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A compendium of scientific proofs, that God really does exist  WS God proof pdf  Original
Antichrist = teacher of morality that uses immorality to teach  WS Antichrist pdf  Original
Advanced Magnetic Propulsion Systems for Flying Vehicles  WS Propulsion  pdf  Original
Are natural evolution and big bang just jokes feigned by God?  WS Evolution  pdf  Original
Bandits from UFOs eager to stub our backs  WS Bandits  pdf  Original
Changelings - creatures which illustrate outcomes of immorality  WS Changelings  pdf  Original
Church St. Andrzeja Bobola Milicz“  WS Church St. Bobola  pdf  Original
Collecting clean rainwater for drinking and cooking  WS Water  pdf  Original
Concept of Dipolar Gravity  WS Dipolar gravity  pdf 
Clouds which hide UFO vehicles  WS UFO behind clouds  pdf  Original
Content index  WS Topics  Original
Control over hurricanes, winds, weather, climate, etc.  WS Hurrican  pdf  Original
Curiosities and mysteries of the township Milicz from the south-eastern Poland  WS Milicz  pdf  Original
Designs and principles of operation of zero emission cars  WS Eco-cars  pdf  Original
Destruction of the space shuttle Columbia by two UFOs  WS Shuttle Columbia  pdf  Original
Does God support the populating of Antipodes  WS Newzealand-Besuch  pdf  Original
Dr Eng. Jan Pajak: autographical summary - full version  WS Jan Pająk  pdf  Original
Evaporation of WTC buildings in New York by UFOs  WS WTC  pdf  Original
„Explosion UFO in Tapanui“  WS Tapanui 
Evidence of continuous activities of UFOnauts on Earth  WS evidence  pdf  Original
Facts reinforcing our knowledge on methods of God's actions  WS God exists  pdf  Original
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions  WS FAQ  pdf  Original
Folklore remedies, healing, medical vegetation  WS Healing  pdf  Original
Formal scientific proof for the 'existence of UFO starships'  WS UFO proof  pdf  Original
Free energy generators: principles and operational prototypes  WS Free energy  pdf  Original
From where evil comes to Earth, means the evolution of relatives into sworn enemies  WS evil  pdf  Original
Great Purification" of 2030s prophecised by Indian Hopi  WS 2030  pdf  Original
History and curiosities of the village Wszewilki near Milicz in the south-western Poland   WS Wszewilki  pdf  Original
Hosta Collection  WS Hosta  pdf  Original
How credibility of authentic UFOs' photographs is undermined  WS Memorial  pdf  Original
How in Polish Katowice UFOs repeated the collapsing of WTC  WS Landslips  pdf  Original
How „simulations‟ of UFOnauts punish immoral people  WS Predators  pdf  Original
How the 'Theory of Magnocraft' interprets UFO photographs  WS explain  pdf  Original
How we can accomplish immortality and everlasting life  WS Immortality  pdf  Original 
Hurricanes formed technically by UFOs  WS Katrina  pdf  Original
Impact of ‘free will’ on fate of the entire humanity  WS Free will  pdf  Original
Jan Pająk in den Sejm NZ  WS Pajak to Sejm NZ  pdf  Original
Karma explained by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity  WS Karma  pdf  Original
Let us try to eat naturally pure food with balanced yin and yang energies  WS Cooking  pdf  Original
Liceum Milicz  WS Liceum Milicz  pdf  Original
Magnocraft: a silent starship propelled by magnetic field  WS Magnocraft  pdf  Original

- Monograph [1/3] pdf

- Monograph [1/4]
Volume 1 pdf |  Volume 2 pdf |  Volume 3 pdf |  Volume 4 pdf |  Volume 5 pdf |  Volume 6 pdf |  Volume 7 pdf |  Volume 8 pdf |  Volume 9 pdf |  Volume 10 pdf |  Volume 11 pdf |  Volume 12 pdf |  Volume 13 pdf |  Volume 14 pdf |  Volume 15 pdf |  Volume 16 pdf |  Volume 17 pdf |  Volume 18 pdf
- Monograph [1/5]  volume 1  volume 2  volume 3  volume 4  volume 5  volume 6  volume 7  volume 8  volume 9  volume 10  volume 11  volume 12  volume 13  volume 14  volume 15  volume 16  volume 17  volume 18

