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Img.024 (F10-1s) The prototype spider configuration of the first generation. It is composed solely out of oscillatory chambers of the cubical shape. Therefore, it is going to be build as our first configuration of oscillatory chambers that can be effectively controlled. This prototype configuration is to be used a long time before the first twin-chamber capsule shown in Figure F5 can be developed. It is also to be used a long time before the first standard spider configuration shown in Figure F9 is going to be pieced together. (The reason is that the completion of the first twin-chamber capsule is going to require a priory finding a technical solution for a complex problem of controlling the free-floating inner chamber. In turn the completion of the first standard spider configuration from Figure F9, is going to require the developing of main chamber (M), the height of which is four times longer than the width of its sides.) In the initial stage of building our vehicles with magnetic propulsion, the prototype spider configuration shown above is going to be assembled even in propulsors of a discoidal Magnocraft - see stage (1A) in the classification from subsection M6. The principle of operation of this prototype configuration is identical to the principle of standard configuration from Figure F9. The only difference depends on the formation of two magnetic waves instead of a single one. This prototype configuration is easy to recognise by its discoidal shape, in which the width G = 2A is twice of the height H=A. The dimensions illustrated include: A = 2a - the length of side walls in the main oscillatory chamber (M), a = (1/2)A - the length of side walls in side oscillatory chambers (U, V, W, Z), H = A - the height of the entire configuration, D and d - diameters of circles circumscribed over face walls of the main and side oscillatory chambers.
(1s) A side view of the entire configuration. The filler substance is blackened.

Img.025 (F10-1t) A top view of the entire configuration.

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