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Volume 4: The Concept of Dipolary Gravity: Physical counter-world

H1. Why the Concept of Dipolar Gravity was formulated

In 1924 the great French physicist, Louis DeBroglie, published the very important finding, sometimes called "Principle of the Symmetry of Nature". It states, that in our Universe everything is strikingly symmetrical in many different manners. Some more common manifestations of this symmetry are discussed in subsection H6.1. For example, everything has an opposite of itself. This means that every particle has its own antiparticle (e.g. electron and positron, proton and antiproton). Also every phenomenon must have its own anti-phenomenon (e.g. friction and the telekinetic effect described in subsection H6.1). If we find an exception to this symmetry, it is obvious that its anti-partner still remains undiscovered. The gravitational field is such an exception. Therefore the intensive search for its anti-partner is fully justified.

On the above premises, amongst others, is based the old concept of gravitational field, which is still stubbornly used by Earth's scientists, in spite that the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described in this chapter proved that it is wrong. Because this old concept assumes the analogy of gravity to all monopolar fields, in this monograph it is called the old "concept of monopolar gravity". One of the products of the old concept of monopolar gravity is the speculation on the possibility of producing repulsive gravitational interactions (i.e. an anti- phenomenon to gravity), which are popularly called "antigravity".

Since beginning of my research on magnetic propulsion and on Magnocraft described in subsections A2. and F1., I was forced to pay special attention to the work done on antigravity. Analysing carefully the expected properties and abilities of the antigravitational field, I came to the conclusion that antigravity (in the monopolar understanding disseminated previously) is contradictive to the natural order of things. Some of my original deductions in this matter are contained in chapter HB of this monograph. To reveal the logical error committed by the creators of the old concept of monopolar gravity, which leads to the present misinterpretation of our Universe, I rechecked the entire deduction that formulated this concept. The error that I found, was located at the very beginning. It depends on accepting "a priori" (i.e. without any verification) a wrong simplifying assumption, that the gravitational field belongs to the group of monopolar fields. However, we know very well, that in nature two entirely different groups of fields coexist, i.e. static monopolar fields (e.g. electric field), and dynamic dipolar fields (e.g. magnetic field). Therefore in order to discover the truth about gravitational interactions, not one but two different concepts of the gravitational field must be thoroughly considered. In both these concepts the following two possible natures of gravity must be verified:
1°. Monopolar,
2°. Dipolar.

Let us have a close look at these two concepts, analysing which one of them fulfils more extensively the requirements of the Principle of Symmetry of Nature.

The old "concept of monopolar gravity" so-far was the only concept considered at all by contemporary science. The gravitational field in this concept was assumed to be an equivalent to all monopolar fields existing in nature, for example to electric field, pressure field, etc. Just as positive and negative electric charges exist, our science also assumed the existence of "matter" - producing an attractive gravitational field (i.e. "gravity"), and "antimatter" - which is supposed to produce a repulsive gravitational field (i.e. "antigravity"). Because the old concept of monopolar gravity also assumes incorrectly that matter and antimatter must strongly repel each other, according to it these two substances should segregate from each other, and both must shift to opposite sides of the Universe, thus creating "world" and "antiworld". Therefore, the adherers of the concept of monopolar gravity are continually scanning through the galaxies in search of the "antiworld" where this antimatter would be concentrated.

But the investigations to-date have not only failed to reveal any evidence confirming the correctness of the old concept of monopolar gravity (e.g. in spite of intensive searches antiworld nor antimatter never were found), but have even encountered evidence, which strongly negates it (e.g. see the evidence pro dipolar gravity discussed in subsection H1.1.1. below).

Any in-depth analysis of the old concept of monopolar gravity must lead to the inevitable conclusion that this concept, instead of corresponding to, is entirely contradictory to the DeBroglie's Principle of the Symmetry of Nature. Therefore, to construct a more realistic model of reality, I designed an alternative concept of gravity, which is called here the new "Concept of Dipolar Gravity". The new Concept of Dipolar Gravity never before has been formulated, or even only considered, by our science. I have the honour of being the first scientist on Earth to propose, work out, and publish it. In this my new Concept, gravity displays similarities to all dipolar fields, e.g. to magnetic field (i.e. to the flow of counter-matter), hydraulic field (i.e. to flows of liquid media), etc. Just as in every dynamic dipolar field two opposite poles do exist, namely inlet "I" and outlet "O" - for example consider the (N) and (S) poles in the magnetic field, similarly two opposite poles, namely inlet (I) and outlet (O), also appear in the gravitational field. The inlet (I) pole of gravity prevails in our physical world, while the outlet (O) pole of gravity prevails in the counter-world. But because of the concentric nature of gravity, each second, opposite pole of the gravitational field is directed "inwards" and prevails within a separate world, existing parallel to the world in which a given pole prevails. Thus, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity indicates the necessity of a parallel existence in the same space of two separate worlds, the first one of which (i.e. our world of matter - which is recognizable to our sense organs) is surrounding the inlet pole "I" of gravity; whereas the second one (i.e. the counter-world - which is closed to our senses but open to Extra-Sensory Perception, and also to hypnosis and dreams) is surrounding the outlet pole "O" of the gravity. Such a constitution of our Universe introduces a number of practical consequences, which are explained in subsections that follow. But unlike antigravity, the existence of the "other pole of gravity" does not alter or influence in visible way the behaviour of our world, as we know it. Therefore, it is very difficult to detect it with our present research instruments. On the other hand, the existence of the other pole of gravity opens for scientific investigation an incredibly wide range of psychic abilities, presently unexplained facts, and totally new phenomena, which our science never even dreamed about. Thus the Concept of Dipolar Gravity rapidly extends our horizons into hitherto unrecognized areas.

H1.1. Formal proof for the dipolar character of gravity, and for the existence of the counter-world

Let us now complete a process of formal proving that the gravity field has a dipolar character. The process of this proving can be successfully based on several different methods. After all, according to well-known statement that "all roads lead to Rome", if something represents a truth, this truth can be proven in several different ways. Each separate manner of proving that "gravity has a dipolar character", is going to be presented below in a separate subsection.

H1.1.1. Proof via the method "all confirms, nothing denies"

The logical principle, which we are going to use as our first scientific methodology for this proving, we are going to call here "everything proves, nothing denies". This basic principle of nature was not used previously for the purposes of formal proving, because the absolute validity of it extends only to the phenomena of nature, which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls the "primary phenomena". But this principle is used rather frequently in everyday life, where usually we relate it to "causes" from the cause-effect chains, and refer to it with slightly different and confusing names of "disclosing the fact" or "pointing out the obvious". (After all, in the cause-effect chains, "causes" always constitute the relative "primary phenomena" for everything that later comes out from these causes.) Because the gravity field is one of the primary phenomena of our universe, the discussed principle "everything proves, nothing denies" is perfectly suitable to be used in the proof discussed here. According to the principle "everything proves, nothing denies", whenever there is a correct description of any such a primary phenomenon, then everything that relates to this correct description, is going to confirm that this description is correct, and simultaneously there is impossible to find anything that would relate to this description, but would contradict its correctness. In relationship to the proof for the dipolar character of gravity, the above means, that for whatever we are able to establish that it has any connection with the dipolarity of this field, it will be always confirming as well, that the gravity field is a dipolar field. On the other hand, no-one is ever going to be able to find anything, that would have the connection with polarity of gravity, but it would contradict the dipolar character of this field.

At this point it should be explained that by a "primary phenomenon" one should understand "every phenomenon, which is placed at the very top of natural cause-effect hierarchy, and therefore for which the course of action that it takes is not influenced by any other phenomena of the lower level, representing an outcomes of it". Thus the outcome of primary phenomena is always independent of circumstances in which it is observed, as well as independent of other secondary and tertiary phenomena, which occur concurrently and which may interfere with it. Examples of primary phenomena include: the gravity field, the moral field, the existence of universal intellect, the existence of counter-world, the existence of physical world, moral energy, physical energy, counter-matter, matter, and several others.

It is worth noticing, that the principle "everything proves, nothing denies" does not extend its validity on the secondary, tertiary, and further levels of phenomena of nature. It happens so, simply because the course and outcomes of these phenomena of the lower levels, depend on the circumstances under which they are observed, and also depend on the of primary phenomena, which influence the course of these secondary or tertiary ones during such an observation. For example, if we would consider such a tertiary phenomenon, as the flow of current which generates heat, than in one set of circumstances, this flow of current would actually generate heat. But in other set of circumstances defined by different influences of phenomena of the higher level, it would not generate heat at all (e.g. consider superconductors), while in the third set of circumstances, the flow of current may even consume heat (e.g. consider the phenomenon of the so-called "magnetic cooling").

