JE3. Mechanism which causes the totaliztic nirvana to happen
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

JE3. Mechanism which causes the totaliztic nirvana to happen

By subjecting to continuous scrutiny the sensations of nirvana that I experienced, and also by careful "listening" what happens inside of myself, I arrived to an illustrative explanation what is the mechanism of causing the nirvana. Therefore, this subsection describes conclusions about this mechanism. But I would like to make a reservation that my descriptions represent only an initial step to the working out this explanation, which is based on rather sparse data, and that perhaps further research may require these explanations to be further improved.
According to my explanation, moral energy that is accumulated in our counter-material body, can be compared to an ideally elastic gas (i.e. the "oxygen for our spirit" - means the "oxygen for our counter-body"). Our counter-material body could be compared to a rubber tube, or an elastic rubber container, which is to store our moral energy resources. This tube or container has several "safety valves" (in Eastern religions, and in occultism, these "safety valves" usually are called "chakras", while this monograph calls them "counter-organs" - see subsection I5.3), the outlets from which are placed inside of our physical body - means within the volume of our body. In turn the value of the coefficient of moral saturation "μ" could be illustratively compared to the "pressure" under which this perfectly elastic moral energy is compressed in that "rubber tube" of our counter-material body. If, in the effect of doing a totaliztic moral work, we accumulate moral energy in our counter-material body, the pressure "μ" of this moral energy is growing. As this pressure is growing, also the escape of moral energy back to our physical body occurring mainly because our feelings let it out back through these numerous valves/chakras, is increasing - see subsection I5.5. But if we compress our moral energy much faster then it manages to decompress through these valves/chakras, the pressure "μ" of moral energy is constantly raising. When the pressure "μ" exceeds the threshold value "μ>μnirvana", then this pressure causes the opening of the internal "safety valves" ("chakras"), and moral energy starts to decompress and pour into the interior of our body. In turn this decompression and flowing of moral energy through the volume of our body, causes all these pleasurable sensations of "being blown apart by a dynamic flow of happiness".
The above explanations reveal, that the mechanism of this phenomenon could be defined in the following manner: "the totaliztic nirvana is a surge of moral energy, caused by the high pressure of this energy, and occurring through chakras located in our body and directed towards the volume of this body; this surge induces a whole array of extremely pleasurable sensations type happiness, which dynamically blow our body apart".
At this point it is worth to add, that the above mechanism of the operation of totaliztic nirvana was identified still during times when I was experiencing this nirvana. But it took me next three years of analyses, investigations, and putting facts together, before at the beginning of 2001 I realised, that exactly the same mechanism lies ot the foundations of all other feelings and emotions experienced by people. All feelings which people experience, in reality are sensations which are induced when the moral energy flows from counter-body to physical body. Thus, by identifying the mechanism of nirvana in 1998, three years alter I was also able to work out and describe the mechanism of experiencing all other feelings - which (the mechanism) is presented in subsection I5.5 from volume 5 of this monograph. Emphasised here should be the fact, that previously humanity remained in a complete darkness as to what actually our feelings are, and only descriptions from subsection I5.5 (also summarised in subsection JA7.1) explain exactly what causes the appearance of feelings and what is mechanism inducing feelings' sensations.

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