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Abb.089 (G39 K3-K10) The location and designation of subsequent compartments and spaces in discoidal Magnocraft. (This Figure illustrates descriptions from subsection G2.5.) The scales of dimensions in subsequent vehicles are provided under each type separately. Shells made of magnetoreflective material are circumscribed with a broken line. Each compartment of the Magnocraft has a concentric shape of a ring or crescent that runs around a vertical central axis "Z" of the vehicle. All types of the Magnocraft always have "K" compartments. The first two out of these "K" compartments are two propelling spaces, namely central propelling space (C) and side propelling space (B). They exist in every Magnocraft and are utilised for storage purposes. Furthermore, depending on the type and size of the Magnocraft, further living compartments are present inside of the living space. These living compartments are marked with the following symbols in subsequent types of the Magnocraft: (1) = Central propulsion space "C", (2) = Side propulsion space "B", (3) = Pilots deck "P" also called "captain bridge", (4) = Specialisation hall "H", (5) = The storage area "F", (6) = Machine room "E", (7) = Living quarters "A", (8) = Recreation centre "R", (9) = Hangar deck "L", (10) = Workshops "D". Note that the Magnocraft type K3 have compartments marked 1, 2, 3; the Magnocraft type K4 - compartments marked 1, 2, 3, 4; etc.
Other symbols: G - hermetic gates, T - a side elevator ramp running between levels, W - a main elevator ramp for inter- level communication. The illustration of compartments in a K7 type of Magnocraft is also shown in Img.149 (P30).

(Left column) Interior of vehicles of K3 to K6 types, with a lens-shaped side flange.

(Right column) Interior of large vehicles of K7 to K10 types, with a flat vertical circumference of the side flange.

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