major goal of God’s activities is to “increase knowledge”

NF2. Why God needs the physical world and the humans

NF3. Not only us, humans, but also God Himself is "relatively imperfect", thus He continually learns and improves His methods Images

NF4. The goal for which God created people: learning about Himself and increase His knowledge

NF5. Which evidence confirms claims of the philosophy of totalizm formulated on basis of findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, that "the reason for which God created people is easier, safer, faster, and more accurate getting to know Himself, as well as the increase of knowledge and perfection of God"

NF6. The name for the present phase of gathering knowledge by God is "experimentation on evilness and consequences of it"

NF7. From thoughtless servants, into aware partners of God

NF8. Which attributes of people God appreciates the most

NF9. The formal proof that God created the first man and the first woman, completed with methods of mathematical logic

NG. Gods methods of ruling over man and the universe
- NG1. Which factors limit the God’s "thrust to knowledge"
- NG1.1. The so-called "free will" granted to people by God
- NG1.2. The so-called "canon of ambiguity"
- NG1.2.1. The generation by God two opposite explanations for every fact and every noticeable manifestation of His activities
- NG1.3. The so-called "principle of counter-polarity"

NG2. In what manner God still accomplishes His chief goal of ”increasing the knowledge”, in spite that in His actions God must consider all constraints which restrict Him
- NG2.1. Maintaining people in the continuous lack of certainty that God does exist

- NG2.2. The formation of two independent explanations for every observable fact, out of which one explanations is (1) religious, while the other is (2) atheistic
- NG2.3. Inspiring creative searches in people

NG3. How God inspires creative searches in people
- NG3.1. The role of so-called "barriers of awareness" and "levels of induction" in human searches for knowledge
- NG3.2. Promotion of atheism on the Earth
- NG3.3. The utilisation of motivating capabilities of "evil" - means deaths, illnesses, corruption, injustice, etc.
NG4. How God tests quality and potential of subsequent people
- NG4.1. "Tests" and “exams” to which God subjects people
- NG4.2. A typical algorithm (course) of tests and exams to which God subjects people
- NG4.3. Examples of tests and exams to which God subjects people

NG5. Summary of the most important methods of controlling people by God
- NG5.1. The mastery over time
- NG5.2. The method of "stick and carrot"
- NG5.3. The method "divide and rule"
- NG5.4. The method "allow the correct finding only when people check all possible erroneous paths to truth"
- NG5.5. The so-called ”curse of inventors”

NH. The "great bang" and "natural evolution" as inspiring "fabications" of god"
- NH1. What vital reasons had God to create the "simulated history of the universe and the humanity" - means to created an invented opposite to the "real history of the universe and the humanity"

NH2. What states the "simulated history of the universe and man" - means this history which present human science laboriously pieces together from the "evidence" that was implanted by the omnipotent God into the very fabric of the physical world that surrounds us

NH3. What states the "true history of the universe and the humanity" described in the Bible

NH4. The lesson which God serves to us through the fabrication of this untrue "simulated history of the universe"

NH5. What other simulations God also implements on the Earth
- NH5.1. "Printer's imps" - means another large family of continuous set-ups and jokes played on people by God for important reasons
- NH5.2. Illusive and perfectly masked evil-doers with supernatural powers that act currently in Internet

NI. The concept of angels an devils

- NI1. Where the idea of ”angels” and ”devils” comes from

NJ. Cosmic relatives of people - means another simulation of god

NK. God's promotion of Totalizm and Parasitism
- NK1. Facts which confirm that God supports and tolerates the eventuation and development of totalizm
- NK2. Reasons and evidence of God’s promotion of parasitism


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