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Volume 4: The Concept of Dipolary Gravity: Physical counter-world

H. The Concept of Dipolary Gravity: Physical counter-world

Motto of this chapter: "According to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, whatever exists in the entire universe, it is always only a next one out of many possible manifestations of the same counter-matter."

For centuries, generations of scholars and philosophers have tried to consolidate into one consistent body of knowledge all the diverse areas of human intellectual development such as science, religion, folk wisdom, rituals, beliefs, superstitions, etc. After centuries of failure, it seems that finally we are succeeding in this effort and that a common concept has been found which unites all directions of our intellectual progress. This consolidating concept is called "the Concept of Dipolar Gravity". It is described in this chapter H, and in chapter I from the next volume of this series of monographs. Unfortunately, as it is frequently stressed in this monograph, instead of allowing me to implement this new concept, and instead of initiating the wide use of multitude of benefits that it provides, so far science forces me to disseminate it in a kind of conspiracy and in the atmosphere of denial, almost identically as in the times of Roman Empire it was the case with the spread of Christianity.

Although it may take many years to be recognized and acknowledged, the present understanding of the gravitational field tolerates an enormous error. The deductions which reveal, document and neutralize this error, are formulated into a new theory of gravitational field, called here the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity". In general, the error depends on classifying gravity to an entirely wrong group of fields, i.e. to monopolar instead of dipolar. Because a commonly known example of a monopolar field is "electrical field", while a common example of a dipolar field is "magnetic field", this basic error of science to-date could be compared to the systematic confusing electricity with magnetism by all our scientists. If we correct the above error and classify gravity into the group of dipolar fields, than the entire our understanding of the structure and operation of Universe needs to be changed. For example, the so-called paranormal phenomena then gain a gravitational explanation and thus parapsychology needs to be re-classified as a part of physics (or more strictly - physics of the counter-world, see subsection H10). Dipolar gravity also indicates the existence of a second world (parallel to ours), which for centuries has been acknowledged by religion, but which is still denied by contemporary science. The substance prevailing in this other world displays the capabilities of a "natural computer", i.e. it is able to think in the natural constitution. The existence of the other world filled up with such "thinking substance", turns the entire universe into a single huge "brain", or more strictly into an "universal computer". This in turn introduces numerous philosophical and religious implications, some of which will be revealed in this chapter. Because in definition the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity extends its applications into almost all of the formulas and laws studied so far by various other disciplines (physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, medicine, etc.), this concept can be considered to be the articulation of the "Theory of Everything" (TOE) searched by scientists and philosophers for so long. (The "Theory of Everything", similarly to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity presented here, also supposed to bound together, express, and contain in itself, all aspects of human knowledge.)

The Concept of Dipolar Gravity was published for the first time in New Zealand in 1985, as a part of my monograph [1H] Pajak J., "The Oscillatory Chamber - a breakthrough in the principles of magnetic field production" (Second New Zealand edition, augmented, Invercargill, 14 October 1985, ISBN 0-9597698-4-6, 115 pages and 15 illustrations). Since that time it was published in the Polish language in [2H] "Teoria Magnokraftu" (Invercargill, New Zealand, March 1986, ISBN 0-9597698-5-4; 136 pages, 58 illustrations), in West Germany [3H] "Gravitation als Dipolare Felder" (West-German journal Raum & Zeit, No. 34, Juni/Juli 1988, pages 57 to 69) and, after amendments and extensions published again in New Zealand and in Poland several further times - see monographs [1e] and [2e]. After further extensions it was again published in the Polish language in monographs [3] and [3/2], while after next series of improvements - in monographs [1/2] to [1/5]. The chapter that follows here, already represents around tenth formulation of this concept, which was repetitively updated, extended, restructured, and reedited.

