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Img.046 (G7) A stacked cigar-shaped flying complex which represents one of the most efficient configurations obtainable through the magnetic coupling of a number of Magnocraft. This configuration is formed by stacking a number of subsequent Magnocraft of the same type (illustrated is a stack consisting of seven vehicles type K6) one on top of the other, like a pile of saucers stored in a kitchen cupboard. Because in subsection P2 of this monograph is formally proven that “UFOs are already operational Magnocraft”, probably a similar cigars of UFOs exploded near Tapanui in New Zealand in 1178 AD, and also in Tunguska, Central Siberia, in 1908. The outer dimensions of the Magnocraft type K6 are: D=35.11 meters, H=5.85 meters - see equations G13 and G7. After landing, n = 20 side propulsors present in this type of vehicle scorches a ring on the ground having the nominal diameter d = D/√2 = 24.82 meters – see equation G9.

Img.046 (G7a) External (side) view of the whole cigar-shaped complex. Please notice that examples of just such cigar-shaped flying complexes, only that flying in the magnetic whirl mode of operation (in which the surface of vehicles is covered with a spinning cloud of ionised air), were captured and shown on photographs from Img.129 (P10) in volume 13 of this monograph.

Img.047 (G7b) Vertical cross section of the complex showing the interaction of propulsors and the relative positioning of the compartments in the coupled vehicles. Symbols: GS - the thickness of the complementary flange which is equal to the gap between the flanges of two subsequent vehicles (because this is equal, a number of such cigar-shaped flying complexes can be further coupled rim-to-rim into flying systems - see Img.066 (G17); N, S - polarity of the subsequent magnetic propulsors.

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