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Volume 4: The Concept of Dipolary Gravity: Physical counter-world

H3. The operation of physical universe ruled by dipolar gravity

Subsection H1. has revealed, that in the very key area, our to-date understanding of gravity hides a gross error. This area is the polarity of gravitational field. As it has already been indicated, the science to-date recognizes gravity as possessing a monopolar nature, similar to the one manifested by electrical charges. However, this chapter, chapter I, and subsection JE3.7.1, show consistently that the gravitational field has a dipolar nature, thus displaying similarities to the magnetic field. (This means that the gravitational field, in a manner similar to a magnetic field, also forms two opposite poles, namely "inlet (I)" and "outlet (O)".) The establishment of this dipolar character of gravity allows us to make now various deductions, aimed at revealing how our universe looks like, and how it operates, under the conditions of dipolar gravity.

All deductions concerning dipolar gravity must be started from the acceptance that this dynamic field possesses two opposite poles, namely "inlet (I)", and "outlet (O)". The first pole "I" prevails in our world, and produces all gravitational interactions known at present. However, because of the concentric nature of gravity, the second pole "O" of the gravitational field must be directed "inwards" and extend into another world, invisible to ours. Therefore the immediate consequence of dipolar gravity is the parallel existence in the same space of two opposite worlds with physical nature. We are fully conscious of the first of these two worlds (i.e. our world of matter) because every day we experience it with our five biological senses. But the second world (i.e. the counter-world) we are not able to detect with our senses, because it extends into another set of dimensions, symmetrical to ours, and inaccessible to our biological senses.

Both these worlds are tightly connected with each other through the gravity field. Because of this tight connection, the second, counter-world of our universe, from the point of view of shapes and mutual configurations must be an exact reflection of our physical world. Thus the mutual relationship of geometry of both these worlds relates to each other in the same way as every mirror reflection relates to a real, material object. On the other hand, because of the opposite nature of the other pole of gravitational field prevailing in the counter-world, the laws of a physical type which operate in it must be the exact reversal of the laws of our physical world. In order to realize principles of this reversal of laws, let us consider some examples of it.

(1) Opposite attributes. As this was already explained in item #A4 of subsection H1.1., counter-matter (means a substance that prevails in the counter-world, and that represents an equivalent to matter from our world) must display attributes that are exact reversals of attributes of matter. For example matter displays mass, thus counter-matter must be weightless. Matter shows inertia, counter-matter must show the reversal of inertia, means the "self-mobility". Matter show friction, thus counter-matter must show "super-slipperiness". In many of these attributes this substance is an equivalent of historically well-known but at present ignored concept of "ether".

(2) Reversed action. The principle of "attracting by opposites and repelling by similar" that prevails in our world, is replaced with an opposite principle of "attracting by similar and repelling by opposites" that manifests itself in the counter-world. In turn the "centrifugal force" that causes that in our world spinning objects are tensed in the outward direction, in the counter-world is replaced with the "inward force", which causes that in the counter-world the spinning objects are compressed in the inward direction (thus for example the force lines in spinning magnets are going to be compressed towards the axes of rotation of these magnets). Phenomena, like "entropy" from thermodynamics, which in our world are constantly running in one direction (e.g. increasing their value), in the counter-world are going in an opposite direction (e.g. decreasing their value).

(3) Mirror phenomena. In the counter-world all phenomena of our world are replaced with their mirror reversals. For example, counter-material duplicates of objects or substances, which in our world absorb light, in the counter-world must emit light. In turn duplicates of objects or substances, which in our world emit light, in the counter-world must absorb light. All phenomena which in our world have a character of an "inlet", in the counter-world must have a character of "outlet" and vice versa (their examples include: gravity field - as described in subsection JE3.7.1., moral field, astronomical "black holes", human memory, etc.).

To understand better principles of the coexistence of both worlds, three examples are presented below, which explain this. The first example illustrates the operation of both worlds, the second one - our difficulty with an insight into the counter-world, whereas the third one illustrates our perception of these worlds.

