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Img.145 (P26) A Spanish UFO photograph which reveals the action of a magnetic lens. Three frames from a large set of daylight photographs taken by Antonio Pardo over San Jose de Valeras (Spain) about 8:30 p.m. on June 1, 1966 - see [1P2] p. 159. This photograph shows a spherical complex of two K7 type UFOs (see also Img.162 (S1) and Img.149 (P30) showing UFOs of the same type only that coupled into different arrangements). The outlines of both vehicles are distorted by the strong action of the magnetic lens. The areas affected by this lens are concentrated around the propulsors of the UFOs. Thus the flanges containing the side propulsors are only partially visible, whereas the spherical bowls that cover the ceilings of the crews' cabins are completely diminished. On high quality copies of this photograph a faint outline of the spherical bowl at the top of the upper vehicle is slightly distinguishable.

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