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Img.151 (P32) The comparison of two separate photos of a hill from Mars shaped like human face. This hill exists in the Cydonia region of Mars, and is around 1.6 km long. On the left is shown the original photo taken by American mission of Viking from 1976. On the right the same hill is shown photographed by "NASA's Mars Global Surveyor" and send to Earth on 8 April 1998. The above photographs in the combination shown here were published in the article "Martian conspiracy theorists lose face" from the Malaysian weekly SUNday, issue dated on 24 May 1998, page 62.
The above human-like face from Mars is the subject of rather bitter controversy and already has an interesting history. From the first moment of its publishing experts from NASA claim, that it is only a natural hill. In turn many other researchers believes, that it can represent remains from a sculpture of a technical origin. The attempts to-date of finding out what it really is for various mysterious reasons always finish with a defeat. For example the spaceship "Observer" send previously on Mars mysteriously "disappeared" in August 1993. Of course, the above photographs are also not conclusive, because similarly as, according to NASA, nature could form this hill, the same nature could also deform a technical sculpture. Furthermore, UFOnauts that occupy us, who are vitally interested that we never confirm the colonisation of Mars, could sabotage with their UFO vehicle the more meaningful parts of this sculpture. After all, the eventual proving that this hill is a technical sculpture, would provide a proof for the correctness of my theory from subsection V3. This theory states, that Mars was populated earlier than Earth. But because of its low gravity, the length of life of colonists drop below the barrier of self-reproduction, while their height shoot to the size of giants (see descriptions of equations of longevity and height from subsections JE9. and P6.2.). Because of this unsuccessful colonisation of Mars, the red planet needed to be pushed aside from the planet that supports life, while its place was taken by Earth, which then was subjected to colonisation with the same as Mars human race.
It is worth to add, that according to legends of New Zealand Maori, a colossal sculpture of a male that lies on its back and stares into sky, supposed to exist in the unpopulated area of New Zealand - see descriptions in subsection V3.. Maori call this sculpture a "Sleeping Giant". According to their legends his eyes are staring at the star from which he arrived to Earth. It is described as having smooth and strong brows, widely framed eyes, straight/aquiline nose - (not flat) which gives the impression of power, full "sensual" lips which make an impression that they would laugh when only they return to life, and clearly outlining chin which indicates the power and pride. Of course, the person reading this description may have a doubt about the truthfulness of this legend, because how it would be possible such a gigantic sculpture of a human lasts undiscovered even at the beginning of XXI century, means in times of satellites and space shuttles that continually photograph every centimetre of our planet, and at times when at every area of New Zealand tens of aeroplanes fly everyday. Well, in my opinion it is possible.
We must remember that these aeroplanes and space shuttles are piloted, while satellite photographs analysed, by people who are used to thoughtlessly stare into TV sets and chum sandwiches, not to observe and analyse reality that surrounds them. After all, the majority of present orthodox scientists would not notice such a sculpture even when their favourite golf course is located on the nose of this sculpture, while Maori not only told about it in their legends, but also glued its pictures and descriptions to gates of present universities. Because this sculpture strongly confirms the correctness of the alternative history of humanity described in subsection V3, because I myself discovered the site of UFO explosion in Tapanui just on the basis of similar Maori legends described in subsection O5.2., and also because I would like to guarantee that the information about this sculpture of the "Sleeping Giant" does not disappear as this happened many times with other evidence of operation of UFOs in New Zealand, I decided to record here for future generations the details about this extraordinary sculpture.

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