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Abb.122 (P3) A shadow that reveals the outline of the central column and a ceiling in a UFO. An aerial photograph of a cigar-shaped UFO, taken from an aeroplane (at 2500 metres) by Inake Oses, over Calabozo Reservoir in Guarico, Venezuela, on 13 February 1966 - see [1P2] p. 185, [2P2] p. 256. The Sun's location shades the black round space in the middle of this spaceship and so reveals that through the centre of UFOs a type of vertical cylinder must run. An identical cylinder, designed to house the main magnetic propulsor, must appear in the structure of every vehicle that utilizes the Magnocraft's principles of operation (see (3) and (5) in Img.016 (F5) and also Img. (F18) /?/).

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