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Volume 4: The Concept of Dipolary Gravity: Physical counter-world

H2. The counter-world and the (thinking) substance which prevails in it

The major characteristics of all dynamic dipoles is that they bind together, and simultaneously separate, two separate spaces, namely an "inlet" space, and an "outlet" space. In both these spaces opposite field conditions prevail (thus also opposite systems of dimensions). This means, that in case of dipolar gravity field, two separate physical spaces must exist as well, in which two opposite gravitational conditions must prevail. These spaces are our world, and the counter-world. Because of the concentric nature of gravity, the boundary between these two spaces/words must be hidden, taking the form of an invisible barrier. This inaccessible boundary must form a border separating both physical-type worlds that constitute our Universe. Because everything is subjected to the forces of gravity, the border between our world and the counter-world cannot be penetrated by any physical equipment or by any material object.

In all dipolar fields, the environmental conditions that are formed by a given dipole, and thus that prevail at both poles, are always exactly opposite to each other. The above is expressed by the "rule of opposite field properties at both ends of a dipole" that governs the behaviour of all dipolar fields. This particular rule, when applied to the gravitational field, shapes the structure and operation of our Universe in an unique, symmetrical manner. The two most important consequences of it are as follows:

1. The existence of the gravitational dipole must cause exactly opposite polar/gravitational CONDITIONS to prevail in both worlds of our Universe. These opposite gravitational conditions in turn mean, that also all gravity-dependent laws and properties prevailing in our world, must be inversely duplicated in the counter-world. For example, in our world inertia is one of the main properties of matter, therefore in the counter-world self-mobility (i.e. inertia in reverse) must be an equivalent of inertia to be exerted on the substance prevailing there.

2. The existence of a gravitational dipole must also mean that every physical FORM susceptible to gravity (i.e. every substance or object) is inversely duplicated in both worlds (like an object and its mirror reflection). This in turn means that our world and the counter-world must be both symmetrically filled up with two different substances having opposite properties, and also that every material object existing in our physical world must have its counter-material duplicate that exists in the counter-world.

When both the above consequences of the gravitational dipole are carefully analyzed, they allow deductions to be made concerning the mutual relationship between our world and the counter-world. I have already made some deductions, and the conclusions I have arrived at are described below. The presentation of these conclusions should be started from describing the substances prevailing in both worlds, and from describing the relationship between properties of these two substances.

The substance prevailing in our world is already well known to contemporary science. We refer to it under the name of "matter" and its fundamental properties include: visibility to our eyes or instruments, mass, inertia, friction, the lack of intelligence (i.e. "stupidity" in the natural state), etc.

The substance prevailing in the counter-world, so-far was not formally investigated or described by anyone. Therefore, the descriptions provided by the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity represent the first scientific presentation of it. In order to name this extraordinary substance prevailing in the counter-world, a new term of "counter-matter" is introduced. The reason for choosing this particular name is to make it clear, that this substance is characterised by distinctively different set of properties, from all other substances that were postulated so-far by various investigators. Especially it differs from the substance called "antimatter", which was postulated by the old concept of monopolar gravity.

So far, this extraordinary substance, which according to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity is filling up the counter-world, was not formally researched by anyone, nor analysed theoretically by any scientist. Therefore descriptions that result from dipolar gravity represent outcomes of the first scientific analyses of the properties that this substance has. In the physical sense, this substance must display fundamental properties, which must be exactly opposite to properties of our matter. So let us list here most significant amongst these properties: - Invisibility to human eyes and instruments. Because matter can be seen or detected by our instruments, counter-matter must be invisible and undetectable from our world. -Weightlessness. The counter-matter must be weightless (i.e. have no mass). - Self-mobility. It must be self-mobile (i.e. display the reversal of inertia). - Super-elasticity. Counter-matter must be ideally elastic. - Lack of friction. It must be free from friction (i.e. display a property of "hyper-slippery"). -Ever-lasting motion. Opposite to the matter from our physical world, which has a tendency to remain motionless, counter-matter continually is in the ever-lasting motion. - Intelligence in the natural state, as matter from our world is pre-programmed to be "stupid". Of course, the above are not all, and the counter-matter displays also further similar attributes.