Let us now describe the methodology with the use of which the principle "everything proves, nothing denies" allows us to formally prove that "the gravity field has a dipolar character". This method is elementary simple, and it directly resulting from this principle. It boils down to the completion of following logical steps:

(1) Indicating and naming the category of evidence to which belongs a given evidence, that is subjected to consideration in subsequent phases of completion of this proof. The evidence used for the formal proof discussed here includes four categories, which cover the entire spectrum of evidence that is possible to consider of any formal proof. Namely it includes:
(1A) Theoretical premises and analogies, which relate to the polarity of gravitational field, and which decisively confirm that the gravity is a dipolar type of field, and simultaneously deny the monopolar character of gravity.
(1B) Natural phenomena the course of which directly results from the polarity of gravitational field, and thus which coincide with the dipolar gravity, but simultaneously contradict the monopolar character of gravity.
(1C) Experiments, the outcome of which depends on the polarity of gravitational field, and thus which confirm the dipolar character of gravity, but simultaneously deny the monopolar character of this field.
(1D) The models of the operation of our universe, which are developed on the basis of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and thus which are going to be exactly coinciding with the empirical findings regarding the actual operation of this universe, if the gravity is dipolar.

(2) Listing the evidence that belongs to each one of these basic categories. This evidence represents the cross-section through all secondary phenomena that belong to each of the categories, and about which I managed to determine, that they directly result from the polarity of gravitational field. Thus these phenomena represent a direct cause-effect connection with the polarity of gravitational field.

(3) Showing the connection with the polarity of gravitational field. For each one of the phenomena discussed here below is shown that in fact it represents an outcome of the polarity of gravitational field. For this I utilized the commonly known properties of dipolar fields.

(4) Throwing a challenge to scientists and to other researchers, to find a phenomenon which contradicts the dipolar character of gravity. I am issuing this challenge to every reader of this monograph. It challenges the possibility of finding even a simple example of a phenomenon, which would result from the polarity of gravitational field, and which simultaneously would contradict the dipolar character of this field. The reason for this throwing a challenge to readers is, that according to the principle "everything proves, nothing denies", such phenomena - which would contradict the dipolar character of gravity, simply do not exist in the entire universe, thus myself I would NOT be able to ever find them and describe in this subsection. Therefore the duty of finding such a phenomenon I am placing on all these skeptical readers, who are NOT ready to recognize the merit of the formal proof that I am presenting here, and thus would like to discredit this proof. After all, without them finding such a phenomenon, the proof presented here remains valid forever. Of course, the fact, that even the most sworn opponents of dipolar gravity are not going to be able to find such a phenomenon, additionally reinforces the correctness of the proof that I am presenting here.

Let us now analyze separately each one of the subsequent categories of this evidence.
1A. Theoretical premises and analogies, which decisively confirm that the gravity is a dipolar type of field, and which simultaneously deny the monopolar character of gravity. There are numerous theoretical premises and analogies, which all confirm the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. They include all these facts, which hitherto were ignored by scientists in their theoretical considerations regarding gravity, although they directly indicate that the gravity is a dipolar type of field, and also they disclose that all properties of gravitation are contradictive to the properties of monopolar fields. Below are summarized the most important of these facts. In each group of them, I marked as ['] facts which strongly negate that gravity is a monopolar field, and marked as ["] these facts, which simultaneously strongly confirm that the gravity has a dipolar character. Here are they:
#1A1. The kind of force interactions existing between the carriers of the gravitational field (i.e. between particles and clusters of matter). As we know, these particles seem to attract each other, forming the well known gravitational pull that prevails between all possible clusters of matter.
['] In all static MONOPOLAR fields, the carriers of the like poles repel one another. The best examples of such a repulsion are the interactions occurring between like electrical charges (e.g. positive charges repelling all other positive charges), as well as those occurring between particles of gases forming pressure fields (e.g. tendency to decompress). Therefore, if gravity would have a monopolar character, the particles of matter should repel one another, not attract one another. This lack of repulsion denies the monopolar character of gravity.
["] Around poles of all dynamic DIPOLAR fields, carriers of these fields exert a dynamic pressure (described by Bernoulli's Equation), which compresses them together. This pressure manifests itself in the form of forces that pull the field's carriers together, making an impression as if they attract each other. For example, there is a well known phenomenon of pulling a ping-pong ball into a fountain's water stream, and then holding this ball suspended within the stream. The forces that pull this ball inside of the stream of water are the same ones that we are talking about (i.e. Bernoulli's dynamic pressures prevailing at outlets from poles). The forces of gravitational pull seem to be an exact equivalent to this dynamic pressure directed inwards, that appears in all dipolar fields. This in turn confirms, that gravity behaves as a dipolar, not as a monopolar field.
#1A2. The complete lack of evidence for the existence of two opposite monopoles of gravity, combined with the simultaneous wealth of evidence confirming the existence of a gravitational dipole. As we know, in all monopolar fields two opposite types of field carriers (e.g. positives and negatives) are separated by a space subjected to the action of these monopoles. But in dipolar fields the situation is reversed, i.e. two different spaces in which opposite field conditions prevail, are separated from each other by the field carriers (dipoles) being subjected to the action of these spaces.
['] If gravity has a static MONOPOLAR character, the second (opposite to matter) monopoles of gravity should be found. But so far our highly sophisticated nuclear experiments have revealed only particles and antiparticles, which differ electrically, but which are identical in gravitational understanding of their properties. Thus, all known particles and antiparticles represent only two main electrical components of the same matter, and do not constitute opposite monopoles of gravity. Our sophisticated science consistently fails to find monopoles of gravity. This in turn, in connection with the proof presented here, means that gravitational monopoles simply do not exist.
["] In dynamic DIPOLAR gravity, the Universe would be composed of two separate spaces, or worlds, in which two opposite types of gravitational interactions would prevail (e.g. attraction in our world and repulsion in this other one). Therefore, the same laws and phenomena, but observed within each one of these two worlds, would also display drastic differences, depending on which side of the gravitational dipole they are manifested. As a matter of fact, we already know from physics examples of such dual behaviours. These are registered under the name "wave-particle duality of nature". One of the manifestations of this duality is the contemporary coexistence of the corpuscular and wave theories of light. As it is perfectly quoted in the book [1H1.1] by O.H. Blackwood and others: "General Physics", 4th edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1973 page 665, "Physicists have been jokingly accused of believing in light waves on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and in photons on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays". {My own observation adds to this that "on Sundays in churches physicists display the complete negation of statements, which their own physics is making to- date".} One of the simplest, and at the same time the most satisfactory explanation of this duality, can be derived from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. According to it, the consequences of the corpuscular and wave theories of light originate from the simultaneous distribution of light signals within the two different worlds. Depending in which of these two worlds light signals are observed by a given instrument, the corpuscular or wave aspect of light is manifested (i.e. in dipolar gravity light is a bit like a fast fish under a calm surface of transparent water - the onlookers from above can see both, the motion of the fish, and the motion of waves that this fish steers up on the surface). This again confirms that the action of the gravitational dipole is already registered in physics, which simultaneously was so-far unable to interpret correctly the observations that it gathered.
#1A3. All attempts to detect the existence of two opposite monopolar worlds (i.e. our world and "antiworld") have failed, whereas there are already registered worlds from both sides of the gravitational dipole.
['] In static MONOPOLAR gravity the opposite world (called antiworld) is claimed to be repelled from our world, so according to present science it should be shifted into a remote corner of the Universe. (Note that this claim is completely wrong, because in reality all known unlike monopoles always attract one another.) Therefore, this world could be detected only in an astronomical manner. But almost two centuries of astronomical search has not revealed even a trace of the antiworld or antimatter from which it would be constituted. As it is stated on page 60 in the book [2H1.1], "Worlds - Antiworlds, Antimatter in Cosmology" (W.H. Freeman and Company, San Francisco and London), by Professor Hannes Alfven of the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden - a widely recognized expert in antimatter, "There is no definite evidence for the existence of antimatter in the cosmos". This again denies the monopolar character of gravity.
["] If gravity has a dynamic DIPOLAR character, than the world from the other side of the gravitational dipole must occupy the parallel space to our world. In fact, a technique which reveals a parallel coexistence of the same object in two separate worlds, is already known. This technique is called "Kirlian photography". In this photography, some damaged objects display the so-called "ghost effect", means they still reveal parts, which in the physical world are separated from them (e.g. photographs of damaged leaves may show the outlines of the missing parts - see treatise [7/2]). Thus the photographic images from the counter-world are already recorded with the use of Kirlian cameras. This in turn provides further evidence that the behaviour of the Universe is governed by dipolar gravity.
#1A4. The lack of substance called "antimatter". In spite of countless attempts, so-far our science was unable to find for the old concept of monopolar gravity a substance called "antimatter", which according to that old concept represent the anti-substance for matter. Simultaneously, the substance called "counter-matter", which according to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity is prevailing in the counter-world, is continually detected and described by various researchers. Here is the summary of information about these two substances:
['] Attributes of antimatter, means the substance which in the old concept of MONOPOLAR gravity supposed to represent an anti-substance for matter, can be defined through the re-interpretation of carriers of the monopolar fields. According to this re- interpretation, antimatter supposed to be characterised by the following attributes: have negative mass, display inertia, react repulsively with itself, react attractively with ordinary matter (although many scientists groundlessly believe that it should act repulsively with matter, thus creating the so-called "antigravity"), form friction with particles of matter (although form no friction amongst particles of itself). In spite of countless searches, no such substance was ever found. Also no experimental evidence, or even slightest experimental premises, which would indicate that such a substance may exist, were ever discovered.
["] Attributes of counter-matter, means the substance, which according to the new Concept of DIPOLAR Gravity should prevail in the counter-world, and thus which represent a reversal for matter, also can be deducted through the extrapolation of properties of the dipolar fields. According to these deductions, counter-matter must display attributes, which are the exact reversal of attributes of matter. For example, it should be characterised by the: invisibility to human eyes and instruments, lack of mass (i.e. it must be weightless), it cannot display any inertia (i.e. it must display a property called in this monograph "self-mobility", means a property, which is an exact opposite of material inertia from our world), during the displacement it must also show a phenomenon which is the reversal of viscosity (i.e. it must display the property, which can be described as being "hyper-slippery"), in the natural state it also must show intelligence, etc. If one revise various literature sources, just such a substance is constantly postulated, introduced, or discovered by several mutually unrelated disciplines. (Unfortunately, the existence of this substance is stubbornly ignored or denied by the institutional science based on the old concept of monopolar gravity.) For example in past it was called "ether", physicists call it "energy", or "vacuum", medical fraternity describes it as the "energy body", or "bio-field", biologists refer to it as to "bio-plasma", occultists refer to it as "aura", various schools of martial art call it "chi", "reiki", "prime energy", "life energy", etc. More about these various names is explained in items #1H2 to #4H2 in subsection H2. What all these findings are indicating is, that under various names, counter-matter is already known to us for a very long time.
#1A5. The friction between particles of matter. As it is known from monopolar and dipolar field, elementary carriers of these two opposite fields always display two opposite behaviours relating to friction.
['] All static MONOPOLAR fields show no friction between particles of like carriers of these fields, which (the friction) would result from the field itself, independently to what pole of the field these carriers belong. For example, both types of electrical charges repel each other. Similarly particles of gas forming pressure repel each other. But particles of matter crate friction between themselves, thus behave contradictive to attributes of monopolar fields.
["] In dynamic DIPOLAR fields, only at the inlet "I" of the field carriers of this field create friction that results from the field itself, while at the outlet "O" pole carriers of the field create no friction. For example, such a friction is displayed at the inlets to vacuum cleaners (this is why vacuum cleaners is able to produce a suction), and at the inlets to fountains, while at outlets from these fields, the carriers simply disperse without any friction. Thus, out of all possible cases of behaviour of field carriers, matter displays friction, which is a phenomenon that is very unique to inlets in dynamic dipolar fields. This again confirms that gravity has a dipolar character.