The Concept of Dipolar Gravity is an entirely new physical and philosophical model constructed to explain the structure and operation of the Universe ruled by dipolar gravity. In this new concept, our Universe consists of two separate worlds having a physical nature, and the additional third world which has a virtual nature (i.e. the third world which has the nature of computer software). The first of these two worlds having physical nature is usually called here our world, but terms such as the material world, the world of matter, the world of hardware, or the converse world, can also be used. The second one out of the physical worlds is called here the counter-world (but other terms, e.g.: the second world, the world of intellect, the world of reverse images, or the "universal computer", can also be used to describe it). The third world, which is contained inside of the counter-world, is called here the virtual world, or the world of software. (In order to illustrate here with an example this tripled structure of the universe ruled by dipolar gravity, the whole universe could be compared to a machine that is controlled by a computer. In this comparative example, our material world is the machine itself, the counter-world is that hardware of the "universal computer" which controls this machine, while the virtual world is the entire software which is contained inside of this controlling "universal computer".) Thus, according to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, completely without knowing this, we simultaneously live in three different worlds. The material world (our world) is the one which we experience every day with our five physiological senses. But the counter-world normally is closed to our senses and research instruments, although it is unintentionally visited during dreams and hypnosis, and also can be purposely accessed via the mysterious ability called Extra-Sensory Perception, or ESP. The third world, meaning the virtual world, is the most inaccessible, as it is visited only at the moment of death. But it can be investigated by our minds.

The Concept of Dipolar Gravity does not represent one more, purely speculative model of reality, which has no practical applications. Contrary, it provides us with instant, various and strictly measurable benefits. For example, it explains the principles of telekinetic motion and allows the building of technological devices, which can utilize this phenomenon for the purposes of transportation and for generation of free energy. It describes the phenomenon of permanent telekinetising of matter (see subsection H8.1.) and indicates how this phenomenon can be utilized in farming, medicine, chemistry, material engineering, etc.). It explains the manner of forming telepathic waves and allows the construction of devices that utilize these waves to various purposes beginning with communication, through building telepathic projectors, and finishing with teaching and control engineering (e.g. see subsection H7.1., and chapter La to LC of this series of monographs). It also reveals the natural source (i.e. the substance prevailing in the counter-world, usually called "counter-matter", which constitutes the "universal computer") of the absolutely correct and complete information on every material object that ever existed, exists or will exist in the entire Universe. Furthermore, it provides theoretical foundations for developing various techniques (ESP, hypnosis, meditations, psychic healing, dreams) that allow us to access this information and to gain from it the various benefits applicable in every field of human activity (see subsection I8.2.). It also discloses that in spite of claims to contrary by our science to-date, actually there is a tight correspondence between the real structure and operation of the universe, and the structure and operation of universe described by various religions. For example, the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity formally proves that the universal intellect - by religions called God, actually does exist, that people in fact are composed of three separate components, namely the biological structure (body), counter-body (spirit), and registers (soul), and also that one of these three components, namely "registers" (soul) in fact is escaping the destruction during our biological death, and thus it lives forever. Finally this new Concept provides a whole array of more adequate than these used previously, models of the operation of human organisms, and allows the more effective utilisation of these models for philosophical purposes, medicine, learning, research, and for many other applications. For example, it reveals how human brain works (see subsection I5.4.), how our feelings work (see subsection I5.5.), what actually acupuncture is (see subsection I5.6.), how moral laws work (see subsections I3.6. and I4.1.1.), and many more.

As the research into dipolar gravity reveals this, our civilization unwittingly has exploited for centuries various benefits that result from the existence of the counter-world. For example, it exploits the natural source of information contained in the "universal computer", thus collecting from the counter-matter data on underground resources of water and minerals (dowsing), about the health of people and animals (healing), formulating effects that are contradictive to the physical laws (magic), asking the universal intellect for various favours (praying), looking into the counter-world (visions), etc. But everything that we have achieved in this field up until now is only an introduction. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity paves the way for developing further methods, techniques, and devices, which will provide far more significant benefits in the near future. For example, designers can gain from counter-matter all the unknown technical details of their projects. Constructors may find the best parameters of work, the best materials, and the most useful technologies, for their models. Inventors may validate and improve their ideas. Engineers can materialize their devices instead of building them, etc. - see subsection H11.. Instead of utilizing the slow and limited physical displacements, our propulsion systems can utilize the immediate telekinetic motion. Instead of traveling in space we can travel in time. Instead of using dangerous and slow electromagnetic waves, we can communicate with the use of instant telepathic devices. Instead of producing energy through burning fuels and splitting atoms, we can start to build "free energy devices", which due to the utilization of the phenomenon of telekinesis - which represents a reversal of friction, are extracting the environmental heat and convert it into flow of electricity. All these possibilities, and also many more, could turn to be available to our civilization, if it finds time and motivations for developing this concept further, and if it actually establishes the "sciences of counter-matter" described in subsection H10 (especially the "engineering of counter-world"). This is the reason why I devoted a lot of effort to investigate these new directions of creative work and to seek some reliable methodologies of utilizing them technically.

