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Img.126 (P7) Legs of a UFO on the so-called Yorba Linda UFO photograph. It was taken on January 24, 1967 by a fourteen year-old boy (name withheld by request) 60km from Los Angeles, California, USA, through a window of his home in Yorba Linda - see [1P2] p. 182, [2P2] p. 398. It presents an ascending UFO flying in the magnetic whirl mode of operation, while four of its telescopic legs are still extended (the fourth leg is invisible on this photo but it was reported by the witness). The angular positioning of the legs of this object perfectly match the identical orientation of legs predicted for the small types of the Magnocraft (e.g. K3 type - see also Img.012 (F1)). The UFO is surrounded by a whirl of ionized air which in daylight gives the impression of a dark cloud - see also Img. (F27) /?/ and Img.139 (P20). Although this whirl would destroy external objects, the vehicle's legs and periscopes are protected by magnetic deflectors and so they can protrude through the layer of a whirling plasma. Various details of this UFO (e.g. the shape of the magnetic whirl that it creates) indicate that it belongs to a small type, most probably K3.

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