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Volume 11: Time, time travel, time vehicles

M. Magnocraft of the third generation (time vehicle)
- M1. The practical side of time travel
- M1.1. The principle of operation of time vehicles
- M1.2. The appearance of time vehicles
- M1.3. The verifiable by everyone evidence about the possibility to travel through time
- M1.3.1. The method and measuring instruments for experimental determination of the speed of the elapse of time in individual people
- M1.4. Examples of biological evidence for different speeds of discrete elapse of time in every species, for every age, and for every kind of intense emotion
- M1.4.1. Examples of empirical evidence which confirm the fact that "the future is already pre-programmed in advance"
- M1.5. How the Bible confirms the principle of time travel described here
- M1.5.1. Let us recall these 11 verses from the "Second Book of Kings", 20:1-11
- M1.5.2. Let us analyse together what these 11 verses from the "Second Book of Kings" 20:1-11 actually are saying
- M1.5.3. How the moral awareness of the humanity is lifted by the reassurance from the Bible, that time vehicles can be build, and that they are to allow people accomplish immortality
- M1.6. The physical identity of DNA helixes in a given individual is a proof that the counter-matter of DNA is the carrier of software "programs of life and fate"
- M1.7. Photographs of time vehicles used by UFOnauts
- M1.8. The filmed proof that time travel is possible
- M1.9. Further evidence for the feasibility of time travel, that stem from my personal experiences

M2. The theory of time, i.e. what is time, how time works, and where the knowledge about time presented here comes from
- M2.1. Orthodox understanding of time - what it states, why is wrong, and what limitations it displays
- M2.2. How the alternative understanding of time, introduced only by the scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, opens for people the completely new horizons and potentials
- M2.3. What is this new scientific theory of the totaliztic science, called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which - amongst others, explained what is time and how time works
- M2.4. How the mechanism of “time” operation is explained by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity
- M2.5. The software nature of time in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity
- M2.6. The “timespace”
- M2.7. What benefits and prospects opens for us the understanding of "time" according to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity
- M2.8. Morally correct immortality accomplished technologically through the repetitive use of "time vehicles"
- M2.8.1. About the time to realise, that that immortality accomplished through medical methods is highly immoral

M3. Time travel and time vehicles - what these are, and what are their principles of operation
- M3.1. So how to accomplish a time travel according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity
- M3.1.1. The mechanism of operation of time controls the work of human memory in such a way, that "natural" reliving again another version of the past erases the memory of previous version of that past, but shifting back in time with the use of time vehicles only adds the memory of another version of the past to already existing memories of previous versions of that past
- M3.2. Limitations which according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity are imposed onto travelling in time on principles of the deformation of magnetic fields
- M3.3. Whether paradoxes described in "science fiction" books really appear in this principle of time travel
- M3.3.1. Remotely controlled "assassination of the grandfather" - means the use of time vehicles for undoing events which already happen
- M3.4. Benefits stemming from accomplishing time vehicles and time travel

M4. Practical construction of time vehicles, means Magnocraft of the third generation
- M4.1. How our future time vehicles are going to look like
- M4.2. How time vehicles are practically going to control time and shift time back
- M4.2.1. The general principle of shifting someone’s time back and its practical implementation by Oscillatory Chambers of the third generation
- M4.2.2. The Oscillatory Chambers of the third generation
- M4.3. The Magnocraft of the third generation (i.e. “public transport” kind of time vehicles)
- M4.3.1. Landings of time vehicles
- M4.4. Four-propulsor time vehicles
- M4.5. Personal time vehicles
- M4.6. So when our civilization accomplishes time vehicles (and thus the immortality for all people)

M5. Phenomena induced by time vehicles
- M5.1. What observable effects a nearby use of time vehicles is going to induce
- M5.2. The passive replay of timely distant events

M6. Consequences of use of time vehicles
- M6.1. The "imprisoned immortality"
- M6.1.1. The group responsibility of members of civilizations which practice "imprisoned immortality"
- M6.2. The "non-existing existence" of evil civilizations which practice the "imprisoned immortality" without accomplishing previously a nirvana
- M6.3. "Time black hole" in evil civilizations which practice the "imprisoned immortality" without accomplishing a nirvana

M7. Time travel versus descriptions and prophecies from the Bible – means how time vehicles and time travel explain various expressions from the Bible
- M7.1. The formal scientific proof, that “the Bible is authorized by God himself”, completed with methods of mathematical logic
- M7.2. How time vehicles explain (and are going to cause) the "rising of people from graves"
- M7.3. How time vehicles and time travel are going to cause the “everlasting life”
- M7.4. "Everlasting happiness"
- M7.5. "Everlasting hell"
- M7.6. "Final judgment"

M8. Examples of evidence and descriptions which originate from my personal experiences, and which document and illustrate the feasibility of travelling in time and the possibility of us shifting back in time
- M8.1. My first encounter with consequences of shifting time back - i.e. reviewing a book in library which never was there
- M8.2. The film "Groundhog Day" as an illustration for the mechanism of time, principle of operation of time vehicles, erasure of previous memory records during a "natural" shifting back in time, "imprisoned immortality", "everlasting hell", and the advantage over ordinary people that UFOnauts have because of time vehicles
- M8.3. "Time curriers" – means the method of learning the future by utilizing time vehicles
- M8.4. My personal experiences with cases when time travel induced by UFOnauts took place in my close proximity

M9. Time travel which utilizes the principle of "waving the timespace"
- M9.1. The principle of time travel which is based on waving the timespace
- M9.2. Characteristics of the time travel accomplished through waving the timespace
- M9.3. True immortality

M10. Three generations of the Magnocraft and their identification

M11. People and resources needed to build the first "Magnocraft" or the first "time vehicle"

M12. For the ending


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