JE6. Manifestations of nirvana (e.g. attracting the opposite sex)
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

JE6. Manifestations of nirvana (e.g. attracting the opposite sex)

All people who are in the state of totaliztic nirvana, always telepathically and visually are radiating an unique impression of happiness – see Figure J3 /?/. Unfortunately, because so far in our culture and philosophy there was almost nothing known on this subject, most frequently people who are just in the state of totaliztic nirvana, are not recognized conscientiously by other people (although I noted, and am going to describe here, that such recognition is perfectly carried out on the subconscious level, therefore these people who just are experiencing the totaliztic nirvana, are acting at opposite sex like powerful magnets, attracting to themselves those who in normal situation would not even take a slightest notice of them). Also themselves, these people usually do not know that the strange feelings that they are experiencing, actually represent the state of nirvana. Only after someone, like myself, experiences this state, and becomes aware what it means, only then he/she immediately starts to recognize it in others, who also experienced it. In this way, for example I am absolutely sure that the totaliztic nirvana was experienced by the late Mother Teresa, although so far I have not encountered any mention anywhere that she experienced anything other then normal. If one sees her video, or a photograph, one may notice that she radiates with a very special kind of happiness, which is very characteristic to nirvana.
In 1987 I was on a course in Christchurch, which was organised for tutors of New Zealand Polytechnics. On this course was also, amongst other tutors, a young tutor of nursing (twenty something years of age) from the Polytechnic in Christchurch - I do not remember even her name. At that time she fascinated my scientific intuition and observation capabilities, because in the objective sense - i.e. from her face contour and from natural appearance, she was one of the most ugly women that I met in my life. But she was always smiling, always was full of vigour and optimism, and always was radiating from her this very unique feeling of happiness which every person in her vicinity was unknowingly perceiving. These attributes drastically transformed her objective appearance, and subjectively were making a very special woman out of her. She was always surrounded with a crowd of male admirers who were worshipping her, and when there were any group activities, in her group always wanted to participate all male members of the course, and these men who were not allowed to her group, were always showing a great disappointment. Only after experiencing my own nirvana, I realized that these her subjective attributes were simply the manifestations of a nirvana state, that she was then experiencing. This nirvana was radiating from her to all people around, thus making her irresistible to every single male in our group. From other analysis (e.g. these presented in subsection JE8) I already know by now, that the profession of a nurse creates the highest chances for earning the totaliztic nirvana in a natural manner, by simply doing someone's job. Furthermore, because of the critical situation in which most of patients is, the totaliztic moral work of nurses, almost always is positively taken by the majority of patients. This means that for nurses, the second segment of equation (2JE8) is positive, and it causes a growth, not a decrease, of moral energy in a given nurse. For this reason, some appropriately motivated nurses may accomplish the state of totaliztic nirvana entirely instinctively, and just by doing their job.
Exactly the same attraction of the opposite sex, I observed myself when I was in the state of totaliztic nirvana. For the scientific exactitude I am going to describe here thoroughly my observations, although I am aware that for some readers my scientific observations may sound as a manifestation of a non-totaliztic bragging about, or showing off (to these people I would like to say, that all the manifestations that I am describing here, disappeared immediately after my nirvana finished).
In times when I do not experience nirvana, when for example I am in a bus, and a pretty woman is getting inside, then because of my non-interesting appearance and conventional dressing, her eyes were passing uninterestingly through me and wondered somewhere inside of the buss. Even if it would be a honour for me when she sits next to me, a pretty woman almost always picked a sit next to someone else. Of course, because this is happening all my life through, I am used to it. But after I accomplished the totaliztic nirvana, the whole situation got a drastic change. When I was in the state of nirvana, and any woman was entering a bus (she would not need to be pretty, although even the prettiest ones followed the same routine), her eyes as usually were nonchalantly scanning the faces of passengers to reach at some stage my face. After her eyes lied on me, most frequently she started to behave as if an invisible magnet was attracting her to me. She was not able to take her eyes from my face any more. So when she was walking inside, she constantly looked at me. Usually, she also sit next to me, unless there was no free sit around. Because I was just a passive observer of what happens next, and purposely I was avoiding taking any initiative that would disturb the natural development of situation, frequently it was also this woman that would initiate the talk.