1B. Natural phenomena, the course of which coincides with the dipolar gravity, but contradicts the monopolar gravity. There is a lot of these, and the explanations of the most evidential of these are provided in subsection H5.3. In order to list here at least some of such phenomena, they for example include amongst others:
#1B1. The "wave-particle duality of nature", which was described in the item #1A2["] above. It belongs to the known for a long time category of phenomena, which confirm the dipolar character of gravity and contradict the monopolar character of this field.
#1B2. The circulation of the counter-matter along the force lines of the Earth's magnetic field. This circulation causes the well known effect of the northern lights looking as if they fall from the sky to Earth, and southern lights looking as they raise from the ground to sky (see subsection H5.3).
#1B3. Swirls on the water. These swirls in the northern hemisphere in a natural manner are initiated in the clockwise direction, while in the southern hemisphere they naturally are initiated counter-clockwise. As it is explained in subsection H5.3., these opposite directions of initiating the whirl pools of water results from the resistance, that the motionless counter- matter exerts on the liquid which follows the rotational motion of Earth.

1C. Experiments, which directly confirm the dipolar character of gravity. There are literally countless experiments, which already were completed, and which consistently are confirming the dipolar character of the gravity field, although the meaning and merit of which the human science would not recognize so-far. Let us name here some of this experiments.
#1C1. The "ghost effect" in Kirlian cameras. The most well-known of these experiments is the "Kirlian Photography" mentioned earlier, and described in more details in treatise [7/2]. It allows us to actually see images from the counter-world. For example the most famous such experiments is the one named "a ghost leaf". It depends on the cutting a leaf in half, and putting on the Kirlian camera only a half of the leaf, while the camera actually still shows the whole leaf, thus revealing the "ghost" of the leaf, which resides in the counter-world. In a similar manner such a camera shows images of an amputated finger.
#1C2. The so-called "extraction glow". Another example of such experiment, which confirms the dipolar character of gravity, is the photography of the "extraction glow". This glow is described in subsections H6.1 and H1.2 and presented in photographs from Figures H1 to H3.
#1C3. Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887. A best example of such an old experiment, which conclusively confirmed the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is the famous Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887, described in subsection H2. Also various other old experiments can be classified to the same category of the experimental evidence, which consistently confirms the correctness of the dipolar gravity, and simultaneously denies the correctness of the old monopolar gravity.

1D. The models of the operation of our universe, which are developed on the basis of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and which exactly coincide with the empirical findings regarding the actual operation of this universe. Until the time of writing this monograph, on the Concept of Dipolar Gravity numerous models of operation of our universe were already based. These models are disseminated in my publications. Almost every single one of them already proved itself to work in practice. Therefore, their actual correctness and correspondence to reality confirms the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity on which they all are based. Here are some of them:
#1D1. The model of morality of the universe, expressed in the form of the philosophy of totalizm. Probably it is the most comprehensive of all these models based on the dipolar gravity. After all, it embraces a whole array of important componential models - see the description of philosophy of totalizm provided in chapters JA, JB, and JC of this series of monographs. Examples of such componential models of totalizm include, amongst others: moral field, moral polarity, moral laws, moral energy, karma, similarities between moral phenomena and phenomena of classical mechanics (these similarities are the basis for the formulation of so-called "totaliztic mechanics" described in chapter JE), and many more.
#1D2. Models that describe the operation of human organism. Examples of componential models from this group include: model of the brain as an input-output device (see subsection I5.4), model of the operation of human feelings described in subsection I5.5., model of operation of acupuncture described in subsection I5.6., explanation for the mechanism of nirvana, and many more.
#1D3. Models which describe physical phenomena. Examples of componential models include here: the explanation of magnetic field and electric field (see subsections H5.1. and H5.2.), the explanation of mechanism of telekinesis (see subsection H6.1.) and permanent telekinetising of matter, or the explanation of telepathy - see subsection H7.1.).

Of course, examples of evidence which are used in the above formal proof do not exhaust all the evidence, which confirms the dipolar character of gravity, and which simultaneously denies the old monopolar understanding of this field that is still stubbornly adhered by our scientists. Further examples of this evidence may be found in various other areas and disciplines, such as religion, parapsychology, medicine, ornithology, etc.

In all verifications that I carried out, and that every other investigator can repeat, the logical principle "everything proves, nothing denies" consistently, decisively, and undeniably proves itself valid when it relates to the dipolar character of the gravity field. Therefore the process of formal proving that is presented here entitles us to draw the final conclusion that "the dipolar character of the gravity field is herewith proven formally".

The fact of this formal proving of the dipolar character of gravity introduces many practical consequences. One of such consequences is the power of applying this proof as a simultaneous formal proof for a whole number of other facts that directly result from the dipolar gravity. In order to realize the most important of these consequences, the proof for the dipolar character of gravity is simultaneously representing formal proofs that:
1. The counter-world does exist.
2. The universe is composed out of at least two separate worlds having a physical nature.
3. The descriptions and models of the operation of the universe, which are developed by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, are based on very sound foundations, and thus they represent currently the most correct knowledge in this area, that is available on Earth.
4. Everything that is present in the counter-world, must be subjected to laws, which are opposite to laws from our world, and must also carry the attributes which are opposite to attributes from our world.

Descriptions of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity have already been disseminated for over 20 years (i.e. since 1985 until the time of the latest amending of this monograph in 2007), and were presented to numerous experts in gravity, physics, mechanics, and related disciplines. But so far no scientist was able to find any error in this concept, nor disprove any conclusion that results from this concept regarding the gravity field. This trial of time was withstand by the concept discussed here, in spite that all results of my research are constantly being attacked. After all, if there is any possibility to find an error in my deductions, immediately someone out of numerous adversaries of my theories makes a point from it. This practically means that the proof for the dipolar character of gravity discussed in this chapter is valid and remains all time in force. Thus everyone has now a duty to take it under consideration in his/her everyday life, and also in research and statements. People who are stubbornly refusing to acknowledge this proof, are simply demonstrating that they refuse to accept the truth about dipolar gravity.

