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Img.135 (P16) The Motunau Beach UFO (type K5). It was taken on October 27th 1979. This photograph belongs to Mr Norman Neilson of Greta Valley Road, Motunau Beach, North Canterbury, New Zealand. It shows the areas of ionized air at the outlets of the spacecraft's side propulsors - compare with Img.134 P15.
Because of the unfavorable light conditions when this photograph was taken, the outline of the spacecraft itself remains elusive. This photo was an object of study conducted by a former Air Force photography expert, the late Mr Dickeson of Timaru, New Zealand. He discovered that each light source consists of two segments varying in intensity, like the side walls of a cube. This endorses the interpretation that the columns of magnetic field produced by the UFO's propulsion are square in cross-section, and that each pair of segments in the photograph represent two side surfaces of these columns. Therefore the above photograph is additional evidence supporting the hypothesis that UFOs utilize Oscillatory Chambers to produce a magnetic field used by their propulsion.

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