It is known from history of science, that the existence of a substance that is characterised by some of the attributes that are similar to these of the counter-matter, especially by weightlessness, has already been postulated many times by various classic physicists. One of them was James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) - creator of the famous equations of electromagnetism and the so-called "Maxwell demon". To describe this historic substance, classicists used the name "ether". But because many attributes of the ether decisively differ from the substance discussed in this monograph, the name "ether" is NOT supported by the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity. The basic differences between the ether and the counter-matter, which decide about the dissimilarity of these two substances, are: the location (ether was located in our world, while counter-matter is located in a different world), and intellectual properties (ether is stupid - as every other natural substance from our world, while counter-matter is intelligent in the natural state).

In 1887 the famous Michelson-Morley experiment was completed. This experiment proved that ether does not exist in our world. But in the meantime the fact of the existence of a substance very similar to ether, was confirmed scientifically by many empirical observations - see the listing in item #1H2 from the final part of subsection H2. Therefore, in an indirect manner the same Michelson-Morley experiment confirmed simultaneously that the counter- matter postulated by the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity must exist in another world.

Unfortunately, the confirmatory character of the Michelson-Morley experiment for counter- matter can be overlooked by these readers who are not familiar with my research. Especially if their attention is exclusively concentrating on the similarities between the old concept of ether, and the newly-introduced concept of the counter-matter. In such a case readers should notice that the conditions of this experiment were so designed, that it was only capable of detecting ether, if this substance existed in our world. But according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, counter-matter prevails in a separate world, into which any device installed in our world has no access. Thus the Concept of Dipolar Gravity automatically cancels the direct referring of outcomes of the Michelson-Morley experiment to the counter-matter that is located in a separate world. This is because the counter-matter existing in another world may not be detected, or physically researched, from our world.

There is many significant differences between the "counter-matter" from the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and "antimatter" from the old concept of monopolar gravity - described in subsection H1 and in chapter G. The most important of these concern: (1) the world in which both these substances are contained (the counter-matter is contained in a separate counter-world, while antimatter supposed to be contained in our physical world), (2) physical attributes (e.g. counter-matter is weightless, while antimatter supposed to have weight, i.e. it supposed to have a mass), (3) intellectual attributes (e.g. counter-matter is intelligent in the natural constitution, while antimatter supposed to be like matter - i.e. completely stupid and thoughtless in the natural state), and (4) mutual interaction with the matter (counter-matter coexists with matter, representing for matter a kind of gravitational balance located in the counter-world, in turn antimatter supposed to annihilate with every contact with matter). Differences quite similar to the above, can also be detected during the comparison of the counter-matter and any other substances of the "ether" type, introduced and postulated so-far by various researchers and disciplines - see the list and descriptions of these substances provided at the end of this subsection.

Counter-matter, similar to our matter, is not just a single type of substance, but a collection of various substances characterized by different forms, states, and properties. For example, at least two drastically different forms of this substance must exist, i.e. gravitationally excited and gravitationally non-excited counter-matter. The first one of these two types of counter-matter is subjected to forces of gravity. In turn the second one - i.e. gravitationally non-excited counter-matter, is simply a form of energy which can flow freely, and is not affected by forces of gravity. In turn each one out of these two main forms, can also appear in numerous states and categories, that are characterised by completely different properties. Although this substance is dispersed quite uniformly throughout the universe, these two forms can approximately be described as equivalents to matter and to vacuum from our world (or more strictly to two forms of the same dense counter-matter, from which one is subjected to, while the second is not subjected to, gravitational interactions). In the gravitationally excited form, counter-matter reflects three known states of our matter, for which it forms duplicates. Thus it must also have equivalents for solid, liquid and volatile states of matter (i.e. the gravitationally excited counter-matter is going to exist in a solid, liquid and volatile states). In turn, gravitationally non-excited counter-matter - which represents a kind of weightless, invisible, and undetectable energy (fluid) that constantly flows through the counter-world, by our present science is called "energy" or "vacuum". This form can be further subdivided into several categories, depending on intelligent memory record, that is imposed onto it, and that is later obeyed by it. And so, according to theories presented in this series of monographs, subsequent categories of such non-excited counter-matter are described in further subsections as: aura, magnetic field, electric field, etc. (Further descriptions on this subject are contained in subsections I5.1., I7., H5.1. and H5.2..)