H1.1.2. Proof via the method of exclusion

The dipolar character of the gravity field can also be conclusively proven in many other ways, even with the use of the same evidence. In order to indicate here an example of another method of proving the same, it could be proven by a simple method of exclusion. In case of using such a method, the formal proving that "gravity has a dipolar character" is composed of the following logical steps: (a) Indicating that both concepts of gravity are contradictive to each other, thus they mutually exclude each other. In turn having such character, only one of them can be correct (the other one must be faulty). The indicating of this fact is very simple, because in order to be show this, it is sufficient to refer to our present knowledge of physics. Physics informs, that a given field can be qualified to only one of two existing categories of fields, i.e. it can be either a static monopolar, or a dynamic dipolar. According to physics, there is no a field in the entire universe, which would belong simultaneously to both of these categories, or to not belong to any of them.
(b) Determining that the entire body of evidence in the existence, consistently confirms that the previous monopolar understanding of gravity is entirely wrong and that it leads to incorrect interpretation of reality. The evidence that is used for this purpose, can be exactly the same as that used in the previous method of proving from subsection H1.1.1. above, or as that collected into chapter G.
(c) Concluding the process of exclusion. Because all the existing evidence proves that the old monopolar understanding of the gravitational field is entirely wrong and it leads to a misinterpretation of reality, this practically means that by the process of exclusion the correct one is proven to be the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This conclusion is confirmed by the entire body of evidence in existence, and by all logical deductions.

Therefore, independently from the principle of proving the correctness of dipolar gravity that is presented in previous subsection, also a process of ordinary exclusion proves exactly the same. The interesting aspect of this exclusion method applied to gravity is, that it can be accomplished with exactly the same evidence, as that one presented in the previous subsection.

H1.1.3. Proof via the method of matching attributes

It is an obvious fact, that the universe that is ruled by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, must be characterised by the unique structure and operation, which must drastically differ from the structure and operation of the universe that is ruled e.g. by the monopolar gravity. In turn this fact allows us to prove in several further ways, that the gravity has a dipolar character. The next such a manner of formal proving of the dipolar character of gravity, that is going to be presented here, is the use of method of "comparing of attributes". With the assistance of this method, a very important formal proof was completed, which is presented in subsection P2. of this series of monographs and in subsection J2 of an old monograph [1e]. In turn the proving methodology of “comparing attributes” itself, is explained thoroughly in subsection P1 of this series of monograph.

The completion of the formal proof with the method of comparing attributes, can be accomplished relatively easy. It requires that we previously define at least 12 theoretical attributes, that are going to be unique for the universe, if it is governed by the dipolar gravity. These attributes must be so selected, that theoretically speaking, they could not appear in the universe which is governed by the monopolar gravity, but they must appear in the universe that is governed by the dipolar gravity. Fortunately for the proof discussed here, such attributes are already postulated by structure and principles of operation of the intelligent universe, which are revealed by the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity. The majority of such attributes are already well described in this monograph. For example they include, amongst others:

(1) The existence of the counter-world (see subsections I8.2. and H1.1.1. above of this monograph).
(2) The existence of counter-matter (see subsections H2., H1.2. below and H7.1. of this monograph).
(3) The display of the intelligence by counter-matter in its natural state, thus also the existence of ESP, animal instinct, etc. (see subsections I7, and I5.4. of this monograph).
(4) The action of the counter-world as a single huge natural computer, called the "universal computer" (see subsections I3.1. and I3 of this series of monographs).
(5) The existence of moral field and moral polarity (see subsections JB3.2., I4.2., JA4. and JA1. of this series of monographs).
(6) The existence and the operation of moral laws (see subsections JA1., JB3.4. and I4.1.1. of this series of monographs).
(7) The existence and operation of every object - including people, simultaneously in two worlds of the physical nature, and in an additional third world of the virtual nature (see subsections I5. and H6.1. of this monograph).
(8) The dual character of manifestations of all phenomena, which simultaneously occur in both worlds of the physical nature (see subsections H5.2. and H1.1.1. above of this monograph).
(9) The existence of supernatural phenomena, spiritual phenomena, registers (souls), counter-bodies (spirits), etc. (see subsections I7., I5.7. and I5. of this series of monographs).
(10) The existence of moral energy and the ability of this energy to converse with physical energy (see subsections JB3.3., JF3., I4.3., I5.5. and JE3.7. of this series of monographs).
(11) The existence of telekinetic motion, psychokinesis, extraction glow, permanent telekinetising, etc. (see subsections H6.1., H6.2. and H7.1. of this monograph).
(12) The existence of telepathic waves, telepathy, radiesthesia, possibility of the completion of telepathic devices, etc. (see subsections H7.1., H7.2., and K5. of this series of monographs).

Of course, the attributes that are unique to the universe governed by the dipolar gravity, do not finish on the above examples of 12 attributes listed above. (For example, many further attributes are already discussed in this series of monographs, but are not on the list above. To mention some of them, they include: the existence of the universal intellect - formally proven in subsection I3.3.; the existence of reincarnation, magic, hypnosis, dreams, nirvana; possibility to alter the elapse of time, building of time vehicles, and several others.) Therefore, for the purpose of constructing a formal proof with the method of comparing attributes, any other set of such attributes can also be used.

After we have such theoretical attributes, which are unique to the universe that is governed by the dipolar gravity, the only remaining part that is required to accomplish the formal proof discussed here with the method of comparing attributes, is to provide an empirical evidence that documents, that each single of these theoretical attributes is actually manifested in reality that surrounds us. This evidence is already provided in subsequent subsections of this monograph. Therefore, I do not see a need to unnecessary build up the volume of this monograph any repeating it here. Thus, I propose that in order to exercise their logic, readers find out and indicate in subsequent subsections of this monograph, the necessary empirical evidence, which supports the proof discussed here. After all, this evidence unambiguously proves, that each single attribute theoretically deduced for the universe governed by the universal intellect, is in fact demonstrated empirically by reality that surrounds us. In turn this existence, and the fact that we actually can indicate phenomena which represent the demonstrations of these 12 attributes listed before, represent the third formal proof for the dipolar character of gravity field, completed with the use of scientific methodology of "comparing attributes" (this method in more details is described in subsection P2. of this series of monographs, and in subsection J2 of the old English monograph [1e]).

The conclusive proof that "gravity has a dipolar character", which was accomplished in three subsections above with the use of three different methods, is unambiguously indicating, that the old concept of monopolar gravity should be withdrawn from the use as fast as possible. In the common interest of all of us is possibly fastest repair of the errors that was committed in past, and the replacement of this old, misleading for everyone monopolar view of gravity, by a more correct one - which is based on the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity.

H1.1.4. A formal scientific proof that the counter-world does exist, formulated according to principles of mathematical logic

The first formal scientific proof for the existence of the counter-world was published in subsections H1.1 to H1.1.3 from chapter H (volume 4) of the previous edition [1/4] of this monograph entitled "Advanced magnetic devices" in 2000. (Means it was published quite a long ago.) In fact, this proof was repeated three times in the indicated subsections, each time completed with a different physical methodology of scientific proving. This in turn illustrates that the scientific proving of so obvious matter as the existence of the counter-world, can be carried out not just on one, but on many entirely different ways. The scientific proof that "counter-world does exist" is quite important. It confirms scientifically facts which are explained to us by religions for thousands of years. Namely, it proves that this another world, popularly called the "other world" (e.g. consider the saying "they send him to the other world"), or "afterworld" (e.g. consider the saying "he shifted to afterworld"), in fact does exist in an objective manner. In turn this objective existence of the other world can be confirmed in a scientific manner. This in turn is just a small step away from the scientific proving, that whatever religions and folklore claim about God living in this other world, and about us going in there after our death, is also an objective truth and can be confirmed objectively with scientific methods. The scientific proof that "counter-world does exist" is for us equally binding as all other scientific proofs - for example as the proofs that the Earth is spherical, or that sides of a right-angled triangle fulfill the Pythagoras equation. For our own good we should rely on indications resulting from this proof in everything that we do. After all, if we do not consider it, then we are to stick to views and undertake actions which run against truth - means which contradict the true operation of the counter-world and the universe. In turn thinking and acting contradictive to the truth and to reality, inevitably brings not very pleasant consequences to us. In turn if we consider in our lives indications resulting from this proof, then in almost everything that we do, we are inclined to make corrections for the existence and influence of the counter- world on our lives and on the world around us. This in turn is the key to our future reaping fruits and rewards which await for these who learned the truth and who recognize it.