- Monograph [2] pdf

- Monograph [6/2] pdf

- Monograph [8/2] pdf
Morality in "a priori" interpretation of the "totaliztic science"  WS Morality  pdf  Original
Murderous landslips and mudslides and their links to UFOs  WS Landslips  pdf  Original
Mysterious, fascinating, moral, progressive Korea  WS Korea  pdf  Original
Mysteries and curiosities of the Malbork Castle  WS Malbork  pdf  Original
Mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand  WS Newzealand  pdf  Original
Mysteries and curiosities of the city Wrocław from south-western Poland  WS Wrocław  pdf  Original
Nirvana - a heavenly reward for the moral life  WS Nirvana  pdf  Original
Parasitism - the philosophy of immorality and unhappiness  WS Parasitentum  pdf Original
Petone in NZ - evidence of 'special treatment' from God  WS Petone  pdf  Original
Plagues and illnesses upbringing people into soldiers of God  WS Plagues pdf  Original
Polish inventor with Russian citizenship, Aleksander Możajski - the true pioneer of aviation  WS Możajski  pdf  Original
Practicality of domestic generation of solar electricity  WS solar energy  pdf  Original
Prophecies: how are formed and fulfilled  WS Prophecies  pdf  Original
Remote detection of impending earthquakes with the use of genius telepathic apparatus called „Zhang Heng Seismograph‟  WS Seismograph  pdf  Original
Replies to fundamental questions about UFOnauts and UFO vehicles - e.g. do they exist, how they function, etc.  WS UFOnauts  pdf  Original
Research and development of telekinetic machines  WS Telekinetic machines  pdf  Original
Sabotages of totaliztic web pages by 'simulations' of UFOnauts  WS Sabotages  pdf  Original
Scientific answers of the secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions about God  WS God  pdf  Original
Scientific evidence for the existence of immortal souls  WS Soul proof  pdf  Original
Scientific interpretations of photographs of UFOnauts  WS Aliens  pdf  Original
Secrets of deadly tsunamis: people can prevent them  WS Day 26  pdf  Original
Secrets of the Bible authorised by God Himself  WS Bible  pdf  Original
Sensational artefacts left from ancient telepathic devices  WS Artefact  pdf  Original
Shocking history of revolutionary boilers which bit all records  WS Boiler  pdf  Original
Stawczyk village (Neu Steffitz) which is and isn't  WS Stawczyk pdf  Original
Story of one pyrimid  Traktat [7/2] pdf 
Technical telekinesis for space travel and free energy  WS Telekinesis  pdf  Original
Telekinetic cell - the source of unlimited free energy  WS Telekinetic cell  pdf  Original
Telepathy and telepathic devices  WS Telepathy  pdf  Original
The battle for Milicz  WS Battle for Milicz  pdf  Original
The declaration of 'telekinesis free zone'  WS Telekinesis free zone  pdf  Original
The Oscillatory Chamber - i.e. an energy storage of huge capacitance, and a magnetic propelling device  WS Oscillatory Chamber  pdf  Original
The Theory of Everything of 1985 WS Theory of Everything  pdf  Original 
The Theory of Life of 2020: life is a knowledge-making passage through time of self-learning "soul" residing in "God Drobina"  WS Theory of Life of 2020  pdf  Original 
The use of morality in prevention of cataclysmic earthquakes  WS Earthquakes  pdf  Original
Tornados in "a priori" interpretations of the "totaliztic science"  WS Tornados  pdf  Original
Thorny Way of Truth  Truth  pdf  Original
Time vehicles and the principle of technical control over time  WS Time vehicle  pdf  Original
Totalizm: the philosophy of happy and fulfilled life  WS Totalizm  pdf  Original
Totaliztic recipes for the improvement of the world  WS Humanity  pdf  Original
TRAKTATE  [4b]  [4c]  [7b]  [7/2] pdf
Tropical fruits of the Pacific area and their eating philosophy  WS Tropical fruits  pdf  Original
UFO explosion in Tapanui, New Zealand, 1178 AD  WS Tapanui  pdf  Original
Unemployment and squander of human potentials - means how collapsed my hope for a better future, technological breakthrough, interstellar travel, change of attitudes, etc.  Original
Uses of 'simulations' of UFOs as teaching illustrations of the use of Magnocrafts as weapons of mass destruction  WS Military Magnocraft  pdf  Original
Why the village Cielcza n/Jarocin in Poland is worth studying  WS Cielcza  pdf  Original
Wszewilki of our tomorrow - means through dreams to a better reality  WS Wszewilki tomorrow  pdf  Original
„Wszewilki 2006“  Original
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