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A. Introduction

A8. The creation of humans

God created man in the last (sixth) phase of the creation of physical world. After all, in order to create man, God had to firstly accumulate the appropriate body of experience, means carry out an infinitive number of empirical experiments. The first pair of people which God created, i.e. Adam and Eve, belonged to the race with olive colour of skin. At present his race is represented by inhabitants of India, and Middle East. Similarly as in the process of creation of every other living creature, also in the process of creation of man God used experiences which he accumulated previously in an empirical manner. These experiences God had written down in the form of so-called "genetic code" - means a kind of "programming language" which God uses for expressing details of design and attributes of a given creature. As this is going to be explained in further parts of this web page, the creation of man was carried out by God through slight alterations of the genetic code taken from the water-land creatures which already existed before man - and which we know from mythology under the name of "sirens". Unfortunately, this creature got extinct completely on Earth a long time ago. But because sirens were an improved version of whales and dolphins, after it got extinct on Earth the whales and dolphins remained the only still alive animal relatives of humans. It is worth to notice here, that the process of creation of man did not end on the phase number 6 described in the Bible, but lasts until today. At this moment God implements phase 7 which is mentioned in the Bible, but to which people usually refer as to a "rest". However, in reality the present phase 7 of creation of man is in fact the experimentation regarding "human swarms". (These "human swarms" are kinds of huge group organisms, which opposite to insect swarms and to flocks of animals, are composed of individuals who have the so-called "free will" and also have the ability to think logically.) The goal of this present experimentation of God is to create such conditions, in which these "human swarms" live and develop themselves in such a manner that as a whole each of them displays much better qualities than the quality of every individual member of these swarms. It is worth to notice, that at the time when the present, 7th phase of the creation of man finishes with a success, God is going to initiate the 8th phase. It is to be the transformation of best human swarms into gods who are permitted to create their own worlds. (In that 8th phase the human swarms who are NOT meeting the quality requirements imposed by God are to be annihilated. After all, they will not be needed any more.) Further details on this subject are explained in item #I4 of the separate web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.

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