During my professorship at a Korean University in 2007, by some strange act of God in the second semester which coincided with the update of the fifth edition of this my most important monograph, I was granted the privilege of giving a series of lectures from the mathematical logic. A "by product" of these lectures was that to three previous versions of the formal proof for the existence of the counter-world completed before with the use of physical methods, I could add another version of the formal scientific proof for the existence of the counter-world which this time is completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic. Because this proof is short, I am quoting it below for the use of these readers who would like to get familiar with it, or wish to check the validity of it. However, I would still encourage to reach for further information regarding it, which is provided in this subsection H1.1.4 from this volume 4 of the newest edition of this series of monographs. The base propositions of the above proof for the existence of the counter-world stem from attributes of the so-called "transverse waves" - the more extensive description of which is provided in different subsections of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - see subsections I2.1. and I2.1.1. from the next chapter I (volume 5) of this series of monographs. But in order to save the reader reading these other descriptions, I remind here briefly that every wave is simply a moving oscillation. Thus in every wave two directions of motion are coexisting, namely the main direction in which a given wave moves, and also the main direction in which occurs the oscillatory motion that forms this wave. The "transverse waves" are simply such waves in which the main direction of a given oscillatory motion is perpendicular to the direction into which the entire wave moves. Most common examples of "transverse waves" are waves on water. The "transverse waves" must be clearly distinguished from the so-called "longitudinal waves" in which both above componential directions of motion occur along the same line. A most common example of longitudinal waves is probably a home toy in which steel balls hang on strings in a row, like pendulums, touching each other sideways. When we lift a first of these steel balls and provide it with a pendulum motion, then with the use this longitudinal wave this pendulum motion is transferred onto the last ball, which repeats it, then the motion is transferred back onto the first steel ball, etc. So here it is, the formal proof for the existence of the counter-world completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic:

Theorem: "The counter-world does exist".

Basis propositions:
(1) "The electromagnetic waves display all attributes of the so-called "transverse waves", and according to the present knowledge the electromagnetic waves must propagate in exactly the same manner as all known to us kinds of transverse waves do propagate. All known kinds of transverse waves propagate exclusively along the border between two mediums.
(2) The belonging of electromagnetic waves to the category of transverse waves which propagate along the border between two mediums means that in the space which these waves cross must either exist a border of some sort between two mediums which occupy our physical world, or must exists a border which remains invisible to our senses and undetectable to our instruments and which separates our physical world and the counter-world (the counter- world also remaining inaccessible for us and undetectable for our instruments) - each of these two worlds being filled up with a different medium. The fact that electromagnetic waves propagate across space in which our advanced physical instruments nor excellently provided and well paid scientific laboratories are unable to detect neither the existence of two different mediums, nor detect the existence of a border between two different mediums, eliminates completely the possibility that electromagnetic waves could propagate along a border between two different mediums that fill up our physical world.
(Explanation complementing this set (2) of premises: The cross-volume propagation of electromagnetic waves researched by our science, occurring through the space which for our measurement instruments appear as filled up with an uniform medium, combined with simultaneous behavior of these waves as if they propagate along the border of two different mediums, may only then take place, when these waves propagate along the surface of two different worlds, means along the border of our physical world, and some other world which remains inaccessible to our senses and undetectable to our instruments, and which is filled up with a different medium than our physical world. Since this other world had no scientific name so-far, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity which discovered and described it, named it the "counter-world".)
(3) The counter-world does NOT exist, or does exist. The propagation of electromagnetic waves along the border between our physical world and this counter-world eliminates completely the possibility that the counter-world does NOT exist.

(1) The first basis proposition is to be transformed with the use of tautological form of the method known under the name of "hypothetical syllogism". This form can be written as [(p =>q) && (q => r)] => [p => r], in which the assertion "p" says "the electromagnetic waves display all attributes of the so-called transverse waves", while the assertion "q" says "according to the present knowledge electromagnetic waves must propagate in exactly the same manner as all known to us kinds of transverse waves do propagate", in turn the assertion "r" states "all known kinds of transverse waves propagate exclusively along the border between two mediums". The transformation of these propositions implies the conclusion that "the electromagnetic waves propagate exclusively along the border between two mediums".
(2) Accepting this previous conclusion for an assertion in the next phase of inference, and using the method of "disjunctive syllogism", the tautological form of which can be written as: [(p || q) && !p] => q, we obtain a next conclusion which states that "the electromagnetic waves must propagate along the border between our physical world and the counter-world."
(3) The last couple of propositions allows us to derive the final conclusion with method called the "disjunctive syllogism", the tautological form of which can be written as: [(p || q) && !p] => q. In this form the assertion "p" says "the counter-world does NOT exist", while assertion "q" states "the counter-world does exist". Thus the final conclusion states "the counter-world does exist"!

The above inference chain unambiguously and conclusively proves the truth of the theorem that "the counter-world does exist".

For the use of these readers who are NOT familiar with the notation that is applied in the above proof, I would like to explain that symbols "p", "q", and "r" mark subsequent "assertions" utilized in this proof as logical variables. In turn symbols "&&", "||", and "=>" mark logical operators "and", "inclusive or", and "implies" (if ... => then ...").

It is also worth to mention about the validity of the above proof. Because this proof utilizes exclusively tautological forms of subsequent methods, it remains valid for all values of variables it uses. Thus practically it is error-proof. If someone would like to undermine it, he or she would need to undermine first the validity of mathematical logic. In turn this logic is a foundation for countless mathematical proofs which with a large success were used by the effective and precise discipline of mathematics. Thus, since so strong proof for the existence of counter-world finally we were able to develop, it is worth to check now whether we live according to this proof. After all, the guesses to-date about the existence of the counter-world this proof replaces with the reliable knowledge and certainty of the existence of the counter- world.

In this point I would like to appeal to other lecturers of logic. Namely, I propose to take notice of the lack of meaning, motivation, and the absence of engagement in some examples of proofs presented in textbooks of logic - as an example consider the textbook proof "modus ponens" of the kind, quote: "Samson is strong", and "If Samson is strong, then it will take a woman to do him in." We can conclude "It will take a woman to do Samson in." (End of quote.) So instead in our lectures we use such examples deprived of actuality and meaning, I would rather suggest for example of proofs use e.g. the proof explained above, or proofs indicated below. After all, these proofs are to inspire students to thinking and to searches for truth, give more sense to their lives, will be agreeable with indications of our conscience, and in a non- imposing manner are going to add our own contribution to the fight for the prevalence of truth.

The proving procedure presented above was also utilized in several more proofs that are extremely important for each one of us. Namely it also allowed to formally prove that God does exist, that humans have immortal souls, and that it was God (not evolution) who created the first couple of people (i.e. the first woman and the first man). A formal scientific proof for the existence of God completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic, is presented in subsection I3.3.4. from the next chapter I (volume 5) of this series of monographs. In turn similar formal proofs for the existence eternal souls in people, and for the creation the first couple of people by God, are provided respectively in subsections I5.2.1.
I1.4.1. from the next volume-chapter I (volume 5) in this series of monographs.

H1.2. Experimental confirmations of the existence of the counter-world

The logical deductions, evidence, and formal proofs, which are presented in this series of monographs, especially in this subsections H1.1. and I3.3., should suffice even for the most hard- core skeptics to remove their doubts that the counter-world does exists and that the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity is correct. If all these supporting data are insufficient for someone, this only means that a given person belongs to a category of people, who in spite of all facts are still going to believe that Earth is flat. However, for the scientific exactitude I still would like to indicate in this subsection further objective experiments and evidence, which every "skeptic" person can complete, and which allow him/her to experience for himself or herself that the counter-world in fact does exist, and that this existence of the counter-world can be confirmed experimentally. These additional experiments I am listing here not to convince these so-called "skeptics", but to provide additional ammunition for those who battle with human ignorance. From a vast number of properties of the counter-world which could be used for such experiments, only these are considered here, which can be detected by every person, including people having no previous interest in this kind of phenomena.

As this is more comprehensively explained in this subsection H1.1, the correctness of the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and the fact of the existence of the counter-world which stems from this concept, are already confirmed with a huge experimental evidence. This evidence can be classified into two categories, namely:
(1) Results of the commonly known experiments of physics, which are confirming the existence of the counter-world, only that so-far they were interpreted in a wrong manner, or completely had no satisfactory explanation.
(2) Results of completely new experiments designed from clues that originate from the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and thus producing results that coincide with this concept.

Below both categories of these experiments are discussed, starting from ones that are already commonly known.

Re. (1). So far a significant number of commonly known experiments was already identified, the results of which directly confirm the correctness of the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the existence of counter-world. Independently from Kirlian photography and wave/particle nature of light discussed in subsection H1.1, to this group belong also, amongst others:

A. Numerous phenomena from physics of elementary particles. An example of one of the more spectacular out of them, is the so-called "tunnel effect". In this effect an elementary particle disappears from one energy level, in order to appear on another such level in a manner that contradicts the known laws of motion. Our science was forced to accept this effect empirically, even that on the basis of the old concept of monopolar gravity it was impossible to explain it rationally. But in the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity the tunnel effect is simply an outcome of the Telekinetic Effect that occurs also on a micro-scale.