However, when an incoming woman was not making a visual contact, i.e. when she would not look at me at the moment of getting inside of a bus, then no signs of this attraction would take place. In such cases, a woman would behave typically - i.e. as if I am non-existing in the bus. Because of my character of the born scientist, who is doing research at all times, at every place, and in every situation, I managed to make also some quantifying observations. For example, I noted that if I sit alone in an almost empty bus, and I am just being overwhelmed by my feelings of nirvana, then around two-third (i.e. around 60-70%) of women who were entering the bus, and who by a chance made a visual contact with me, would then sit on one of the nearby sits (means that even if they do not sit next to me, they would sit on any nearby sits like one on the other side of the aisle, or on a sit just in front of me or just behind of me). Simultaneously, the intense curiosity with which they were looking at me during approaching one of these sits, indicated that they selected this sit utterly on purpose. In turn, at times when I am not in the nirvana, in similar circumstances only a very small fraction of woman would choose nearby sit (much less then 6%).
Similar events also took place in every other situation when I was in the nirvana. At work, during shopping, during a walk, etc., always young women instead of continuing their chores, after a nonchalant passing their eyes thorough my face, rapidly started to show their interest in me, interrupted what they were doing, came closer, made flaunt poses, flirty grimaces, tried to direct my attention at them, start talk, etc. All these experiences were very new and unusual for me. They arrived completely unexpectedly, and they flooded me at the time when I was not used to flirty treatment by so large number of young and attractive women. Therefore, in some situations, this manifestative interest of young women in me started to even be slightly embarrassing.
Although a reliable scientific research still needs to be done on this matter, it is possible to conclude already that everyone who accomplished the state of totaliztic nirvana, is irresistibly attracting significant majority of the opposite sex - if there is a priory eye contact taking place. This fact is already confirmed by the case when I was irresistibly attracted by this nursing tutor from Christchurch, in spite of her physical ugliness, by the same case when I registered that the same nurse was irresistibly attracting all other male participants of that particular course, and also by the case when I experienced my own nirvana and I was attracting all young women which made an eye contact with me.
This phenomenon, and the mechanism involved in attracting the opposite sex, was fascinating me enormously when I was experiencing my nirvana. Therefore I was then accumulating a lot of observations, which I try to summarize here. I managed to definitely establish that this phenomenon does not relay on a physical seeing, but on a telepathic signal which is somehow triggered out by an eye contact. I also established that the power of this telepathic signal, which the nirvana sends, is equally small like the power of other telepathic signals send by all other people. Therefore, in order to receive this signal, a given woman must firstly look at me from her own initiative - otherwise this signal is not intercepted by her. Furthermore, I established that the existence of this attraction is manifested by around two- thirds women in age of around 20 to 45, which made a visual contact. Because of the age and the attributes of women which manifested this attraction, I hypothesise that conditions of experiencing this attraction include firstly a sexual activeness, and secondly being in the reproductive age. After women exceed the age which I estimated at around 45 years, i.e. after passing through menopause, the ability of older women to perceive this telepathic signal completely diminishes. This means that older women behave as if I do not have a nirvana, or as men behave when I was in nirvana (i.e. appear to not react at all). It would be very interesting to also find out the reason why this remaining one-third of young women have a visual contact, but does not manifest any attraction. Is it because they received the telepathic signal, but did not understand what it means, or because the messages that are contained in this signal are not able to surface in their minds, or they simply are not perceiving telepathic signals. Perhaps also their level of moral energy has to do something with it, or they have some memories of trauma, or they are not active sexually, or they are in a special emotional state (e.g. unable to understand happiness - what actually could be the case, because the majority of these women were appearing to be somehow more sad, and less vibrant than other women). It is definitely not caused by a temporary state, such as being tired, or having some occasional problems, because some of these women I met many times, and in every meeting they behaved the same uninterested.
My observations also indicate that apart from emitting this long-range telepathic signal, which is perceived by the opposite sex at the moment of eye contact, around a person in
nirvana additionally a small space is created, where a special "nirvana" energy field prevails. This small space has a shape of a sphere, with a radius of around 3 meters. It has also a very clear boundary. Inside of this space prevails an extremely positive and rather powerful energy (perhaps it is so-called "aura"). It has also a vibratory character - very similar to the telepathic signal. This energy very visibly impacts all representatives of the opposite sex, who also reacted positively on the original telepathic signal. The young women, who after an initial eye contact show signs of a powerful attraction, are always trying to get inside of the sphere of action of this energy field, and to stay in there as long as they can. It almost looks as if they are saturating/inhaling the energy that prevails in this area, and that this energy is satisfying some of their needs. In turn, when they sit or stand in the sphere of action of this energy, it gradually changes their behaviour. It almost looks as if this energy pours into them a whole array of positive feelings, calming them down, making them relax, giving them the feeling of security, care, and freedom, and also induces behaviour as if I was their close friend, member of family, and thus they know me for a long time. Furthermore, this energy somehow gradually make them playful, flirty, and happy. For example, when into this field two or more women entered, then after a short time they would start to joke, laugh, and gradually pull me into their group; if only one woman entered but with a baby, then she soon would start to play with the child, laugh with it, wave hand of that child to me, and gradually include me into the play; if a single women was entering, then it make an impression as if she is cuddling to this energy, while with looks and behaviour encouraging me to start the talk - sometimes, when I would not react, and when I would pretend that I do not notice her behaviour, she would start the talk. In turn women who are outside of this energy field behave different, and in my understanding - typical.
