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Img.031 (F13a)

Img.031 (F13ab) Photographs of the experimental Oscillatory Chamber and related devices constructed by a Polish hobbyist. The prototype of his chamber still requires further perfecting to become a powerful magnetic field producing device, and it may take many years before the first chambers will be deployed. But his undisputable achievement is to demonstrate that the principles of the Oscillatory Chamber are valid and completable in a technical manner, and to pave the way for further more advanced research. The secret of success with building the above chamber lies in the introduction of needle-shaped electrodes that replaced the square plates shown in Img.013 (F1b) (these needle-shaped electrodes are shown in Img. (F2), and in the appropriate shaping of electric impulses that produce the sparks. He acquired the idea of such needle-shaped electrodes from ancient descriptions of gold nails driven through the wooden walls of the Ark of the Covenant.

Img.31 (F13b) His model photographed in darkness. It reveals the fascinating appearance of streams of rotating electric sparks. This photograph was taken in May 1987.

Img.031 (F13b) The hobbyist and his experimental station. The station is composed of: (a) one of his prototypes of the chamber, (b) an impulse generator (of his own construction) that supplies electric power, (c) a deflecting electromagnet, and (d) the measuring equipment. Photographed in August 1989.

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