B. Anomalies of gyroscope. On the basis of our knowledge to-date, these anomalies was possible to describe only in the category of their effects, not in the category of mechanisms of action. But the Telekinetic Effect allows the rational explanation of the mechanism behind such anomalous behaviour of gyroscopes.

Re. (2). Independently from the above experiments known already for a long time, I designed myself several further ones, which directly confirm the existence of the counter-world. The most simple, objective, and fully repetitive experiments proving the existence of the counter-world, can be based on the Postulate of Interchanging Thermal Energy, described in subsection H6.1.3.. It is well known from physics, that every work completed in the physical world must obey the Conservation of Energy Principle (i.e. the completion of physical work must always involve the consumption of energy). But the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity states, that affecting the matter through introducing some telekinetic changes into configurations from the counter-world, does not consume any energy in its physical understanding (see the "telekinetic motion" described in subsection H6.1.). This means that the energy requirement for such telekinetic work, must be somehow satisfied through the energy exchange with the environment. Therefore, every telekinetic work must cause the conversion of thermal energy occurring along the paths of the affected objects. Such a conversion in turn must result in two physical effects detectable for our contemporary instruments, i.e. (1) a temperature change, and (2) an "extraction glow" or a "dispersion glow". Some experiments involving these two effects are discussed in this subsection H1.2. Below their most simple and popular versions are presented.

The only form of energy which is available everywhere, and which therefore will be the subject of telekinetic conversion, is thermal energy. Thermal energy can be extracted or yielded according to the type of telekinetic action that converse it. As a result, the temperature of the affected area must drop, or rise. There are 2 types of telekinetic actions. These are called here: (1) telekinetic work, and (2) telekinetic release. Telekinetic work depends on shifting objects against any natural force such as gravity (i.e. an object is lifted), elasticity (i.e. an object is bent), buoyancy (i.e. an object sinks), friction, etc. Therefore telekinetic work consumes energy, which must be extracted from the environment. This kind of action causes the temperature of the environment to drop. Telekinetic release depends on moving objects in line with a force (i.e. an object is put down, expands, etc.). Telekinetic release produces a thermal energy which therefore raises the environmental temperature. There are also examples of telekinetic actions (usually a cyclic nature which comprises both: work and release) whose total effect is neutral, so they not affect the temperature at all. Examples of such neutral works are: the swinging of a suspended object, bending and then straightening a V-shaped divining rod, an idle running of a telekinetic motor (the consumption of heat resulting from the completion of a telekinetic work is compensated in such a motor by the production of heat resulting from the friction), etc.

It should be stressed that if telekinetic phenomena operate according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, than the conversion of thermal energy described above must occur. On the other hand no different explanation for phenomena of telekinesis provides a theoretical base for this heat conversion. Therefore the experimental confirmation, that such conversion of heat in fact appears, represent a further experimental proof for the existence of the counter-world. To complete this type of experiments, a significant telekinetic work should be done within a small, thermally insulated space. Thus the temperature change could be measured and the obeying of the Conservation of Energy Principle could be checked. Let us hope that these of the readers who still have some doubts about theories presented in this monograph, are able to complete such an experiment and experience in person the astonishing results.

In order to give here some idea as to how should look like this new type of experiments, which prove the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, let us briefly review their general course. As it turns out, experiments which confirm the existence of the counter-world via the appearance of the extraction glow or via the decrease of the environmental temperature, must be carried out in two stages. The first stage depends on finding a source of a significant telekinetic work that can be completed at any wish. Such a source can be e.g. a person, who is able to complete a biological telekinesis. For example, it could be someone who is able to telekinetically lift upwards heavy furniture (e.g. wardrobes), like Miss Joanna Gajewska of Sosnowiec (Poland), or e.g. cause some objects to move from one place to other like it does Mrs. Jan Searle of Ross (West Coast, South Island, New Zealand). The second stage of these experiments, which is to occur after a telekinetic work is released, depends on the registration of thermal consequences of the completion of this telekinetic work. These consequences can include either the change of temperature, or the appearance of the extraction/dispersion glow. Thus, to find such an experiment conclusive, it is sufficient to either just subjectively experience the rapid temperature drop that occurs in the room during any significant telekinetic work, or to measure this drop with some sensitive instruments. Even if the temperature is not measured, for a significant telekinetic work being done, all eye witnesses present in the room should notice a significant temperature drop, which in cases of moving e.g. heavy furniture, reaches almost freezing level.

Many investigators claim, that laboratory research on telekinetic work is impossible to complete, because of the lack of access to a telekinetic motion that can be repeated. But these investigators understand by telekinetic motion only a narrow class of the spectacular phenomena which is called "telekinesis", and in which objects are dislocated without being touched. As it is known, this class of phenomena is extremely rare, and its reconstruction in laboratory conditions is very difficult. The to date misunderstanding of the action of the Telekinetic Effect has caused these investigators to ignore a large body of another phenomena, the mechanism of which also obeys the principles of telekinetic motion, but which is commonly referred to by different terminology. These another phenomena can be used successfully for the completion of experiments discussed here. In order to illustrate the wide availability of telekinetic work through the utilization of these other phenomena that obey principles of telekinetic motion, even if they are called differently, some more popular sources of the biological version of telekinetic work are listed below.

1. V-shaped divining rods. These are bend telekinetically when searching for water. It should be mentioned here, that the operation of divining rods can be based on two different principles, i.e. involuntary (physical) motion, and telekinetic motion. Only the second one out of these principles can be used in experiments discussed here. Therefore it is vital for an investigator to be able to distinguish between them. The rods that utilize only physical motion, are prepared as resilient rods loosely inserted inside rotary handles and held in a state of unstable equilibrium during searches. After finding water these rods are physically thrown out of balance as the result of involuntary movement of the dowser's hands. The second type of rods, the operation of which utilizes the Telekinetic Effect produced by the dowser's mind, are usually prepared as flat forks. Frequently old clock springs, whale bones, or fork branches are used for this purpose. During the search they are held firmly in the diviner's hands and visibly bend downwards (female dowsers usually bend them upwards) after water is detected. People who use this second type of rod possess a well developed telekinetic capability. Usually they are also able to telekinetically move other objects such as the needle of a compass, the pointer of an amperometer, etc. After appropriate training they should even be able to shift small material objects along plain surfaces.

2. All paranormal phenomena involving motion, such as levitation, psychokinesis (telekinesis), bending spoons with power of the mind, poltergeists, supernatural apparitions, ghosts, etc.

3. The paranormal activities of hypnotized people (e.g. the stiff horizontal suspension on a single support), or people in a state of deep meditation, religious trance, euphoria, etc.

4. Healing. The majority of effective healing activities involve telekinetic (psychokinetic) work conducted by the healer on parts of the patient's body. The work completed during such healing sessions must also satisfy the postulate of spontaneous heat exchange between the objects affected telekinetically and the environment. Therefore this work is able to be recorded with the same methods and devices, as that completed during any other telekinetic motion.

It is worth stressing here that the methods of recording and measurement of telekinetic works which are described in this monograph, also make possible the simple measuring of the efficiency of a healer through the determination of the capacity of his/her thermal output. This in turn allows us to distinguish easily between those people who have real healing capabilities, and those who only declare they have such capabilities. Therefore, one of the effects of the theory described in this monograph is that it can open the way for verification with instruments of the efficiency of healers. Thus it can lead to future licensing of healing practitioners, and even establishing some kind of registration, categorization, and certification.

5. Selected demonstrations by some professional magicians (especially of Gypsy or Indian origin). There are magicians who have mastered the ability to cause telekinetic motion on demand, and can use this ability during the performance of some very spectacular shows. Frequently they demonstrate the non-destructive penetration of the human body by sharp objects, similar to that done by some healers during bloodless surgery (e.g. drawing nails through hands, pushing knives through corpses, etc.), or the penetration of one physical object by other objects. But there are also magicians who can demonstrate levitation, shifting objects without touching them, changing the properties of objects (e.g. the stiffening and raising of ropes), etc.

The majority of the sources of biological telekinetic motion listed above are able to produce the Telekinetic Effect on request. Therefore, these biological sources can repeat the supply of such motion frequently enough to be used for experiments conducted under laboratory conditions. Independently of the biological sources of telekinetic work, there are also available sources of the technological version of this work. The most accessible of such sources are:

6. Telekinetic power-stations mentioned in subsection K1., and more comprehensively described in treatise [7/2] and monograph [6/2]. The main components of these power-stations (e.g. spinning magnetic discs with brushes collecting current from them) can provide a significant amount of telekinetic work. Popularly these power-stations are called also magnetic generators of free mechanical energy, or "free energy devices" - see subsections K2. and H6.2.. They provide a telekinetic motion without any external energy supply. If such a device is available, it can be used for registering the extraction glow.