To this energy field especially sensitive seem to be pregnant women - perhaps this has something to do with positive feelings that pregnancy induces in them. For example, I noted that if any of them intercepted the telepathic signal and needed to walk through this energy field to reach a comfortable sit which is placed beyond the range of this field, then after reaching the boundary of this field they rapidly stopped as if hitting an invisible barrier, and after a short pondering, they resigned from the comfortable sit that lied beyond this field, and squeezed into a sit which still lied within this energy field. In the final result, sometimes into a bus several pregnant women was getting, and usually all of them were sitting around me in the form of a wreath. This made a funny situation, as it looked as if I am an over-enthusiastic sheik who did not buy a TV set yet, and who travelled with all his wives, or as if I was an obstetrician doctor who escorts a group of his patients (in spite of the feeling of security that my nirvana was giving to these women, actually I know nothing about giving birth and if any of them really split, probably I would be the first who needs a medical assistance).
The observation of such a visible attractiveness to opposite sex, of everyone who accumulated a large amount of moral energy, is opening room for new scientific theories. For example, before the discovery of the existence of moral energy, it was almost impossible to determine what is the criterion that women use to choose their partners. Therefore sometimes their selection was completely shocking everyone. But now, when we learned about moral energy, and about telepathic waves, it may turn out that this selection is governed by some extremely simple mechanism. For example, the sub-conscience of women may firstly reject all men who emit the telepathic waves that have a different phase shift then their own (the difference in this phase shift is decisive in tuning of one mind with other; it is also important for tuning the technical devices called the telepathic telescopes. (These devices are described in subsection N5.2 of a separate monograph [1/4].) Then, amongst the remaining men, the sub- conscience of women may choose for a partner the man who has the highest level of moral energy. Therefore, when devices are build, which are capable of measuring moral energy and measuring the telepathic phase shift, then probably by these two parameters of subsequent couples, it will be possible to predict exactly whether these couples are going to fall in love, and be happy.
My nirvana also acted on teenage girls, and even on small children, although their reactions were different from young women. For example a similar proportion of around two- third of girls in the age of around 13 to 20 years, which had their sexuality already developed, although most probably were not active sexually, after an initial eye contact were behaving as if they encountered something that scares them, but also induces their curiosity. Otherwise to young women, these young girls were noticeably avoiding this 3-metre sphere of the energy field, and always were stopping beyond it. However, something fascinated them in me, therefore continually were observing me discretely. If, without any clear purpose, they were entering by accident into this 3-metre energy field, at the border they would instinctively stop, as in a shock. Then they would herd together and show signs of disorientation as what to do. Finally they would run individually through this field, as if in the presence of something unknown that is safer to avoid, and relaxed only when on the other side of this energy field, although the whole time they would show a high curiosity. In times when I have no nirvana, I never notice such strange reactions of young girls.
The strongest reactions, however, showed small children, aged up to around 6 years. To be more interesting, these strong reactions were displayed by both, small girls, and small boys, although boys a bit older (i.e. at around 6-9 years) showed a lack of reactions on my nirvana, and started to behave like adult men. Small children, after an accidental eye contact, simply started to stare at me like hypnotised, and were not able to take eyes from me on their own. Also they were not able to do anything else then to stare at me. Sometimes they would struggle from their parents, come inside of this 3-metre energy field, and then froze in a kind of hypnotic trance without reaction on the calling of their parents. Even when embarrassed parents run and take them forcefully away, they still would keep to stare at me until a very far distance. From times when not in nirvana, I know that small children have a very short span of attention, and are not able to look at the same person for longer then around 1-5 minutes, then their interest disappears and they turn to watch other person, or other object.
However, there was almost no reaction to my nirvana from boys and from adult men. Perhaps they behaved slightly more polite, but this could also be caused by my smiling and happy behaviour, when I was in the nirvana.

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