JA2.4. Moral rewards and punishments
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JA2.4. Moral rewards and punishments

Totalizm does not declare its own laws, or rules of behaviour, but only tries to scientifically discover and understandably describe the truth about laws and rules already existing and operating in the universe. In the effort of discovering the truth about principles we must obey in our lives, totalizm discovered very effective mechanisms of moral rewarding and punishing, with the use of which the universe with an iron hand executes the obedience of moral laws that prevail in it. The operation of these mechanisms is based on the enormously effective manner of motivating, which people commonly know under the name of "a stick and a carrot method". (In this method of motivating, if someone, or something, behaves correctly, then it receives a “carrot”, but if it behaves wrongly, then it is walloped with a “stick”.) The operation of these mechanisms of moral rewarding and punishing can be defined in the following manner: every case of obeying a moral law, is always rewarded simultaneously in several different ways, which mutually complement each other; while every individual case of disobeying a moral law, is always punished in several different ways simultaneously. The secure and reliable operation of these mechanisms is additionally guaranteed by the "configuration of a fan", into which the subsequent components of these mechanisms are arranged. This configuration is accomplished, because the universe runs not one, but several such mechanisms of moral rewarding and punishing, and make them work in parallel, simultaneously, and completely independently from each other. Furthermore, subsequent mechanisms were so designed, that they tightly cover with their areas of validity the entire scope of human physical life, and eternal existence of human soul. Thus, even if some people manage to cheat on one of them, still they are confronted and sentenced by other ones. Simultaneously, if someone overlooks the operation of these mechanisms in one area of life, then still they hit him/her in the eyes in other areas of the life (similarly, if someone discovers how these mechanisms work in one area, then he/she is able to interpolate their existence and operation to other areas of life). The numerous rewards and punishments for obeying or disobeying moral laws that these mechanisms serve to people, are embedded into the very operation of moral laws. This subsection explains one of several different mechanisms, that implement this automatic rewarding or punishing, and that work independently from each other.
Note that apart of the mechanism that I am describing here, there are also other independent mechanisms of the effective rewarding and punishing, hard-wired into moral laws. An example of such other mechanism of rewarding and punishing, is algorithm of returnable karma described in subsection JA3.2. Still another such mechanism working in this life, is briefly explained in subsection JC11.1 /?/. One more such a mechanism, which this time works in the afterlife, is mentioned in subsection JB2.2 /?/. (Totalizm already determined, that independently from several different rewards and punishments received simultaneously in this life, our obedience or disobedience of the moral laws also brings about several different rewards or punishments in the afterlife as well.)
Every indicator of the moral correctness, described in previous subsection, in physical sense represents a kind of energy. In turn energy has this property, that when it is accumulated in a significant amount, it starts to manifest itself. For example, if a wire accumulates a lot of electrostatic energy - it starts to emit sparks, if a tire accumulates a lot of pressure - it explodes, if a hot-air balloon accumulates a lot of heat - it starts to ascent. Moral energy also displays this property. If a person accumulates a lot of moral energy, this energy starts to manifest itself physically. A physical manifestation of this energy we call a moral reward. As it turns out, every single moral law in existence, has a specific moral reward embedded into it. Therefore people, who obey moral laws willingly, are gradually earning these moral rewards. The mechanism of earning all moral rewards is based on the process of gradual accumulation of appropriate type of moral energy in our counter-material bodies. As such, each such reward is identical to the process of accumulation of moral energy to accomplish the totaliztic nirvana described in subsection JA3. In order to explain this mechanism briefly, every single indicator of moral correctness, described in subsection JA2.3, actually is, or represents, one of many different forms of moral energy. Therefore, these people who obey moral laws, by the process of obeying these laws they gradually accumulate in themselves the type of energy, which represents the moral indicator of correctness that is embedded into moral laws that they obey. In the result, this particular moral energy at some stage starts to be so dense in them, that it starts to produce physical manifestations. In turn these physical manifestations are giving a kind of "supernatural" abilities to the person who accumulated such a huge density of this energy. These "supernatural" abilities are the rewards for obeying a given class of moral laws.