7. Vehicles of extraterrestrial civilizations (UFOs), which operate on Earth in the state of telekinetic flickering - see chapter U, as well as Telekinetic Personal Propulsion used by members of these civilizations - see subsection T1..

Therefore, where such devices are repetitively accessible, it is possible to utilize them to confirm the existence of the counter-world.

The first group of experiments that confirm the existence of the counter-world depends on the creation of a telekinetic motion, and on a subsequent recording of extraction glow. I actually completed several such experiments. To complete them, I started from finding several people capable of biological telekinesis, and then I photographed objects moved by them telekinetically. In the majority of cases my photographs actually recorded the presence of the extraction glow. But because of the rather insignificant telekinetic work completed by these people, the results that I obtained were not spectacular enough to be presented in this monograph. Fortunately, in various publications on topics that involve the sources of telekinetic motion listed above, numerous photographs - taken by other experimenters - are presented. Many of them register the extraction glow of a much more spectacular intensity than I did. An example of these, which is very representative of the wealth of photographic evidence already published that shows the extraction glow, is presented in Figure H1. It shows a powerful extraction glow emitted by a V-shaped divining rod. The same extraction glow appears also when someone moves telekinetically heavy furniture, such as tables shown in photographs from Img.091 (H2) and Img.092 (H3).

In cases of extremely intensive action of the Telekinetic Effect, the extraction glow is so strong, that it can be seen by the naked eye. A Polish healer, Wojciech Godziszewski (ul. Szczecinska 2 C, 72-003 Dobra Szczecinska, Poland), during his healing sessions sometimes induces such a glow clearly visible upon the subject's temple. Another example of such a case is described on page 32 of the book [2H3] by David St. Clair, "Psychic Healers" (Bantam Books, NY, 1979, ISBN 0-553-02056-0). The relevant quotation is presented in item #2H3 from subsection H3. of this monograph.

The second new experiment that I designed in order to document the existence of the counter-world, is the recording of a temperature drop caused when telekinetic work is carried out. In order for the experiment to be successful, this work should not have a cyclical nature. For example, it cannot be the repetitive bending and releasing of a V-shaped divining rod, or the utilization of a short-circuited rotor from a telekinetic generator. The reason why cyclical telekinetic work cannot be used for such an experiment, is that for it the total balance of thermal energy transfer, is equal to zero. This means that the heat absorbed in the first half of the cycle, is then released in the second half of the same cycle. A good illustration of this simultaneous absorption and release of heat is an example of the telekinetic generator, which circuits have been shorted. The rotor of such a telekinetic generator absorbs the heat from the environment to produce an electric current. But the flow of this current through the generator's circuitry (being shorted out) causes the simultaneous production of the same amount of heat, which is then returned back to the environment. Thus the total thermal balance of such a generator is equal to zero.

Unfortunately, the majority of the sources of telekinetic work listed before displays a cyclical character. Therefore, the necessity for elimination of cyclical works from this experiment introduces a significant drawback that limits the capabilities of experimenters noticeably. Thus, the person conducting an experiment aimed at measuring the temperature drop must either somehow cause the cyclical work to be converted into non-cyclical work, or limit the experiment so that it uses solely the non-cyclical sources of telekinetic work. The conversion of cyclical work into non-cyclical work represents a more difficult task, but it can be achieved. For example, for a telekinetic generator this requires the transmission of its output into another room, where the electric current needs to be converted into heat (e.g. through the connecting of the generator to an electric heater).

The first success in the experimental recording of the drop in temperature caused by the completion of telekinetic work was achieved by the late Werner Kropp of the WEKROMA Laboratory (Via Storta 78, CH-6645 Brione s/M, Switzerland). His experiment used telekinetic healing to supply non-cyclical telekinetic work. The measurement depended on the completion of such work and subsequent photographing of the space where this work was conducted, with a highly sensitive thermovision camera. In the results of his experiments, Werner Kropp has documented that the telekinetic work causes a significant fall of temperature, in his case reaching 3 degrees Celsius. An example of the results he obtained is shown in Img.093 (H4). Although his experiment may appear simple in comparison with spectacular demonstrations by, for example, nuclear physicists, it is an important breakthrough for the extraction of free energy from the environment. This is because his experiment clearly illustrates the thermal consequences of the telekinetic work. It also documents the new approach to experiments in telekinesis that eliminate the zeroing balance of works completed cyclically. Moreover, it shows the direction to the results for those wishing to commence objective research with instruments on human telekinesis.

It is commonly known that we are convinced sooner by the results of experiments conducted by ourselves. As the simplest experiment documenting the action of the Telekinetic Effect requires only a source of telekinetic work, a camera, and a photographic film sensitive enough to register a faint extraction glow, I would like to invite every reader to repeat my experiments, and to verify in person the statements from this subsection.

H1.3. Overpowering consequences of the erroneous qualifying gravity to the category of monopolar fields

The formal proof that "gravity has a dipolar character" actually compels everyone constantly, and remains in power all the time. In turn, when we acknowledge this formal proof, than it immediately introduces various weighty consequences, which are extending to all aspects of our life. These consequences should be apprised and considered. So let us now devote this brief subsection to the process of disclosing at least the most important of them.

The acceptance of the fact, that gravity had a dipolar character - i.e. not a monopolar one, as it has been assumed without any verification by our scientists who practice exclusively "a posteriori" approach to research (for explanations what this means - see subsection H10 from this volume), is practically an equivalent to admitting, that our science has been tolerating an enormous error for all these years and that it insists on lying. (In the introduction to this chapter this basic error of the "atheistic orthodox science to-date" is compared to the error of taking magnetism for electricity.) This error causes, that the entire our knowledge is faulty from the very beginning, that it is build on very shaky foundations., and that we actually should not believe in anything that this science was claiming so-far. The reason is that by being one of the primary fields of the universe, gravity practically extends its influence at almost the entire human science. Thus tolerating so basic error at the foundations of this primary field, causes that the entire knowledge that our science accumulated so far is deformed by this error, similarly like pictures are deformed in a curved mirror. This in turn means, that the process of correcting and repairing this error is going to involve practically every aspect of our lives. Almost all disciplines are going to be changed and extended, including into this also areas which hitherto were considered to be not connected with gravity, such as medicine (the Concept of Dipolar Gravity provides a justification for acupuncture, for healing, for the understanding of operation of long-term memory, for feelings, etc.), farming (e.g. the introduction of the so-called "telekinetic farming" described in subsection KB2. of this series of monographs), religion (replacing believes by knowledge, and re-classifying religion to become a part of physics of the counter-world), parapsychology (providing explanations for all phenomena previously considered to be unexplained - see subsection I7.), philosophy (the development of totalizm), and many more.

Of course, if the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date is NOT forced by people to repair this error, it is NOT going to repair it voluntarily. It will simply pretend that the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described here does NOT exist at all. Therefore, in order to force the old "atheistic orthodox science" to repair errors that it committed, it is necessary to firstly deprive it the "monopole for knowledge" which it enjoyed to-date, by establishing "competitive" to it "totaliztic science" - as this is explained in subsection H10. of this volume.

When the newly established "totaliztic science" manages to disseminate the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described here, then this concept is to exert the greatest influence onto physics, and also onto all other disciplines which relate to physics, such as mechanics, engineering, etc. This is because the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity formally invalidates all findings of the human science to-date, which are stemming from the old concept of monopolar gravity, and introduces the necessity to re-define all these findings. In turn the consequence of this invalidation is, that all definitions and equations used by these sciences, in fact loose their validity in the light of dipolar gravity. The present equations and definitions of physics, can be compared to definitions and equations used by our engineers and designers from the disciplines of electrical engineering and electro-technology, for designing electrical motors and transformers. While using these equations, the majority of electricians have no idea, that their equations are valid only for alternating current of the frequency 50 Hz, which is used in Europe. But for currents of other frequencies, e.g. the ones that are used in the USA or Canada, these equations completely loose their validity. Exactly the same is with physicists, whose equations are only valid for the gravity of Earth. In turn on planets of a different gravity, the equations of today Earth's physicists become completely useless.

The reason of this invalidity of claims of physics and other disciplines related to physics, is that by being formulated as independent from attributes of the dipolar gravity, our science limited the validity of these old findings for only the Earth's gravitational field. Therefore, whatever our science developed so-far, is not applicable for conditions of other gravity values. For example, present human science would not be able to correctly predict the precise outcomes of physical phenomena in gravity fields other than the Earth's one, e.g. on a hypothetical planet Terra, which has the gravity 4.47 times greater than Earth, or even on our Moon.

