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Chapter G: The discoidal Magnocraft

G14. Destructive and military capabilities of the Magnocraft

It must be emphasized that building a Magnocraft will promote peace. After all, this vehicle provides facilities for interstellar expansion of humanity, it allows utilization of unlimited cosmic resources, facilitates contacts with other cosmic civilisations, and makes people really free inhabitants of the universe, who are not going to put up with regimes and with political systems that they are not accepting voluntarily. Unfortunately, apart from these constructive capabilities, as everything in this world, Magnocraft has also a potential for causing destruction. For example, it can have accidents, or can fall in hands of various irresponsible individuals. Also, in our highly militarized world, it is almost impossible to create a new kind of vehicle which potentially would not be used for military purposes. Past experiences teach us, that the destructive part of human nature tries to utilise for harmful purposes practically everything that is available, thus probably also this vehicle. Thus, to complete the picture of this vehicle, its basic military capabilities must also be highlighted here. This subsection provides a review of destructive and military potentials of this vehicle. However, I hope, that this potential and capabilities are never utilised practically, and that the Magnocraft always remains exclusively for what myself (i.e. its creator) invented it for, namely a messenger of peace, and a tool of helping others. However, our voluntary, intentional unuse of destructive abilities of the Magnocraft does not mean that the full potentials of this vehicle should remain unknown to us. This is because today's predictions of the Theory of the Magnocraft may in the not-too-distant future become a surprising reality for those citizens of our planet whose taxes maintain scholars preoccupied with condemning subjects which in their opinion are unbecoming to scientists, to still have time for observing what is happening around them.

The most dangerous destructive potential of the Magnocraft lies in the use of this vehicle as a flying bomb. The exploding of this bomb would cause a rapid release of the huge amount of magnetic energy accumulated in its propulsors. The detonation caused in this way in its effects and range could only be compared to the famous Tunguska (Central Siberia) blast, which on 30 June 1908 devastated over a thousand square kilometres of taiga in the Tunguska region of Central Siberia – for details see descriptions in subsection O5.2. of this monograph and in separate monograph [5/3]. As was also the case with this Tunguska catastrophe, the exploding of a Magnocraft would not pollute the environment radioactively. Therefore the affected area would immediately be available for occupation and colonization. However, the complete devastation would annihilate everything contained in the radius of destruction. So if such an explosion took place above a densely populated city, no even a single citizen would survive, no even a single building would be left intact, and also no cultural treasure would be saved. Special worries induces the fact, that Magnocraft is relatively easy for exploding. For example, it is prone for accidents – e.g. it can collide in midair during a flight, it can be easily crushed by some suicidal pilot, also it can be detonated by a terrorist organisation or country. For these reasons, in the initial period of use of this vehicle, before our civilisation develops reliable systems for control and guiding this vehicle and for selection and monitoring responsible crew members, I would recommend to use Magnocraft exclusively beyond the range of Earth’s atmosphere. In turn every Magnocraft that would attempt to break through this security zone, should be automatically shot down by our computer-controlled defence systems, before the power of its explosion could endanger our civilisation centres.

The second dangerous destructive potential of Magnocraft results from the ability to cook organic matter. There is a mode of Magnocraft’s operation, in which this vehicle is transformed into a kind of huge flying microwave oven, capable to cook almost immediately all living organisms found in the range of its destructive field. Although I decided to intentionally skip through detailed discussion of this dangerous mode of operation, the consequences of it still can be imagined quite easily on the basis of descriptions from subsection G14.2. below. While warning about this mode, we also need to highlight here, that every attempt of converting this vehicle of peace into a deadly weapon, would run against moral laws. Thus, such attempt would represent a most serious crime. Also such an attempt would be completely senseless, as – according to subsection G14.2. below, this vehicle could be utilised much better as a weapon of selective destruction that immobilises enemy completely but leaves entire population alive. Thus, I believe that after serial production of Magnocraft begins, their control-computers will be supplied into special safety programs that will make impossible the switching on of this deadly mode of operation.

The third destructive potential of Magnocraft lies in utilising it militarily for purposes of self-defence. There are two different such self-defence applications of it, which offer good military effectiveness, but simultaneously prevent uncontrolled destruction – thus which are morally acceptable in case of self-defence. These applications include: (1) the use of Magnocraft as a transportation facility carrying weapons and military forces needed for locating, searching, attacking, and incapacitating the command centres and government locations of the opposite side (e.g. through arresting commanding officers of the opposite side), and (2) the use of it as a very selectively acting weapon of controlled destruction. This subsection reviews the capabilities of the Magnocraft in both of these applications. From this review it is clear, that the only thing that can oppose a Magnocraft, is another Magnocraft.

In supplement the above it is worth to notice that according to what is explained in chapters V, VB, U and P of this monograph, the planet Earth is currently under an occupation of evil forces, which have already vehicles with the capabilities of Magnocraft, and which have also many other advanced devices, the military potential of which probably exceeds significantly everything that Magnocraft can offer. Thus, the physical outcome of a possible our confrontation with this evil power is very predictable, no matter when it would begin, and how optimistically our leaders would judge our chances. After all, it would be sufficient that just one computer-controlled vehicle of such an evil civilisation get through our lines of defence, to leave from the entire humanity only piles of well-cooked meat. It does not need to be mentioned, that the civilisations which occupy us may also have a technology to remotely accomplish such a cooking effect at great distances. Thus whatever people decide to do in order to free our civilisation from this evil power, they need to consider the physical supremacy of our occupant. So the path to our independence leads through moral victory rather than military win – as this is explained in subsection W6.2. This in turn requires from us the adoption of totalizm for official philosophy of humanity which will lift people morally above the level of this cosmic occupant, and also requires undertaking systematic efforts to catch and overtake our occupants with the achievements of our science and technology.

