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Img.074 (G24) Magnetic circuits formed by the K6 type of Magnocraft producing a stationary (i.e. non-whirling) magnetic field. Three types of circuits are illustrated, i.e. the central "C", main "M", and side "S".
Symbols: N, S - magnetic poles of the vehicle's propulsors.

a) A vertical cross-section of the Magnocraft illustrating the path of particular circuits and the polarity of vehicle's propulsors.

b) An overhead view of the Magnocraft illustrating the distribution of the magnetic circuits around the vehicle's shell. The vehicle is shown as if it is operated in the "four-circuit mode". Note that in real vehicles the magnetic circuits shown here were actually captured on photographs. These circuits are shown in Img.138 (P19) from volume 13 of this monograph.

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