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Img.139 (P20) A ionic picture of a magnetic whirl in a UFO type K4. It is revealed on this night-time photograph of a landed UFO type K4 taken by an anonymous photographer in Genui, Italy, on 23 June 1963 - see [1P2] page 184. It was first published in the Journal "Domenica del Corriere", 8 September 1963. The above photograph perfectly illustrates the ionic picture of the UFO's magnetic whirl and its similarities to the Magnocraft's picture - compare this photo with Img. (F27) /?/. Shown are all the elements characteristic for such an ionic picture of a whirl. The photograph also illustrates the three telescopic legs extended to support the landed vehicle, a ladder, and a set of periscopes allowing for the visual observation of the environment. Notice that the legs are located at an angle slanted towards the vehicle's base - see also Img.001 (A1).

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