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Img.143 (P24) Two night photographs of UFOs flying in a throbbing mode of operation.
(a) A night photo of a UFO type K3 flying in a throbbing mode of operation. The above photograph (originally in color) was taken on 2 August 1965 by 14 year old Alan Smith, over Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA - see [1P2] p. 241 and [2P2] p. 371. In the centre of this UFO, at the outlet from its main propulsor, a layer of ionized air glowing a blue color is visible. Around the vehicle's flange the air ionized by the magnetic field from the side propulsors is glowing a yellow-red color. The non-glowing main body of the UFO remains invisible in darkness. Compare the above photograph with Img. (F28) /?/ and Img.113 (P24b).
(b) A single frame from a color movie film of a UFO taken at night by Ellis E. Matthews above Alberton, South Australia, in 1967 - see book by Bruce Cathie & P.N. Temm, "Harmonic 695" (Wellington, N.Z., 1971, ISBN 0-589-01054-9) page 134. It presents a stationary vehicle type K5 hovering in darkness in the throbbing mode of operation. The film captured only a glow of air, ionized by the magnetic field from the vehicle's propulsors. The main body of the UFO remained invisible in darkness. In the above photograph the colors of the glowing air provide perfect confirmation for the statements of the Theory of the Magnocraft. The air at the single outlet from the main propulsor, whose axis is slanted from the centre, glows a yellow-orange color, whereas the ring of outlets from the side propulsors induces a blue-green glow. This means that the UFO's topside was oriented towards the photographer, so in the main propulsor a north (N) magnetic pole prevails, whereas in the side propulsors their south (S) poles are displayed - see also Figure F28. Compare the colors from this frame taken in the southern hemisphere with the colors in the photograph from Figure P24 (a) taken in the northern hemisphere. (Notice that in the different hemispheres the polarity of the UFOs' propulsors must be reversed.)

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