K. Devices which utilise telepathic waves
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk


In chapter H of this volume (as well as in subsection W4) my new scientific theory was described, which I call the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In order to briefly summarise this theory, it was formulated in 1985 in order to describe the nature of gravitational field in an alternative manner to the description of this nature by the to-date science. All to-date descriptions of gravity imposed the non-written assumption that the gravitational field has a monopolar character. Because of this assumption, which turned out to be rather fatal in consequences, the to-date scientific descriptions of gravity I can call the old concept of monopolar gravity. It treats the gravitational field exactly the same as all other monopolar fields, namely as electrical field, pressure field, etc. However, after thorough analyses I discovered, and later proved conclusively, that gravitational field has a dipolar character (not a monopolar one as our to-date science claims it). It turned out that gravity has two poles, something like (N) and (S) in magnets, or like inlet (I) and outlet (O) in pumps, thus displaying similarity to magnetic fields, to fields formed by circulating streams of fluids, or to rotation of air put in motion by a propeller. In turn such reclassification of gravitational field introduces numerous consequences. The most important of these is that in dipolar gravity the universe must be composed of two opposite worlds, in which two drastically opposite substances prevail. In each of these two worlds and substances different phenomena must take place, and different laws must prevail.
One of the important and new phenomena which was postulated from very beginning by this new Concept of Dipolar Gravity was the so-called "Telekinetic Effect" described in subsection H6.1. The existence of this phenomena allows to construct a special type of free energy devices, which I call "telekinetic batteries", or "telekinetic cells". The fist such battery I invented in 1989 and described in 1990, and since that time I am describing it in almost every work that I publish - see monographs [6], [6E], and also descriptions in chapter K of this monograph.
Another important phenomena which was revealed by the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is that in each of these two worlds different types of vibrations must propagate themselves. In our world, the most well known spectrum of vibrations is known as "acoustic waves" or "sounds". In other spectra, vibrations from our world are called differently, depending on their frequency, medium in which propagate, etc. Thus they can be called: "ocean waves", "mechanical vibrations", "earthquakes", "oscillations", "ultrasounds", etc. In turn vibrations which propagate along the boundaries (border surfaces) between both worlds are called "electromagnetic waves". Finally vibrations that propagate within the counter-world are called "telepathic waves" - for their further descriptions see subsection H7.1.
Although various researchers for a long time detected empirically the existence of telepathic waves, our orthodox physics based on this old concept of monopolar gravity did not allow to justify that any type of waves could exist that still would remain unknown to scientists. It was only the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity which theoretically disclosed that there is a whole counter-world about which our science know nothing, and that this counter-world must support various types of vibrations that still remain undiscovered (e.g. apart from the telepathic waves described in subsection H7.1, we already know that the counter-world supports also totally different types of vibrations that are involved in process of permanent telekinetising - as described in subsection J2.2.2.1 of monograph [1/3]). Therefore with the dissemination of my new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the empirical search for telepathy become fully justified and started to have a theoretical basis.
Both these basic phenomena which take places in the counter-world, namely the "Telekinetic Effect", and the "telepathic waves", together with two key devices which I invented on basis of these phenomena, namely with the "telekinetic battery", and the "remote mind reader", proved to be extremely vital for my understanding the operation of the telepathic pyramid of Mrs Daniela Giordano described in this volume. For this reason I will tell more about them in two subsections that follow.

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