Tabelle F1 - The utilization of Oscillatory Chamber
Nr. The device utilizing the Oscillatory Chamber Kind of energy Principles of operation
Supplied Obtaines
1. Electromagnet Electric current Magnetic field Electric energy supplied to the chamber will be transformed into a magnetic field.
2. Heizer Electric current Heat Hot gas from the chamber will be circulated through a radiator
3. Elektrikmotor Electric current Mechanical motion Waves of controlles magnetic fields produced by a set of chambers will cause a mechanical motion of conductive elements.
4. Transformer Electric current Electric current of different parameters Two chambers of different working parameters exchange energy through their magnetic fields (utilizing a phase shift in their pulsations).
5. Combustion engine Heat Mechanical motion Heating of the gas in the chamber provides energy which is then consumed in the process of producing a mechanical motion.
6. Electricity generator Heat Electricity Gas filling the chamber circulates through a heat exchanger. Energy supplied in the form og heat is converted into an electrical charge and then withdraw as an electric current.
7. Generator Mechanical motion Electricity Moving one chamber towards another changes the interactions of their magnetic fields, providing them with energy which can be withdraw.