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Abb.124 (P5) A photograph of a K8 type UFO taken by an unknown person from Grenoble, France, on 12 February 1971. The object was photographed over Corsica, near Olmo, 20km from Bastia - see [1P2], p. 129. Although the UFO type K8 from this photo is clearly visible, its shape differs from the small types of UFOs (i.e. K3 to K5) known to the majority of investigators as "typical". This is because UFOs type K7 to K10 contain a prominent complementary flange (see (6) in Img.016 (F5)) which deforms the outlines of their topside dome. Therefore, for some "UFO experts" this difference in shape sufficed to proclaim the above photograph as a "hoax" or at least a "controversy". (Using a similar argument some "UFO experts" also tried to disqualify the photograph from Img.125 (P6).) Of course geometrical analysis confirms that the shell's formation in this UFO exactly corresponds to the equations from figure F18 (for K=8). Moreover, there are also other UFO photographs available which display the same shape (e.g. see the photo published in OMNI magazine, Vol. 7, No. 6, March 1985, page 95). This confirms that the above photograph is in fact genuine, and also proves that all the equations deduced about the Magnocraft are applicable to the description of UFO shapes.

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