Of course, knowing the philosophy which prevails in our science, it is easy to predict that such a re-definition of all findings of human science, is not going to occur so soon. After all, for many scientific applications these old equations and definitions are sufficiently good. In the gravity field of Earth they seem to work. In turn the philosophy of our science causes, that it introduces changes only then, when these changes are forced upon it by someone from outside of the science.

At the present level of development of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, it is already known, that almost all basic equations and laws of physics are grossly incorrect (including in this Newton's physics, quantum physics, and the theory of relativity). Also laws of mechanics, engineering, and astronomy are only valid for the circumstances of the Earth's gravity field. In order to give here some examples of the type of gross inaccuracies that the present laws and equations of our Newtonian physics hide in themselves, let us consider here the Second Law of Newton. It is based on the old concept of monopolar gravity. It states that the force "G" of the gravitational interaction, can be described by the equation "G=mg". But the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity states, that whenever we have a gravitational interaction with any objects, simultaneously both parts of these objects are subjected to the gravity field, namely the material parts of these objects are attracted, as well as the counter-material parts of these objects are repelled. Therefore, according to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the gravitational acceleration "g" is not a single phenomenon, but a combined action (difference) of two gravitational interactions occurring at the same time. One of these interactions is the gravitational attraction "gm" of the material part of this object - which takes place in our world.

The second is the gravitational repulsion "gc" of the counter-material part of this object - which takes place in the counter-world. Both these interactions have non-linear characters. For example the repulsion "gc" is actually the volume decompression of the ideally elastic counter- matter, therefore it changes in a non-linear fashion with the distance. In turn the attraction "gm" originates from the dynamic pressure described by the Bernoulli's equations - see subsection H1.1. above. Therefore it also is non-linear quantity, which changes with velocity. In the result of these two actions, in the most simple case of gravitational pull, the force of such gravitational attraction should be described with the equation "G = m(gm - gc)", in which each of components "gm" i "gc" is a non-linear quantity, which changes independently from the other one.

On a similar principle also the first part of the Newton's equation "F=ma" is also incorrect. After all, in the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity the mass "m" (which is understood to be the measure of total inertia of an object), actually must be composed of the resultant inertia "mm", which prevails in the material world, and the exactly opposite to it the so-called "self- mobility" "m<c" (means the reversal of inertia), which prevails in the counter-world. Therefore, the mass "m" is actually "m = mm - mc" (see also descriptions from subsection JG9.). This means that in the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the Newton's equation takes the form "F = (mm - mc)a". To make it more interesting, even the brief analysis of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity reveals, that the self-mobility "mc" is a function of acceleration (i.e. it changes in dynamic situations), whereas the inertia "mm" is an isotropic quantity, which depends on the direction of the velocity vector in relationship to gravity field force lines, and on the relative velocity of a given mass "m" in relationship to the surrounding counter-matter.

In a similar manner also all other non-linear phenomena in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity in fact are the outcome of combining together two different non-linear processes, each one of which occurs in a different world. (For example, the total plasticity of solid objects is the sum of elasticity of the counter-material duplicates of these objects, and plasticity of their material parts; both these components are depending in a different way from configuration of the prevailing stresses.)

If one considers the above premises, and starts to re-define the basic definitions and equations for such primary ideas of physics as the gravitational interactions, inertia, mass, etc., actually this is going to force massive changes also onto practically every other idea of physics, which is related to these basic ideas. In this way the chain of re-definition of almost all laws and equations of our science is necessary. Of course, the effect of this re-definition would be that our laws and equations only gain, because they would become more precise then they are now, their area of application would extend beyond the gravity field of Earth, and they would reflect the phenomena which take place in reality around us with a much higher accuracy.

Independently from theoretical premises for making the existing laws and equations more precise and applicable for every gravity conditions, the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity also provides theoretical base for opening entirely new disciplines, which are explained in subsection H10. The first mathematical foundations for such new disciplines are already formulated. Their presentation is contained in chapter JG, which describes a new branch of mechanics, in this series of monographs called the "totaliztic mechanics".

The faults within our science, which are the cause of inadequacies in the to-date understanding of gravity, can be understood and corrected. But there is an area, in which the damages caused by these inadequacies of the old description of gravity are beyond repairs. This area is morality and faith. In order to heal the sea of evil, which in this area was done to humanity by these ones who tolerate the errors of the scientific understanding of gravity to-date, it is sufficient to hypothetically consider the consequences, which are introduced by whatever science tells to people in the area of faith.

In order to explain these consequences on a first example, let us firstly consider a purely hypothetical situation, that the Christian hell actually does exist, and that all people who led atheistic lives according to the statements of the science to-date, actually land in this hell for an eternal punishment. In such a hypothetical situation, would not all statements of science to-date about the faith, morality, and God, that this science formulated on the basis of an erroneous theory of gravity, just represent a spiritual misleading? Isn't it true that the official (fully atheistic) stand of science to-date in such a situation must be described as a moral and spiritual deception of countless number of people? And what about the situation now, when after 15 years of promotion of the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and proving that the claims of present science about morality, faith and God, are completely wrong, scientists still insist on continuing the promotion of this deceiving monopolar gravity, and on keeping humanity in darkness - doesn't such a behaviour deserve the name of the "spiritual sabotage of humanity"? After all, isn't a basic right of people is to know, what a pile of garbage was everything, that in these areas science was implying - for example that in the universe there is no room for God, that the existence of human soul is theoretically not possible and experimentally not verifiable, that the measurable and alterable are only material matters, while morality and spirituality are resistant for scientific methodologies, etc., etc.? Isn't in such a light just an ordinary arrogance and conceit of individual scientists, if during lecturing about gravity and about Newtonian theories, they do not even mention to their students about the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity and about the most important consequences that stem from this concept? The moral and spiritual harming of people, that the science to-date was carrying out in the result of that erroneous understanding of gravity, can be only compared to such huge religious deviations as e.g. the Inquisition. When a new understanding of the universe eventually is disseminated, and when people are officially informed that in the dipolar understanding of reality in fact there is the room for morality, spirituality, and for the universal intellect (God), interesting whether then the institutional human science is going to officially apologize to humanity for all this misleading that it subjected people to - similarly as the Christianity apologised for the crimes of Inquisition.

Let us consider yet another example, which additionally extends our awareness of the possible consequences of the official misleading that may result from the old monopolar gravity. Namely, let us consider what consequences could have for example a hypothetical situation, that some evil creatures (e.g. "simulations" described in subsection OC1 and in chapters P to V of this monograph) actually keep intercepting human souls, and then imprison these souls as intelligent controllers for their technical devices to replace "artificial intelligence" with a more perfect natural intelligence. The intercepted souls would then be used to give awareness and intelligence to their vehicles and technical devices. In such a manner, by diverting our attention from the spiritual matters, Earth's science hypothetically could help these evil creatures to imprison thousands of human souls in intelligent machines for many centuries.

As this stems from chapter JA, by insisting on the erroneous understanding of gravity, and due to this - also on misleading humanity in matters of morality, spirituality, and the universal intellect, the present science is committing a totaliztic sin of unimaginable proportions. Totalizm teaches, that by being aware of this sin, we have an unavoidable duty of undertaking actions that would correct it and neutralize it. This practically means, that everyone who knows anything about totalizm and about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, should make aware other fellow humans, that the science to-date commits this enormous error, and that there is in fact a sound scientific theory (i.e. the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity), which clearly realizes, that the universe actually has a room for moral laws, for eternal registers (souls), and for the universal intellect (God). These laws and intellect govern our lives with an iron hand, and they are even more repetitive, unambiguous, specific, and consequently executed, as laws of physics.

At the time of writing this monograph, the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity and totalizm existed and were disseminated for almost a quarter of century. During this entire time, I am undertaking continuous efforts to introduce these two immensely vital disciplines of knowledge in the sphere of interest of scientists and official science. Unfortunately, the only thing that I am receiving during such attempts, are unjustified rejections combined with rather smart remarks and scoffing. It happens in spite that apart from these smart remarks and scoffing, so-far no scientist was able to stipulate anything specific against these two areas of human knowledge.

The old concept of monopolar gravity was a kind of intellectual prison, which locked the access of humanity to a whole new world, and which was hiding from us the truth about the universe around us. It caused that everything that our science developed so-far is only valid for the Earth's gravity field, and thus that our scientists would not be able to precisely or correctly describe phenomena, which take place on other planets and in other solar systems. It also imprisoned the spirit of humanity and trotted on human morality. The new Concept of Dipolar Gravity repairs all these scientific warps. It provides a key, which opens this our prison, introduces fresh air to the stuffy science, and allows a free access to the entire new world. If properly utilized, this new concept enables us to lift ourselves to the level of knowledge and awareness that we never even dreamed of. Now it is the responsibility of each one of us whether, and how, this key is going to be used.

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