JD. Stand of totalizm in controversaial moral issues
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk


Motto of this chapter: "Everything can be used, misused, or abused, but the fact that some people may misuse or abuse it, does not mean that the other people should be deprived of rights to use it."

Totalizm discovered, that when looking at various matters from the point of view of operation of moral laws, then many of to-date beliefs and findings must be interpreted in a drastically different manner than previously. Actually moral laws present these matters differently than so-far they were understand by people, recommended by religions, or declared by Earth's orthodox science. A classical example of such controversial matter is a "behavioral sacrifice" (i.e. a type of sacrifice commonly committed by many mothers for their children). If such a sacrifice is NOT compensated by an emotional good deed, then according to moral laws and to totalizm, it represents an "immoral" behaviour, thus should be qualified as a "totaliztic sin" and eliminated from our life. Simultaneously we know, that for example for Christian religion, a sacrifice is one of basic good deeds, the commitment of which Christianity promotes. Since there are numerous such issues, which in the light of moral laws - and thus also in the view of totalizm, are perceived completely different than in the light of other common views, there is also a definite need to present the official stand of totalizm on them, in the light of the scientific knowledge on moral laws that totalizm accumulated so far.
For totalizts, meaning for all these people who practice totalizm, this chapter is a complementary to the previous one. It clarifies various matters, which are NOT of the primary importance to totalizm, but which may be causing some doubts, or can be subjected to discussions.
All views, which are presented in this chapter, are the outcome of the to-date development of totalizm. However, totalizm is not a discipline, which is frozen in the development. Almost every day brings new findings to it. Therefore, as this is the case in every dynamically developing discipline of knowledge, we need to be aware of the possibility, that what at the present level of our knowledge is presented in the manner described in this chapter, in the light of future findings of totalizm can require redefining. Thus in all matters discussed in this chapter, it is worth to keep open mind and to not cease the further discussions of the matters from the point of view of various moral laws and human empirical findings. Furthermore, the same as we do with all matters that totalizm recommends, also the controversial moral issues, which are discussed in this chapter, we should implement only when we accomplish our full internal conviction, that the justification of totalizm "why" is sufficiently convincing for us and that it does not induce in us any emotional or logical objections.
There is a countless number of controversial issues, which we continually encounter in our lives, and about which the reader probably would like to learn the official stand of totalizm. Subsequent subsections, which are to be presented now, reveal this stand of totalizm regarding the most frequently raised of such issues. The emphases of presentations provided here, is put on explaining "why" totalizm takes a given stand, as in totalizm everything results from mechanisms of operation of the universe, and thus it must be logically justified with the operation of moral laws.

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