IB2. The need for a formulation of a new philosophy
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IB2. The need for a formulation of a new philosophy

The finding that God does exists, that our lives are ruled with an iron hand by moral laws and by moral field, etc., cannot be left without our reaction to them. So it is necessary to adopt a new philosophy of a more moral life. This philosophy is called “totalizm” (spelled with the letter “z”). To the description of it is totally devoted a next (sixth) monograph-volume from this series. I invite you to familiarize yourself with this monograph about totalizm.

Figure I1

Fig. I1. Mr Alan Plank with the pump he invented and designed by the means of a pendulum-assisted analytical ESP technique. He read all the technical details of this pump directly from the counter-matter (UC) by finding and accessing the register that this device possesses in the counter-world. There is a high chance that scientifically reliable techniques of instrumental ESP will soon be developed, which will open the commercial applications for the ESP procedure discovered by Mr Plank (P.O. Box 7051, Invercargill, New Zealand). In such reliable ESP techniques, electronic devices similar to "lie detectors" could probably replace divining pendulums. After this new manner of gathering technical information is mastered, our present way of introducing new steps of technical progress could be completely revolutionized. For example the time-consuming laboratory experiments and expensive research of prototypes could then be replaced by reading out from the counter-matter all the necessary technical details about the best completed version of a device. Thus, introducing new inventions could be less expensive, faster, more reliable, and more moral, than at present.

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