JA4. Constantly lift yourself upwards in the moral field
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JA4. Constantly lift yourself upwards in the moral field

Motto of this subsection: "No actions or events by themselves are ever moral or immoral. Only when we know their motion along the moral field that surrounds them, the current configuration of this field is giving to them either moral, or immoral interpretation."

An extremely important discovery of totalizm, which provided us with numerous effective tools that make for us much easier to lead totaliztic lives, is the discovery of so-called "moral field". This field can be defined as follows. "Moral field is a primary field, similar to gravity, which permeates the entire universe, and which causes that every action of intelligent beings, and every outcome of intelligent processes, receives a decisive moral polarity, in which "moral" is everything that runs uphill in this field - and thus does require intellectual effort, while "immoral" is everything that runs downhill in this field - and thus does not require contribution of any intellectual effort to it". This subsection is to describe how to use our knowledge of this important field in everyday lives, and also how to use tools of totalizm that are derived from it.
Amongst numerous moral laws in existence, laws which rule our motion in the moral field, probably occupy the second position (after karma) when their impact on lives of individual humans and whole societies is concerned. The reason is that the moral field is one of two primary fields of the universe (this second primary field is gravity). Therefore the action of this field is extended across a wide range of moral phenomena. After all, this field decides whether our actions or intensions qualify into categories "moral" or "immoral" – means whether they climb upwards in this moral field, or they slide down of this moral field.
The recommendation of totalizm concerning our motion in this moral field, is very simple. It states "always move uphill in the moral field". According to this recommendation, "moral" are all these our actions and intensions, which move everyone uphill in the moral field. In turn "immoral" are these actions or intensions, which move someone downhill in the moral field. To make it even more attractive, this single recommendation extends its applicability to a whole array different moral laws and moral situations. (For example, moving always upwards in the moral field, means to do only these things in our everyday life, which are to increase the level of potential moral energy in all people affected by the outcome of our actions. This means that when we use our motion in the moral field, as an easy indicator of the moral correctness for whatever we are doing, and it provides a clear answer "moral" or "immoral", then we do not need to use other, more complicated indicators for the same purpose.)
A use of the moral field can be well illustrated with means of comparisons. If we would like to compare the moral field to something that we easily could imagine in our minds, the best comparison would be that "the moral field is like a very slippery, invisible mountain made of smooth crystal and shaped into a perfect hemisphere, which is emerging from a deadly swamps". We live on a slope of this slippery, crystal mountain. Therefore, whatever we do, this either moves us upwards or moves us downwards of this mountain of the moral field. Moving upwards on this mountain of the moral field, always requires from us putting an effort into our actions. In turn moving downwards is effortless, and pleasurable: actually we do not need to do anything, and we simply slide smoothly down slopes of this mountain of moral field. Unfortunately for us, usually we do not know that at the bottom of the mountain there is a deadly swamp waiting for the victims. Thus, when we allow ourselves to slide too much, we are to fall into this swamp and to suffocate ourselves. To make it even worse, once we fall into this swamp, there is almost no way out, as no-one can help us. Also we are too preoccupied with our suffocation in order to remember about climbing the slippery slopes of this moral mountain.
Further information about the moral field is provided in subsections JA1, JB3.2 and I4.2. The above simple example illustrated to us, what the moral field is, and how it works. The next matter, which we still need to learn now, is how to accomplish this constant movement uphill in the moral field, and how to recognize that we really are moving uphill, not downhill, in this field. Fortunately for us, until now, totalizm managed to develop, and to describe, first effective methods, which explain how this movement uphill in the moral field could be accomplished. Below several different methods of doing this are described, each one of them presented in a separate subsection that follows. Here they are.

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