JD7. According to totalizm, so-called coincidents are actually someone's direct...
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JD7. According to totalizm, so-called coincidents are actually someone's direct interventions (e.g. arranged by the universal intellect, or by evil parasites)

Let us forget for a moment about a stereotype, which is forced upon us by scientists and society, and let us consider logically, whether in fact in the intelligent universe, which is governed by moral laws and by the universal intellect (God), there is such thing as a "coincident" or a "converge of circumstances". For example, let us consider whether it is possible that any building collapses "because of a coincident", and also - because of this coincident, it kills someone who is inside of it. In case of the building itself, we immediately must exclude as a possible reason of the collapse any "coincident". We already know, that if a given building collapses, then always there is some rational reason for this. For example, an architect did a shabby job with calculations, or construction workers stole cement and made it out of pure sand, or investor has saved money and has not investigated whether the soil under the building is stable, etc. Thus if the sole fact of collapse is excluded as a "coincident", the only thing that still could be a coincident, is the correspondence of time, when the building collapsed, with the time when a victim was present inside, thus resulting in a death. But if the human fate is governed by moral laws, then even such a correspondence of times must not be coincidental, but is a result of operation of moral laws. Thus, to summarize the above, if the universe is governed by moral laws, as totalizm proves that this is the case, such things as "coincident" or "converge of circumstances" does not exist at all. Even if the non-existence of these ideas was explained here on a simple example of collapse of a building, actually it extends its validity to everything that so-far people called with these names.
If, according to totalizm, such thing as a "coincident" or a "converge of circumstances" does not exist, let us explain what actually are phenomena called with these names. Let us start from reminding ourselves, that in a huge universe, which is governed by the universal intellect, nothing can happen without the supervision or intervention of this intellect. Simultaneously everything, into which this intellect intervenes, must fulfil the "canon of ambiguity" described in subsection JB7.4. All the above taken together, means that everything into which the universal intellect intervenes, must appear as a "coincident". Furthermore, if a civilization, like currently our one, is farmed by morally decadent evil parasites described in subsection KA2 /?/, then also all intended, although well camouflaged, interventions and manipulations of these invisible evil parasites, are also imitated to be such "coincidents" or "converges of circumstances". Also evil parasites are going to purposely manipulate scientists from the planet that they enslaved, to claim that there is such thing as a "coincident" and "statistics". After all, under the excuse of such "coincidents", evil parasites are going to hide their immoral activities. To summarize the above, if in our vicinity happens something that looks as a coincident or a converge of circumstances, then in fact it is either an open intervention of the universal intellect, or a camouflaged manipulation of evil parasites from UFOs.
Of course, it would be beneficial for us, if we have the ability to distinguish, which coincidents or converges of circumstances, are introduced by which one of these two invisible forces that constantly intervene in our reality. Well, such distinguishing is relatively easy. The universal intellect deals with us like a knowledgable father. Thus in everything that it intervenes into, it utilizes the "principle of most beneficial effect", which is described in subsection I4.1.1. This principle causes, that everything into which the universal intellect intervenes, firstly must serve for our own good, means it must cause the growth and benefits of all those who are affected with it. In turn evil parasites act on Earth as a horde of morally degenerated sadists and bandits. Therefore everything that evil parasites do, in the first instance serves evil purposes, means serves the pushing down and oppression of all these whom it affects. Of course, even all the evil deeds that are committed by evil parasites, always must firstly be approved by the universal intellect, before they have the right to affect the victims. But the universal intellect follows the rule, that it disapproves a given evil deed and blocks the arrival of it, only in these rare cases if (1) this evil deed affects someone, who does not deserved it yet, and simultaneously if (2) this someone refuses to accept it, and demonstrates this refusal by undertaking an active and a vigorous attempt to defend himself/herself from this evil.

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