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Img.129 (P10) Day and night photographs of two cigar-shaped flying complexes of UFOs. Both these objects fly in the magnetic whirl mode of operation, so their real shapes are concealed by the whirling cloud of ionized air. But the visible irregularities in the plasma whirls reveal the segmental structure of the complexes hidden inside (compare also the photograph published in OMNI magazine, September 1982 issue, page 99, and [8P2] p. 42). Thus, the above photographs confirm that the cigar-shaped UFOs are in fact composed of a number of smaller discoidal vehicles - as explained in Img.018 (F7).
(a) A night-time photograph of a stacked-cigar complex of UFOs, taken by a police patrol over Palermo, Sicily, Italy, on 13 December 1978.
(b) The double-ended cigar-shaped complex of UFOs photographed by George Adamski, over Palomar Gardens, USA, on May 1, 1952 - see [1P2] p. 191.
(c) A night photograph of a cigar-shaped flying complex formed from several UFOs. It was taken on 20 march 1950 over New York, USA. It was published in the book by David C. Knight: "UFOs: A Pictoral History from Antiquity to the Present", McGraw-Hill Book Company (1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020, USA), New York-St.Louis-San Francisco, 1980, ISBN 0-07-035103-1, page 43. The enlargement of the same object (but without the background - see (d)) was also published in the OMNI magazine, issue from September 1982, page 99. This particular photograph excellently confirms that cigar-shaped UFOs are actually composed of several discoidal vehicles, as this is explained in Img.018 (F7).
(d) The enlargement of the vehicle from part (c).

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