The Concept of Dipolar Gravity also provides a number of non-material benefits concerning our intellectual development. It supplies explanations for the vast body of empirical observations previously treated as unexplained (e.g. for telekinesis and for its human version sometimes called psychokinesis, also for telepathy, acupuncture, double-personalities, clairvoyance, reincarnation, near-death experience, spontaneous human combustion, fire-walking, and for many more - see subsections I7., H1.3. below, and chapter I). It repairs the very serious inadequacies in the description of our Universe disseminated by contemporary physics. It creates a valuable link for the separate areas of intellectual activity. It inspires intellectual investigations in completely new directions. It also forms a rationale for the philosophical principle that every goal which it is possible to imagine is also possible to achieve (see subsection I5.4., and compare it with subsections JB7.3. and I5.7.).

In application to religions, currently the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is the only comprehensive and correct physical theory, which provides a scientific proof for the existence of the universal intellect (God). This concept also explains numerous aspects of the Creator, which so-far were not clear in the light of statements of religions. Furthermore, this concept supports, enforces, and clarifies the majority of principles and claims of religions, providing for them the functional justifications, explaining the mechanisms on which they are based, and indicating the path for the more full utilisation of these principles for the benefit of individual people and whole societies. This is because the findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity that the specially moral and progressive philosophy of totalizm could eventuate, the presentation of which is the goal of other volumes of this series of monographs.

Also in relation to the principles of our thinking the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity introduces a new quality. It realises the fallacy of the to-date "consideration in separation". The alternative way of thinking, that this concept introduces, in this series of monographs is called a totaliztic thinking. The totaliztic thinking recommends that everything must be treated as a component of a larger whole. In general, totalizm reveals that considering any object, process, or phenomenon, in separation from other objects, processes, or phenomena, is a serious simplification, and a source of numerous errors, as in our universe everything has connection with everything else. Therefore the assumption to-date about the non-existence of this connection, is a serious distortion of the picture of reality, which led to the type of problems into which our civilisation was put just by this non-totaliztic thinking.

There are numerous speculative concepts (e.g. complex numbers and n-dimensional spaces in mathematics, the concept of energy in sciences, entropy in thermodynamics) in common use, which so-far have no existing equivalents in the physical world, but which have proved themselves to be extremely useful and practical. The various benefits and convenient explanations introduced by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, may qualify it also as similarly useful and practical idea. Therefore, in order not to waste the potentials of this concept, by waiting unnecessarily for its official recognition by institutional science, readers should try to instantaneously accept it on the basis of its practicality, and thus immediately put the enormous potentials that it offers into good use.

The Concept of Dipolar Gravity is formulated in such a manner, that every aspect can be verified experimentally. This Concept reveals a number of postulates and principles, which allow us to work out and to complete objective experiments that confirm its validity. Examples of such experimental confirmation, which can be completed almost immediately, are outlined in subsections H1.1 and H1.2. Therefore, whoever is willing to get "hard" proof that this concept is correct, he/she may obtain this proof easily.

For those people who are prepared to rely on the validation routines completed by someone else, this chapter alone supplies a vast amount of evidence and experiments already completed, which confirm the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. The body of evidence, which is provided only in this chapter, is much higher than the amount of evidence which support many scientific theories, that for a long time are recognized and used by Earth's scientists. Further similar evidence is probably part of almost every reader's experience. So let us combine our efforts in the best use of the evidence and proof already available, to achieve a speedy implementation of this very humanistic, positive, and extremely useful new scientific theory.

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