1°. Since ancient times people have been building machines, the operation of which is always an imitation of the mechanisms of the universe. Not long ago, humanity accomplished a device, which is the exact model of the operation of both worlds discussed here. This device is called a "computer". In every computer we may find "hardware" (i.e. equipment and energy converters) detectable to our biological senses, and "software" (i.e. programs and their algorithms) undetectable to our senses, or to technical instruments, but perceptible to our intellect. The hardware is the equivalent of the physical world, whereas the software is the equivalent of the counter-world. If we gave a contemporary computer for research by scientists from ninetieth century, who had no idea of the duality of its structure, their senses and instruments would describe very precisely the characteristics of the hardware. However, there would be no way that they could detect the existence of software, so some of the actions of the computer would induce their astonishment and fright. When observing this device none of these scientists could imagine the vast range of possibilities and prospects that the same hardware may offer, after one has introduced appropriate changes into the software. Also none of them would know, that the world of software is no less capacious nor less complicated than the physical world, and that the preparation of a particular program must obey a wide set of laws and rules completely different from those which govern the production of technical devices. In our present understanding of the universe, we are perhaps like these scientists from the above example, seeing only its "hardware" and not even realizing that at the other end of gravity, there is whole another counter-world.

2°. To illustrate the present difficulty with an insight into the counter-world, let us imagine a group of ninetieth century scientists, who received a modern magnetic tape for investigation. They could describe perfectly the physical properties of this tape (not so its materials), but they would be unable to detect that there is any sound recorded on it. Until playing devices were invented, these scientists would be unable to access the world of sounds that the same tape contains. Our civilization is like these scientists, where present knowledge of matter represents the physical properties of the tape, whereas the counter-world represents the yet undiscovered music on this tape. Unless we develop devices which access the information stored in the counter-world, we will be convinced that the whole reality is limited to the matter around us.

3°. To illustrate our perception of both worlds, let us consider the analogy of a huge ocean of "counter-matter", in which a number of objects is floating. Let us suppose that one half of each object is above the surface of this ocean, whereas the other half stays submerged. The substance that forms this hypothetical ocean (i.e. the counter-matter) is in a permanent state of "boiling", forming numerous drifts which writhe in many directions and toss about all floating objects. People, similarly to every other object, would also drift in this ocean, as if exactly half of their bodies were submerged. But all senses would remain in the part above the counter-matter, therefore they would have the illusion that the whole universe is limited to only what they can see. Without having a view under the surface, the people in our analogy would have no idea that the surface of the ocean is not the end of the universe, but only the border of their visibility and that, closed to their senses, there exist another whole world hidden under this surface.

The only link between our world and the counter-world is through forces of gravity. The requirement of balancing these forces causes each particle of matter existing in our world, to be attached to a similarly sized and shaped particle of counter-matter. In this way, every material object existing in the material world, must receive its identical copy (a mirror reflection) existing in the counter-world. This reflection is made of counter-matter. The gravity forces tightly joining together the material objects from our world and their counter-material copies prevailing in the counter-world, introduce a very unique cooperation between both worlds. This cooperation can be defined as follows:

"The events that take place in the physical world modify programs contained in the counter-world, then this program triggers the action of the counter-matter, which in turn determines the course of events in our world, while the events from our world modify programs contained in the counter-world, etc.".

The above definition of cooperation between both worlds will be referred to as the "machine-software-computer-machine mechanism of all phenomena". According to this definition the mutual interaction between (1) "our world" and (2) the "physical counter-world" described in this chapter, plus (3) the "virtual world" described in chapter I, is an exact equivalent to a real-time cooperation occurring between (1) a numerically controlled machine (i.e. "machine"), (2) the electronic circuitry that control this machine (i.e. "computer") , and (3) a program that contains algorithms for controlling this machine (i.e. "software"). (This is because in any man-made system, the only solutions that can be utilized are those which are already applied to the operation of the universe.)

