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Img.127 (P8) A table that comprises the compendium of UFO shapes. It was compiled by Knut Aasheim and published in the book [1P2.1.1] by Francis Hitching, "The World Atlas of Mysteries", Book club Associates & Pan Books Ltd., London 1981, page 188. According to the Theory of the Magnocraft, all the shapes shown in this diagram may represent various appearances of the same class of discoidal UFOs. The reason for such a variety of witnesses' perceptions of the same shaped objects lies in the "vision distorting factors" listed in subsection P2.1.1. These factors in certain conditions cause the UFOs' appearance to drastically differ from their true shape. For example, the shape D/7 in the above diagram represents a slanted twin-chamber capsule from the main magnetic propulsor, observed from below, when the remaining shell of a discoidal object diminishes because of the action of a magnetic lens (see also the encounters illustrated in Img.162 (S1) and Img.166 (S5)). The shape D/2 is obtained when many discoidal UFOs are coupled together into a flying system - see also Img.030 (F12).

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