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Img.086 (G36) The formation of a circle of swirled plants, or a "dust devil", caused by a low hovering single Magnocraft whose magnetic circuits loop entirely in the air (i.e. main paths of these circuits do not touch the ground). In areas covered with breakable vegetation, e.g. on crop circles, such spinning air creates a kind of characteristic swirl pattern of mechanically flattened vegetation. In turn on dry surfaces, such as country roads or sand dunes, the vehicle lifts into the air a moving funnel of dust. In many cases the vehicle which forms thus dust swirl remains invisible to observers (e.g. it screens itself with a magnetic lens). Then in folklore of various nations the effect of its action is called a "dust devil" in English, "chie fung" (i.e. "devil's wind") in Chinese, or "tańcujący diabeł" (i.e. "dancing devil") in Polish.
Illustrated are: 1 - the stationary Magnocraft type K3 whose propulsion system operates in the magnetic whirl mode, 2 - the spinning magnetic circuits of the vehicle (these spinning circuits ionize the air, causing it to rotate also), 3 - the whirlwind of air (sometimes called the "devil's whirl") formed by the vehicle's spinning magnetic field, 4 - the nest of plants aerodynamically flattened and swirled in the direction of the whirlwind's rotation (the direction of this swirling allows to determine the direction of flight of the vehicle, according to the "rule of a rolling sphere" explained in Img.071 (G22b).

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