Unfortunately, so far almost no research was done on these "moral rewards". Therefore almost everything that currently is known about them, is obtained either in the result of casual observations, or in the result of analyses of mysterious phenomena that were manifested around some historically known people, who lived highly moral lives. So far I fully experienced myself only one of these rewards, namely the totaliztic nirvana, and I am describing it thoroughly in subsection JF2. But I already accumulated various indications and observations, which reveal that there are also other extraordinary moral rewards in existence, which awaits for totalizts to earn them. I try to explain these below. Although some may believe that rewards that I am listing here represent only speculations, it should be noted that there is a significant body of evidence, which indicates that these rewards actually do exist and are achievable, as some especially moral people accomplished them. Because they manifest themselves, if a given person accumulates the appropriate density of moral energy, which represents one of the indicators of the moral correctness described in subsection JA2.3, I will explain them in the order of these indicators. Here is a list, and descriptions, of moral rewards that I managed to identify so far:
- A high creditory karma. The existing evidence seems to indicate that people, who by obeying moral laws managed to accumulate a very high density of the creditory karma, are earning a rather extraordinary moral reward. This is a supernatural ability to "fulfil their wishes". When someone's creditory karma is very high, then whatever such a person wishes, and this wish is satisfying a set of conditions imposed by moral laws, then the wish comes true. Of course, there are strict conditions which such a wish must satisfy in order to materialize. For example, the wish must lie within options allowed by the action of moral laws (e.g. if the wish would be to see someone to become a king, then this someone should have a karma, which allows him/her to become a king), it must be physically possible, and the fulfilment of it must require less moral energy then the wisher already accumulated in the counter-body. If someone earns this moral reward, then after making a wish, which satisfies these conditions, a kind of impossible starts to happen. Unexpectedly, in the sight of the wisher, a sequence of coincidences starts to take shape, each one of which looks completely natural, but all of which systematically lead to the eventuation of such circumstances, that the wish soon comes true. This moral reward, when it unexpectedly manifests itself, initially is rather a scary phenomenon, and it makes one to practically stop wishing anything, or at least to be extremely careful what is wishing for. But with the elapse of time the wisher gets used to it, and starts to enjoy the mind-boggling options that it creates.
- A high position in the moral field. If someone constantly moves upward in the moral field, then with the elapse of time he or she reaches a position in this field, at which the accumulation of potential energy exceeds the value required for creating physical manifestations. This in turn provides a different moral reward, which is the supernatural ability to obtain "control over laws of physics" (which include, for example, the capability to accomplish psychokinesis). Therefore such a person gains the ability to do things that are contradictory to the laws of physics, as the laws of physics are starting to obey commands of this person. For example he/she may be able to materialize things, or to make other objects or himself/herself to levitate or to fly, or he/she can walk on water, or make others to walk on water, or he/she can split to two different people, or shift to other times and return back either by himself/herself or with other people, to change weather, to make the rain stop or start, etc.
- The high condensation of moral energy originating from totaliztic good deeds. It appears that the completion of countless totaliztic good deeds also brings about its own moral reward, which could be described as the ability to control bodies of other people. This ability combines a whole array of extraordinary phenomena, for example it may manifest itself by capability to heal other people, by ability to carry out bloodless operations, by capability to instantly hypnotise other people, etc.
- The high condensation of moral energy originating from moral work. The moral reward awaiting for those who accumulated the appropriate amount of moral energy via moral work is the totaliztic nirvana. This particular reward I experienced myself, therefore I am able to describe it comprehensibly in chapter JF. Actually nirvana is not a single moral reward, but a whole continuum of rewards, which are intensified and include more and more pleasant phenomena, as the moral energy of the recipient increases. At higher stages it seems to be accompanied by various other extraordinary phenomena, for example by the emission of "saintly fragrances", by the ability to read thoughts of others, etc.