G14.1. Use of the Magnocraft as a weapons platform or transportation facility
During the use of Magnocraft as the transportation or weapons platform facility which carries human commandos and various kinds of military hardware, the following characteristics of the Magnocraft can be significant:

#1. Very high speeds. These are in excess of 70 000 km per hour in the atmosphere and almost at the speed of light when travelling in the near vacuum of space.

#2. The capability to move through any medium, i.e. space, air, water, solid materials (such as soil, rocks, buildings, or bunkers) and also molten media such as the Earth's nuclei or the centres of stars. It can also move from one medium to another with no preparation necessary.

#3. The capability to move directly to the target despite any man-made or natural obstacles in its path. For example, the Magnocraft can tunnel through the Earth's surface, buildings, pillboxes, barriers and anything else that can be used for the protection of command centres and underground bunkers of the opposite side.

#4. The Magnocraft, when flying, is completely noiseless and has the capability to switch on optical and radar invisibility.

#5. The Magnocraft displays also special characteristics enabling it to withstand any weapon that could be used against it. The features which protect the vehicle against attacks of other weapon systems, are:
(a) A spinning magnetic field that creates an "inductive shield", a destructive "plasma saw" made from ionized air molecules that follow the spinning magnetic force lines, and the repelling action of a pulsating magnetic field - see Img.030 F12). These effects act on missiles, guns, and other projectile (non-energy) weapons.
(b) A "magnetic framework" formed within the vehicle, which provides support hundreds of times stronger than forces of resistance of physical hulks or shields (means even stronger than forces of shockwaves from nearby explosions).
(c) A "magnetic lens" which deflects laser beams and other energy-beam weapons as well as the thermal and ionising radiation from nuclear explosions.

#6. An effective resistance to extreme environmental conditions, especially to:
(a) Very high temperatures. Heat transfer to the surface of this vehicle is made impossible because the environmental medium is kept away from the Magnocraft's surface by the plasma whirl which uses the centrifugal force to reject all alien particles. This whirl keeps the surrounding medium far from the vehicle’s shell due to the formation of the so-called "vacuum bubble".
(b) Very high pressures. These are neutralized by the "magnetic framework" which can withstand any possible external pressure.
(c) High energy electromagnetic radiation. This is deflected by the "magnetic lens" which is produced by the constant output from the Magnocraft's propulsors.

#7. The ability to switch on a "field of attraction" or "field of repulsion" which are capable of intercepting and neutralizing or rejecting any nearby objects that are constructed of ferromagnetic materials or metals. This applies to cars, large guns, tanks, and even aeroplanes. The attraction force is created by the constant component of the magnetic field yield from the vehicle's propulsors - see Img.030 (F12). Its range and attraction effect can be controlled by balancing with the repulsion force which is produced by the pulsating component of the vehicle's magnetic field.

At this point it is worth to notice, that because of attributes of this vehicle described here, nothing apart from more numerous fleet of Magnocraft that belong to the opposite side, is able to stop our defence Magnocraft from finding, arresting, and taking for judgement all governmental figures and officers of the attacking enemy that are responsible for a given aggression.

G14.2. Use of the Magnocraft as a selectively acting weapon

In order to use the Magnocraft as a selectively acting weapon for controlled destruction concentrating its impact exclusively on the metallic (conductive) objects of the other side, the destructive properties of its "inductive shield" are utilized. Simultaneously the "plasma whirl", always appearing together with the inductive shield, is prevented from acting on people and on organic substances so that they stay uninjured. The method by which the Magnocraft can be used for military operations, aimed at the destruction of the enemy's equipment only, is as follows:

Step 1. Switching to maximum power the spinning magnetic field that forms the magnetic whirl circulating around the vehicle. The force lines of that field passing through nearby conductive objects induce in them powerful electric currents that explosively evaporate their material.

Step 2. Forming from this spinning field a broad inductive shield with a range of evaporation to about 100 metres from the vehicle's surface (when the destructive plasma whirl has a range of only about 5 metres).

Step 3. Flying at an altitude of around 10 to 30 metres above an enemy's territory. As a result of such a flight, every object which is constructed from electrically conducting material will explode. This effect has a radius of about 100 metres from the craft. The disintegration of these materials will cause in turn:
(a) Complete destruction of every object made of metal, such as: weapons, machinery, factories and their equipment, iron bridges, electric-power connections, underground installations made of metal, storage facilities, etc.
(b) Destruction or damage of objects containing some parts made of metal, such as: buildings, concrete bridges, bunkers, roads, airfields, ports, etc.

Step 4. Undertaking a systematic flight covering every part of the target area, similar to the way a farmer ploughs a field.

It should be noted that the very high speed and manoeuvrability of the Magnocraft would allow operation in such a manner as to render ("plough") totally powerless a middle-sized European country, size of England, France, or Germany, with only one Magnocraft, in about 12 hours. After the vehicle completes its operation, inside of so neutralised country even a single object made of metal would be left intact, including into this not only all weapon systems, but also spoons, metal buttons, buckles in trousers and bra, and even metal teeth of all citizens of that country. So the destruction of a given country would be complete.

The military properties of the Magnocraft used as a weapon have no equivalent in any other fighting facility made by man to date. There are neither weapons nor defence methods that can oppose this vehicle. However, there is a major difference between the action of the Magnocraft and the effects of other weapon of mass destruction developed so-far by people. The Magnocraft – if it is used properly, acts selectively against the weapons, equipment, and technology of the other side, but not against people. Excluding victims of accidents, it mainly disarms the military forces, technology, industry, and economy of the opposite side, but leaves the enemy population alive. So even when the owners of the Magnocraft are forced to use it as weapon of necessary self-defence, it can still promote peace and serve humanity.

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