It is known from history, that the existence of such weightless substance has already been postulated in XIX century by several classicists of physics. One of them was James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) - creator of the famous equations of electromagnetism. They called "ether" this substance. Unfortunately, because these physicists based their deductions on the old concept of monopolar gravity, their "ether" supposed to exist in the same world as matter does, i.e. in our physical world. This wrong allocation of ether turned out to be fatal to this concept, because it led to negative outcomes of attempts to confirm experimentally the fact of the existence of ether. Furthermore, it disallowed to determine all attributes of this substance (e.g. ether did not have the intellectual attributes described in chapter I, which are so distinctive for counter-matter).

Counter-matter turns out to be a very necessary component of our universe. As human knowledge advances, various intellectuals keep re-introducing the concept of this extraordinary medium. But because until the formulation of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, previously no-one postulated the existence of the counter-world, while for our physical world the outcomes of the Michelson-Morley experiment still remain valid, this substance is re- introduced to present science in a hidden manner - like by back doors, and under names different than ether. (The Michelson-Morley experiment confirmed the non-existence of ether in our physical world - for more details see subsection H2.) But independently what names it receives during these re-introductions, still the general concept and some attributes of this medium always remain similar to these deduced here for the counter-matter, and also postulated in past for ether by classicists of our physics. Let us list below a few examples of terminology being used currently to express the same concept of counter-matter in various current presentations. It is worth to notice, that each of these examples actually represents additional empirical evidence for the existence of the counter-matter, and for the hiding of this substance in a separate set of dimensions.

#1H2. Our science, after initial experimental and official denial of the existence of ether in our set of dimensions, has gradually returned to this old idea after changing its name. The reason is the overwhelming wealth of evidence and empirical findings, which force scientists to admit increasingly more frequent, although in an indirect manner, that some sort of substance with properties of counter-matter in fact does exists. Here are examples of scientific terms, that are assigned to the idea which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity disseminates under the name of "counter-matter", and the first rough approximation of which was "ether":

- Vacuum. Contemporary quantum field theory claims that vacuum is so featureless and has such a high symmetry, that velocity can not be assigned to it. Moreover, this theory states, that particles are excited states of vacuum (actually exactly the same is stated by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, only that instead of the term "vacuum" it uses the term "counter- matter", and that it places counter-matter in a separate world). The above means practically that the quantum field theory has assigned to the vacuum all properties which classic physicists previously attributed to ether, while I attribute to the non-excited counter-matter.

- Vacuum energy. Some scientists come to the conclusion, that if the entire mass, heat, and radiation is removed from vacuum, still there is an intelligent kind of energy in it, called "vacuum energy". One of the version of this views was presented in [1H2] by Hal E. Puthoff in his article "Gravity as a Zero-Point Fluctuation Force", Physical Review A, vol. 39, no.5, 1 March 1989.

- Energy. According to our current science, energy is a kind of weightless substance, which obeys the law of balance, and which co-participates in all processes, but the amount and characteristics of which does not change. Exactly the same was claimed about ether, whereas now this property displays the non-excited counter-matter.

- Energy Body. In order to explain many previously unexplained phenomena, for example "acupuncture" or "Kirlian photography", present medicine has gradually adopted from acupuncture the concept of an "energy body". This second body supposed to be superimposed on our biological body. But in this concept only the name is changed, while the attributes of the "energy body" exactly correspond to an old occultist idea of an "etheric body".

#2H2. Various inventors working on Free Energy Devices established empirically, that very vital for the operation of these devices is some form of energy unknown to science. In order to express their finding in a descriptive manner, they introduced several new ideas which supposed to describe this energy, for example such as "tachyon energy", or "orgone". (For example "orgone" is described in a book [2H2] by Tj. Constable, "The Cosmic Pulse of Life", Neville Spearman Ltd., Suffolk, Great Britain, 1976, ISBN 85435-194-9.) But if one analyses attributes of energy that are hidden under these names, then it turns out, that they correspond to vibratory energy that propagates through the counter-matter (in subsection H7.1. described under the name of "telepathic vibrations").

