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Abb.142 (P23) A night photograph of a spherical flying complex formed from two K3 type UFOs flying in a magnetic whirl mode of operation - compare also Img.012 (F1b), and Img. (F27) /?/. This illustration shows only a single frame from the large color movie film taken over Kaikoura, New Zealand, on the night of December 31, 1979, from the deck of a cargo airliner "Argosy". The history of this movie is the subject of two books: [8P2] by Captain Bill L. Startup and Neil Illingworth, "The Kaikoura UFOs" (Hodder and Stoughton Ltd., Auckland 1980, ISBN 0-340-256893); and [9P2] by Quentin Fogarty, "Let's hope they're friendly" (A.H.&A.W. Reed Ltd., Wellington, New Zealand 1982, ISBN 0-598-01463-3). The interesting detail revealed by the above frame is the lack of symmetry between the ionic whirls produced by the lower and upper vehicles. The ionic picture of a whirl formed by the lower (inverted) UFO of this complex takes a regular, hemispherical shape. The location of the characteristic whirl elements in this lower picture is indicated through the changes in density of the air ionization, not through the course of the whirl outlines (as is the case with the upper part of this picture). Such a dynamic asymmetry in the whirl's shape of this spherical complex results from the principles of the magnetic buoyance formation, i.e. the weight of the UFO compresses the magnetic circuits under a lower vehicle in a way similar to a cushion being squashed by a person who sits on it, whereas the spinning of these circuits shapes them into a regular hemisphere.

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