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Abb.123ab (P4) Side walls of the crew cabin in a UFO type K4. Frame no. 9 from the series of 12 colour photographs of a UFO type K4 taken by Rudi Nagora, 8 km south of Deutschlandsberg, Austria, on 21 May 1971 - see [1P2] page 125. The action of a magnetic lens caused the parts of the UFO located close to the magnetic propulsors, i.e. the flange and the topside dome, to remain partially invisible in this photograph (see also Img. (P26)). Notice a slight difference between the apex angle of the conical crew cabin walls from the above vehicle type K4 and the same angle in UFOs type K3 and K5 shown in Img.120 (P1) and Img.121 (P2a) (see also a UFO type K6 in Img.128 (P9), and outlines of subsequent types of Magnocraft from Img. (F19) /?/).
(Upper) The entire photograph taken by Rudi Nagora.
(Lower) A close-up enlargement of this UFO.

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