#3H2. The increasing popularity are recently gaining various schools of martial arts, spiritualism, natural health, personal development, etc. These schools always are based on cultivation in people skills of controlling the action of a special type of energy, which in this series of monographs is called "life energy" (see subsections I5.6. and JE9.1.), but which in these schools is having different names. If one analyses attributes of this energy, in each one of these schools it corresponds practically to the idea of gravitationally non-excited counter- matter. Below examples of the most popular of these names are listed:

- Ether. This is the name initially introduced by classicists of science - as described above. Then it was adopted and is used by various parasciences until today. Thus from ether is formed the so-called "etheric body" - which is recognized by occultism, human aura - which is described as a flow of ether, etc.

- Od. This is an idea introduced in 19th century by a German chemist Reichenbach to describe an energy that permeates everything. But the theory of "od" was not accepted and become outdated.

- Chi. This is the name that in many Chinese schools of martial arts, natural healing, and spiritual development, is attributed to an omnipresent primary energy (i.e. the energy from which all other forms of energy originate). Probably one of the most popular of such schools, is that one which promotes the control over the flow of "chi" by practicing "Martial Art", usually called "Tai Chi". Chinese believe that everything is simply various manifestations of "chi". (Notice, that exactly the same is stated by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity about counter-matter, i.e. it states that "everything is simply representing different manifestations of the same counter-matter". But in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity the precise equivalent of the Chinese idea of "chi" is not the counter-matter itself, but moral energy "zwow" accumulated in this counter-matter.) Quite good descriptions and interpretations of "chi" energy are contained in the book [3H2] by Frena Bloomfield, "The Book of Chinese Beliefs", Arrow Books Ltd. (17-21 Conway Street, London W1P 6 JD, England), London 1983, ISBN 0-09-931900-4. Here are some explanations regarding chi energy, that are quoted from this book [3H2].

-- Page 105: "The body energy which flows through the meridians is known as chi and healing is a way of bringing chi up to its full and proper strength. Some people say that chi would be measurable if the correct instruments were made to measure it, and in fact researchers are trying to do just this, on the basis that chi energy may well be some kind of magnetic force or something very similar."
-- Page 109: "When chi is exhausted, the human dies. It is chi energy which circulates along the body meridians in acupuncture."
-- Pages 104 and 105: "... acupuncture - and its needle-less counterpart, acupressure... there are a number of energy lines radiating through the human body, called meridians, and these connect the major organs and act as a circulatory system for energy. This is separate from the nervous system and the blood circulation ...The theory of the system maintains that it is this circulation of energy which keeps the body healthy. Where energy is blocked, sickness arises. By pressing on strategic points throughout the body, the energy flow can be made to surge - rather like a dam holding back water until it builds up and breaks through - and break through such blockages. Blockages can arise for many reasons: through emotional causes, trauma or injury, bad physical habits or an upset psyche."
-- Page 29: "... two schools of fung shui ... the School of Forms ... places emphasis on the formation of the landscape and its relationship with the cosmic breath, or chi."). {See also the end of subsection H7.1.}

-- Pages 16 and 17: "... it was formulated and systemized by Wang Chi and other Sung dynasty scholars (1126-1278 AD). According to these scholars, there was believed to be one abstract principle in the beginning, which was the first cause of all existence. {At this point it should be noticed, that the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls this principle the "counter- matter".} When it first moved, its breath produced the great male principle (yang) and when it rested it produced the female principle (yin). The energy vitalizing these two principles is chi, or the breath of nature. As this breath, chi, went forth, producing the first male and female principles, then gradually the whole universe and everything in it, it was all done according to fixed and immutable laws known as li. All these laws were observed by the ancients to be working according to strict mathematical principles which dominated the universe, called so. The workings of these three - the chi (breath), li (laws) and so (mathematical principles) - are not discernible to ordinary men. They appear subtly in the phenomena of nature and the outward forms of the physical world, known as ying. These four divisions (chi, li, so and ying) constitute the theoretical system of fung shui."