- The accumulation of energy of "moral" feelings. The moral reward, which awaits for those who accumulated a very high density of the moral energy (E=FS) resulting from combining "moral" feelings (F) with "moral" motivations (S), seems to be the supernatural ability to obtain positive "control over fate of other people". Unfortunately, this ability can be also displayed by everyone, as well as by every object, which accomplished also a very low density of energy of feelings, including also these ones who dispersed almost all their moral energy either through some "immoral" feelings or "immoral" motivations. The only difference between these two groups of people is, that people, or objects, which accumulated excessive "moral" energy of feelings and motivations, are able to impact the fate of other people in a moral manner. In turn people, who reached the below threshold value of this energy because of "immoral" feelings and motivations, are only able to influence lives of other people in an immoral manner (i.e. are only able to hurt people, cast evil eye, bring bad luck, etc.). There are various stories and empirical observations which describe this ability. For example, in medieval times an execution axe was allowed to take only 1000 human lives, because it was observed that beyond 1000 lives it becomes so loaded with the energy of negative feelings (E=FS) that it could go against the executioner and kill him. In Malaysia I heard numerous stories about trees (so-called “datuk”), which are objects of local cult, and therefore which are over-saturated with the energy of feelings (E=FS). Problem starts when authorities decide to cut down any of them. Whoever simply approaches any of these tees e.g. with a chain-saw, is falling down covered in blood, as if whatever he is intending to do to the tree, is somehow done to him.
- The accumulation of kinetic energy of accelerated motivations. As this is explained in subsection JA7.4, rapid changes of motivations generate a kinetic form of moral energy. People who accumulate a high density of this energy seem to gain the reward of the supernatural ability to "clairvoyance". They can see events and things that are to happen in the future, or are to happen in distant places out of their sight.
- Obeying the conscience. People who accumulate a high density of moral energy in the result of a pedantic obeying whatever their conscience tells them, are gaining a reward of supernatural "knowledge of what to do in order to positively solve specific human problems". They actually start to know the correct solutions to human problems that they never learned. They can also answer correctly all questions, and provide correct solutions, to all problems regarding human situations that other people may confront them with. And in order to do this, they do not need to go through any process of learning or gathering the knowledge from books.
The interesting thing about these moral rewards, is that people gain access to them proportionally to the density of an appropriate moral energy accumulated in them. Therefore some people who live morally, may gain a partial access to some of these rewards long time before they can harvest these rewards to a full extend. In this way some people may experience moments in their life, when a clairvoyance, or a happiness, or a fulfilment of wishes, or a psychokinesis, or something else, manifests itself in them, although normally they are not able to manifest any of these rewards at will. However, if they work on the further increase of the density of their moral energy, one particular reward that corresponds to the moral energy they increased, could become available to them all the time, and at every their wish.
Because there is so many forms of moral energy, and so many corresponding moral rewards, everyone who practices totalizm may choose which reward he or she would like to accomplish. This choice boils down to choosing the moral quantity which he or she would like to use as his or her favourite indicator of the moral correctness. And so, those totalizts who would like to accomplish the totaliztic nirvana, in everything that they do should take notice whether it increases or decreases their moral energy (i.e. they should do only totaliztic moral work and avoid committing totaliztic sins or totaliztic immoral work - as this is described in subsection JF8). In turn these totalizts who would like to accomplish the control over laws of physics, in everything that they do need to make sure that it goes uphill in the moral field (as described in subsection JA4). Etc., etc.
Of course, it does not even require special explanations, that similarly as the obedience of moral laws brings to us corresponding moral rewards, also breaking moral laws escalates for us appropriate punishments for this breaking, which are affecting us proportionally to our bad behaviour. One of numerous mechanism of operation of these punishments, is very similar to that described above for the physical manifestation of large amounts of moral energy. Only that instead of being released by the surplus (high density) of moral energy, it is released by a shortage (low density) of this energy. Some, out of numerous final effects of such punishing mechanisms, are described in subsections JD1.6.3 /?/ and JD4.2 /?/.

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