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Img.120 (P1) The identical appearance of UFOs and the Magnocraft. A UFO photograph shown here was selected from a sequence of four colour pictures taken by Augusto Arranda near Yungay, Peru, in March 1967 - see [1P2] p. 119, [2P2] p. 39. The entire sequence presents two UFOs type K3 captured in the various stages of their decoupling and flying in opposite directions (before these photographs were taken both vehicles flown coupled into a spherical flying complex shown in Img.012 (F1b). Both vehicles fly in the throbbing mode of operation, thus their hulk and shape are clearly visible. The geometrical analysis shows the striking similarities of these K3 type UFOs to the Magnocraft type K3 - see the framed part of this Figure, and also Img.012 (F1). The outline of this UFO reminds us of an inverted saucer, the base of which is positioned perpendicular to the Earth's magnetic field force lines. In the centre of this vehicle the topside convex is clearly distinguishable (in the Magnocraft it houses the crew cabin and the central propulsion compartment where the main propulsor is located). The UFO also possesses a lens-shaped flange that fastens around the vehicle's base. In the Magnocraft type K3 this flange houses n=8 side propulsors.
(a) The original (colour) printout of the Arranda’s photograph.
(b) The external appearance of the Magnocraft type K3, drawn in such a manner that it fulfils the set of mathematical equations listed in Img. (F18) /?/ and in Table F1, which precisely describe the shape, design, and dimensions of this vehicle.
It is worth to stress, that in the light of the formal proof that "UFOs are already completed Magnocraft" (see the conclusion from subsection P2.15.), all Figures from this monograph that present Magnocraft are simultaneously illustrating UFOs of the same type.
(c) The black-white print of the Arranda’s photograph. It shows more clearly various details of this K3 type UFO.

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