If we consider a numerically controlled machine (i.e. "machine"), its operation represents the behaviour of matter from our world. On the other hand, the "computer" and "program/software" that control this "machine", together they represent the intelligent capabilities of the counter-world (i.e. the counter-matter, and the software registers contained in this counter-matter). The program, in order to control the machine, must contain the numerical reflections (i.e. software models) of all physical parts of that machine. This means that the program must describe for each moving part its actual state, previous position, future goals, possibilities and limitations. When the entire system consisting of the program, the computer, and the machine is run, then the control signals originating from the program trigger the controlling commands in the computer, which in turn cause particular actions by the machine. But each change (action) of the machine must be observed by the program, which is altered according to the effects of this action. Thus, the altered program executes different actions, etc. The continuation of the above interactions between the program, the computer, and the machine, leads to the sequence of events in the machine. These events are the exact reflection of the routine described in the software. In the same way as this machine, computer, and program interact with each other, our physical world is interacting with the counter-world and the virtual world.

The "machine-software-computer-machine" mechanism of phenomena described above, is a key to our understanding of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and also to our understanding of the explanations derived from this concept. There are numerous consequences of this mechanism, the presentation of which will be continued. One of the primary consequences is that the counter-world must accommodate all attributes of what we call "real-time control programs". Thus, the "registers" of every material object must behave like software models for numerically controlled machines. So, these registers must also contain all data about history, present state, and future goals of the objects they describe, forming in that way a kind of software model ("register") of a given object, that can be easily accessible through ESP, dreams, hypnosis, etc. - see subsection I3.1.. The data contained in the registers from the counter-mater must somehow be intercepted, stored and processed. This in turn means, that the counter-world must additionally display all the capabilities of a natural computer, including not only the capabilities to intercept, store, and release data, but also the ability to process them (i.e. to think).

The principle of interaction of our world with the counter-world, based on the "machine- software-computer-machine" model, makes possible two different ways of introducing changes into our world, i.e. "physical" and "telekinetic". These two ways are described comprehensively in subsection H6.1, but for the consistency of presentation they are going to be summarised here briefly. The "physical" way of introducing changes to our world is well known to us. It depends on a forced interaction with objects of our world, involving the particular amount of work to be done and causing appropriate energy to be spent. In the previous description of a machine controlled by a computer and a program, this "physical" means would be an equivalent of hand-introduced displacements of some of the machine's components. The "telekinetic" manner of introducing changes into our world depends on altering the configuration within the counter-world. This in turn causes self-activated changes occurring within our world. To explain it more simply, in the telekinetic motion we move the mirror (counter-material) reflections of objects, instead of moving these objects. But because these mirror reflections are attached to original objects through gravity forces, moving these reflections causes the objects to also move along exactly the same paths. In the previous analogy of numerically controlled machine, such telekinetic actions would depend on making the computer to issue specific control commands, and these commands would cause the immediate changes in the machine controlled by this computer.

The properties of the telekinetic manner of moving material objects described above, reveal that we already have accumulated much evidence indicating a practical utilization of this ability. For example, the majority of miraculous events, magic, and ghost stories, in fact reduce themselves to the observations of objects moved in such a telekinetic manner. The cases of telekinesis, psychokinesis, and levitation, also fall into this category. Moreover, the idea of teleportation seems to be the vision of future spacecraft utilizing the telekinetic propulsion system. Some observations also reveal the major side effect that accompanies telekinetic work, i.e. the absorption or release of large amounts of thermal energy (see the Postulate of Interchanging Thermal Energy described in subsection H6.1.3.). For example, there are reports about advanced Yoga practitioners who decrease the temperature of their bodies, or about people who cremate themselves (Spontaneous Human Combustion) by "inner fire" ignited as an effect of extreme psychic tension (see subsection I7). An example of such case is presented on pages 65 and 66 of the book [1H3] by William R. Corliss, "Incredible Life: a Handbook of Biological Mysteries", Source Book Project (P.O. Box 107, Glen Arm, MD 21057, USA) April 1981, ISBN 0-915554-07-0).

