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Img.148 (P29) A next proof of ignorance in UFO matters of the so-called "experts" in space research. This photograph was taken on 16 October 1994 by American orbital telescope Hubble (Hubble's Space Telescope), while on 9 January 1995 disseminated by NASA as a photograph of head-on collision of two galaxies. The above colour reprint was published on the first page of the Malaysian daily the New Straits Times, issue dated 12 January 1995. But it was also published in several other periodicals. It presents 4 large elliptical objects, plus several smaller round red stars. From the left side this photograph presents the first blue elliptical object in the shape of deformed wheel, on the centre of which a second red object four times smaller is superimposed. In the right top corner there are two further elliptical objects - red at the top, while slightly lower a blue one. Both are exactly four times smaller than the blue ellipsis from the left side. According to the official explanation provided under this photograph, it supposed to present a head-on collision of two galaxies. But in reality it presents a formation of four UFO vehicles, what is unambiguously indicated by the evidence discussed in subsection P2.14.2. From the left side flies a larger UFO type K5 of the second generation (with octagonal oscillatory chambers) which makes gas glow in blue colour. Above the central axis of this UFO flies a smaller UFO type K3 which makes the gas glow red. These UFOs are accompanied by another two UFO vehicles type K3 that fly on the right side. All four vehicles fly in the magnetic whirl mode of operation - compare the above photograph with photographs from Img.133 (P14) and Img.143 (P24). The fact that these are UFO vehicles can be easily proven empirically. Otherwise then galaxies which stay in the same spot for millions of years, today these UFO vehicles are not present in the point of space in which they were then photographed (after all they flown away to complete other tasks).
In time just after being taken and interpreted by NASA, the above photograph was treated as a symbol of triumph of the dazzling accomplishments of Earth's orthodox science - and as such it was reproduced on many journals and periodicals. But the universal intellect must have a high sense of humour because in reality the above photograph is a symbol of ignorance and self-admiration of Earth's science in the confrontation with technology of UFOs that occupy our planet.

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