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Img.082 (G32) The explanation for a magnetic-lens effect produced by the central magnetic circuits of an ascending Magnocraft.
This effect means that an observer who watches such an ascending Magnocraft from below sees only a twin-chamber capsule from the main propulsor, whereas the entire shell of the vehicle remains invisible to him/her (see also Img.017 (F6)). This is because in the ascending Magnocraft, the power of the magnetic field involved in the central magnetic circuit exceeds many times the power involved in the main and side circuits. Thus force lines of the central magnetic circuit hermetically surround not only the entire body of the vehicle, but also its main and side magnetic circuits. The extremely concentrated magnetic field from this central circuit interferes with light reflected to the observer.

This interference manifests itself in the following two ways:
(1) paths of light which pass across the field force lines are bent (i.e. the light reflected from the vehicle's body is deflected so that it does not reach the eye of an observer), but
(2) light which passes along the field force lines is unaffected (i.e. the light reflected from the twin-chamber capsule reaches the eye of an observer). Therefore the observer, who watches such an ascending Magnocraft from below, can easily see a twin-chamber capsule from the main propulsor, but he or she is unable to see all the other parts of the vehicle which are hermetically sealed in magnetic force lines. (The appearance and photographs of just such capsules are illustrated in Img.017 (F6) from volume 2 and in Img.166 (S5), Img.165 (S4), and Img.164 (S3) from volume 14 of monograph.)
Symbols: 1 - path along which light is unable to pass through; 2 - unaffected path of light.

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