The third sentence in the last quotation above (from pages 16 and 17) realizes, that the popularly prevailing translation of famous ideas "yin" and "yang" from Chinese principle of mutual balance, is completely wrong. Popularly "yang" is translated as "positive pole" or "south pole", while the idea "yin" as "negative pole" or "north pole". But actually according to classical Chinese academics, these ideas are not describing two poles of the same field, but rather two different fields - i.e. "yang" means "dipolar field" or "dynamic field", while "yin" means "monopolar field" or "static field". This in turn realizes, that male and female energy (and thus also the energy essence of masculinity and femininity), relate to each other NOT like different poles of the same field, but like a dipolar field to a monopolar field. This fact of different types of field that represent both sexes, is actually confirmed in the real life by the behaviours that are characteristic for the essence of masculinity and femininity. For example, in the area of attitude to love, faith, morality, tradition, knowledge, progress, etc., females always behave like static (preserving) monopolar fields, while males always behave like dynamic (expansive) dipolar fields. This explains, e.g. why amongst rational UFO researchers it is very difficult to find a woman, and also why a great majority of people who explore totalizm are males.

- Reiki. This is the name attached to a kind of life energy, which originates from Japanese words "rei" means "universal", and "ki" means "life energy". In Japanese school of natural healing and spiritual development it corresponds to Chinese idea of "chi". People who practice school of reiki utilise the touch with hands and meditation in order to intensify the flow of this life energy through meridians, chakras, and nadi in human counter-body. Supposedly this school is already many thousand years old, and it seeks its origins from ancient cultures (some claim that from Tibet, others that from India or Egypt). In the present form it emerged in 19th century Japan, from where in 1960th were introduced to Western cultures by Hawayo Takata - see the article [4H2] "Reiki - the art of self-healing" published in the Malaysian Sun, edition on Saturday, 19 July 1997, page 23.

- Prana. This is an equivalent of reiki and chi in the Ayurvedic medicine.

#4H2. Counter-matter is also referred to in numerous ancient sources. Here are the most well known ancient names assigned to this medium:
- Mana. According to the concept of ancient Hunes, mana is the "Prime Energy" from which all other forms of energy originate - see the book [5H2] by Serge V. King, Ph.D., "Pyramid Energy Handbook", ISBN 0-446-92029-0, page 39.
- "The Ancient of Days" described by Christian and Jewish traditions. This was a power described by Christian and Israeli traditions. This power originally was emitted by the biblical Ark of the Covenant - see subsection S5 in this series of monographs. In present times for cases of religious healing it was replaced by different names, out of which the most popular is probably the expression "God's breath".
- The "Vril Power". This is an extraordinary energy described by various ancient Eastern traditions (mainly from the areas of Mongolia, Tibet, and India). The comprehensive description of this energy is contained in the book [6H2] by Alec MacLellan, "The Lost World of Agharti, The Mystery of Vril Power" (Souvenir Press, London 1982, ISBN 0-62521-7), pages 84 to 99 and 170 to 174. In order to realise how closely the idea of the counter-matter from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity corresponds to the old interpretation of Vril Power from the Eastern tradition, below I presented an analysis of this energy carried out on the basis of old Indian descriptions.
-- On page 179 of the book [6H2] the author defined the Vril Power in a following manner: "VRIL is actually an ancient Indian name for the tremendous resources of energy which are made available as a result of mastering the Etheric Body (or Time Organization)". Other parts of the same book explain the term VRIL even more exactly. Let us quote a few more sentences:
-- Page 92 in [6H2]: "... the gradual discovery of the latent powers stored in the all-permeating fluid which they denominate VRIL."
-- Page 170: "There is no word in any language I know which is an exact synonym for VRIL. I should call it electricity, except that it comprehends in its manifold branches other forces of nature, to which, in our scientific nomenclature, differing names are assigned, such as magnetism, galvanism, etc."
-- Page 171: "It can be used for expanding the consciousness of the mind, and allowing the transference of thoughts from one person to another by means of trance or vision. It was through the agency of VRIL, while I had been placed in the state of trance, that I had been made acquainted with the rudiments of the VRIL-YA's language." It should be stressed, that the language VRIL-YA mentioned above, in subsection I5.4. of this series of monographs is described as the "universal language of thoughts" and is marked as ULT.
-- Page 172: "Further uses of the force include the motive power for robots, the propulsion of land vehicles and flying contrivances, and for supplying light. ... VRIL is seen as an enormous reservoir of universal power, some parts of which can be concentrated in the human body."

Even a brief comparison of the above quotations to descriptions of various attributes and capabilities of the counter-matter discussed in further parts of this chapter, makes obvious the total correspondence between the term VRIL and the term counter-matter.

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