The "telekinetic" interaction with objects (i.e. the telekinetic displacement of objects, or telekinetic change of their shape, properties, consistency, etc.) do not require any energy to be supplied by the person, or device, who executes such a work. This is because in the counter-world friction and inertia do not exist. But the material objects, which in our world follow their counter-material duplicates, must consume energy, as in the physical world the Principle of Energy Conservation must always be fulfilled. Therefore, the energy consumed in the material world must be withdrawn from the environment of the objects affected in a telekinetic manner. The only form of energy available for such a purpose is thermal energy. Thus, the telekinetic manner of introducing changes into our world must cause thermal energy to be withdrawn from the environment (when the telekinetic motion goes against external forces), or to be supplied to this environment (when the telekinetic motion acts along with external forces). In this chapter, the above conclusion is called the "Postulate of Interchanging Thermal Energy". The effect of this postulate is that all telekinetic effects are accompanied by changes of environmental temperature, and by production of "extraction glow" or "dispersion glow" described more comprehensively in subsection H6.1. This postulate applies to all paranormal phenomena that affect the Principle of Energy Conservation, e.g. telekinesis, some Yoga exercises, etc. (Note that such a cooling capability of telekinetic motion causes telekinesis to be a kind of friction in reverse, i.e. it consumes heat and produces motion - while friction causes consumption of motion and production of heat.)

Of course, the three-world structure of our universe (means coexistence of (1) the material world, (2) the counter-material world, and (3) the virtual world) causes that the action of the postulate described here is more complex than it can be explained on the present level of our knowledge. It results from the fact, that this postulate limits its action exclusively to our world and it does not obey phenomena that take place in the counter-world (i.e. phenomena that boil down to changes of state of energy in counter-material duplicates). Thus, in relation to the objects for which our science has no idea whether they are composed of matter or counter-matter (e.g. such as elementary particles), the action of this postulate must be described in the effect of future research. It is worth to add, that in some cases the lack of noticeable effects of this postulate can be used as a basis for qualifying a given phenomena or object as belonging to the counter-world.

The Postulate of Interchanging Thermal Energy by material objects moved in a telekinetic manner makes the existence of the counter-world extremely easy to be proven in an experimental way. It is because this postulate indicates that the objects moved telekinetically must produce a subtle kind of glow, which is called here the "extraction glow" - see descriptions of it presented in subsection H6.1.. The existence of this glow results from the statements of quantum physics, which indicate that the atoms whose electrons fall from higher orbits into lower as the result of a rapid cooling, must emit photons. These photons should be registrable as a kind of glow. Therefore, any telekinetic absorption of thermal energy should be accompanied by a glow emitted from the affected area. In order to prove experimentally that the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is correct and that the counter-world does exists, it is sufficient to register this "extraction glow" - see Img.090 (H1)/ Img.091 (H2)/ Img.092 (H3), and descriptions from subsections H6.1. and I7..

There is a wealth of evidence already available, which confirms additionally that our universe operates according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Let us now review the most important facts confirming this.

#1H3. For centuries the existence of a "second world", separated from ours, is claimed by religions. Unfortunately, our science adhering to the old concept of monopolar gravity, failed to develop a theoretical justification to support this claim (therefore the majority of scientists deny the existence of another world). The Concept of Dipolar Gravity is the first consistent scientific theory, which leads to conclusions surprisingly coherent with the claims of religions. Unfortunately, because this concept represents a newly born totaliztic sciences (see subsection H10.), it firstly needs to break through the hermetic blockade put up by the old science, before it can be officially recognised.

#2H3. Most paranormal phenomena affect the level of thermal energy contained in the environment, thus fulfilling the Postulate of Interchanging Thermal Energy. For example, it is widely known that shifting objects by so-called "Poltergeists" decreases the room's temperature almost to freezing level. A similar freezing produce the action of ghosts. Yoga practitioners may also decrease their body temperature. Moreover, during extreme psychic tension enormous heat can be released which leads to "Spontaneous Human Combustion".

