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Img.098 (J3) Small white creature with blue eyes and with an unique expression of happiness on the face - which is characteristic for people who live through a totaliztic nirvana. The above portrait was painted personally by Mrs. Daniela Giordano (co-author of treatise [7/2] "Pyramid of thoughts") on 30 March 2000. Thanks to the painting talent of Mrs. Giordano, this portrait managed to capture the subtle expression of happiness which spreads from the face of this creature, and which always characterizes people who are in the state of totaliztic nirvana. The portrait shows the appearance of a small male creature, which originates from a totalistic civilization that currently helps people from the Earth in their struggles to freedom from the secretive occupation by parasitic UFOnauts. This creature passed to Mrs. Giordano a precious gift for the entire humanity, in the form of a telepathic communication device (the pyramid), which the creature just holds in his hands, and which more comprehensively is described in treatise [7/2] “Pyramid of thoughts”, as well as in subsection KB3.5. of this monograph. Notice the shape and size of the head of this creature in comparison to proportions of the rest of his body, his small nose and chin, narrow mouth, and the lack of hair. Especially take notice of his expression of contentment and happiness which emanates from his face (in chapter JE of this monograph this unique state of permanent happiness accomplishable through moral living is called the “totalistic nirvana”). The portrait shows also the exact shape and relative size of the pyramid, as well as the manner this pyramid is held in hands of the creature. The reflections on the surface of this pyramid, as well as shadows and reflections from transparent walls, illustrate the impression which Mrs. Daniela Giordano had when watched the working pyramid. For more information on the subject of this totaliztic creature from stars, and on his pyramid, see treatise [7/2] "Pyramid of thoughts".

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