#3H3. There are numerous photographs already published, which clearly capture the emission of an extraction glow by objects moved telekinetically. Some examples of such photographs, reproduced from widely accessible books, are shown in Figures H1 to H3. In cases of extremely intensive paranormal phenomena, the extraction glow is so strong, that it can be seen by the naked eye. An example of such a case is described on page 32 of the book [2H3] by David St. Clair, "Psychic Healers" (Bantam Books, NY, 1979, ISBN 0-553-02056-0). Here is the relevant quotation in which the author describes the effects of telekinetic healing of his friend, carried out by American healer called Cassidy. There was a powerful extraction glow emitted during this telekinetic healing:

"I have been in many 'psychic' places and seen many 'psychic' things, but I was not prepared to see a current of light run down Cassidy's arm and into my friend's body. I was not prepared to see his body light up like a white neon tube and stay that way while I rubbed my eyes, glanced around the room to see if other things were glowing".

#4H3. In the book [3H3] by C. S. Wong, "A Cycle of Chinese Festivities", Malaysia Publishing House Limited, Singapore, 1967, on page 146, a demonstration of Chinese magician named Chou Sheng is described. It took place at night on 15th day of 8th moon month in 830 AD - i.e. at the time when people would not know electricity, thus the only source of an artificial light similar to that emitted by the Moon was the extraction glow. (For better understanding of this description, in Chinese calendar that is based on Moon cycle, the night of 15th day in their 8th month is famous from the most powerful moon light out of the entire calendar year.) This magician informed his viewers, that he can catch the Moon, and after letting them out of the room he actually hide under his coat an object that after being exposed emitted the cold light that in all attributes was similar to the "extraction glow". Here is the description of this show, quoted from the discussed book [3H3]:

"Chou Seng then raised the coat about an inch hight, and the whole room was flooded with moonlight brightness, with the audience feeling cold in its muscles and bones."

#5H3. There is also a significant number of observations that describe the so-called "beaming" of people to UFO decks (i.e. lifting them upwards with the assistance of "telekinetic tractor beam" that is described in subsection M5.3. from volume 11 of this series of monographs). One of the effects of such beaming is that people who are subjected to it experience a sensation of loosing a significant amounts of heat, manifested through the feeling of coldness, rattling teeth, shivers of cold moving through body, etc. - see paragraphs N-44 and N-16 in appendix Z of monograph [2e]. Thus, the phenomenon that is utilized by UFOnauts to complete such a beaming, also fulfils the Postulate of Thermal Interchange, described previously. On the other hand, all other phenomena that accompany such beaming, for example psychic experiences, moving through solid objects, etc., exactly correspond to the use of advanced propulsion system that utilizes the phenomenon of technical telekinesis. The above reveals that devices which utilize capabilities that are described by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, seem to be already utilized by civilizations known as UFOs.

#6H3. Various attributes of the counter-world, especially the mirror reversal of laws of our world, are described by folklore and folk beliefs of many nations. In order to provide here an example of such beliefs which I encountered so-far, in the city Kuching of Northern Borneo, which is a capitol of Malaysian Province Sarawak, on the opposite to the local mall (called the "waterfront") side of a river that flows through this city, there is a small cultural park devoted to believes of various native tribes and races that inhabited Sarawak (there is 29 main tribes and races in Sarawak). In this park, on a tablet that is devoted to local art of tattoo, in eyes hits the following information - here is a quotation of it:

"Tattoo. These images are derived from the Kenyah tattoo block. Tattooing is an artistic form of personal ornamentation which was widely practiced by many of the indigenous peoples of Sarawak. Tattoo design are magical protective devices to ward off evil among the Iban, whose designs represent the shamanic cross-belt as a magical shield. Specific designs cure illness or pain, particularly at arm of leg joints. A complex religious meaning is often attached to tattoo. The Kanyan and Kenyah believe in the next world, where all things are reversed, the black tattoo marks shine bright in the dark, allowing the deceased woman's spirit to find its way."

An interesting connection with this notice have a report of a UFO abductee (RB), whose counter-material duplicate supposedly was taken for a flight in a vehicle that reaches the counter-world. He reported to me that late at night, in the counter-world was extremely bright light, because almost all objects were emitting light over there. The most powerful light emission was from these objects, which in our world are always black or dark.

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