IB1. Let us summarize what the Concept of Dipolar Gravity reveals to us
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IB1. Let us summarize what the Concept of Dipolar Gravity reveals to us

If someone does not study the entire this series of monographs, but only digests these sections, which for some reasons are interesting for him or her, then I would like to remind, that this volume 5 (i.e. chapter I) is a second part of a voluminous scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. The previous part, presented in chapter H from volume 4, discussed consequences of the fact that counter-matter, similarly as matter from our world, shows also numerous physical attributes, and supports various phenomena of a physical nature. In turn this part, presented in this chapter I, addresses consequences of the fact, that counter-matter is also an intelligent substance, thus in the natural state it displays the possession of intellectual attributes and also completes various processes of intelligent nature.
Chapter H of this series of monographs presented physical attributes and phenomena of the counter-world, and also revealed the influence that they exert on the course of physical phenomena in our physical world. It explained, amongst others, that the counter-world is filled up with an extraordinary substance, which is called "counter-matter". Because of the invisible and impenetrable barrier, which separates both worlds from each other, the physiological senses or scientific instruments that are located in our world, have no access to the counter- matter. They are not able to either notice the existence of this substance, or to describe properties of it. Fortunately, counter-matter can be researched indirectly, through the analysis of the influence and consequences that it exerts on phenomena of our world.
The research of counter-matter to-date indicated that this extraordinary liquid has two kinds of properties. The first kind are physical properties (discussed in chapter H). Thus it has a natural ability to incite vibrations, form whirls, displace, etc. In turn because the counter- world is linked with our world via gravitational interactions, whatever phenomenon is taking place in it, immediately this phenomenon exerts its influence on the course of phenomena in our world. In this way, physical properties of the counter-matter become a source of countless phenomena observed in our world. In order to provide here examples of such phenomena, they include, amongst others: telepathy, telekinesis, changes in elapse of time, and many others.
Independently from these physical attributes, counter-matter shows also the possession of intellectual attributes. For example, apart from being perfectly elastic, having no mass, being self-mobile, etc., it can also gather information, memorize, execute programs, think, etc. In turn each of these intellectual attributes of the counter-matter, is a source of countless phenomena of an intellectual nature, which instead of our world, are taking place in the counter-world. For example, counter-matter has the natural ability to store programs and data, to execute these programs and to make available data contained in them, to shift its programs into different locations, etc. Because of this gravitational link between our world and the counter-world, whatever intellectual phenomena takes place in it, also this phenomena immediately exerts its influence on the course of events of our world. In this way intellectual attributes of counter-matter also become the source of numerous intellectual phenomena observable in our world. In order to provide here some examples of such phenomena, they include, amongst others: ESP, so-called "animal instinct", memory, soul, God, and many others.
The presentation of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity would be incomplete, if we would not analyze at least the most important out of these intellectual phenomena, which originate from the counter-matter, but directly influence our world. After all, if the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the totaliztic sciences which stem from it, do not explain these phenomena comprehensively, than the old science with its present philosophy is not ever going to take the effort to research, understand, and utilize them. In turn, further ignoring of these phenomena by Earth's science, deprives humanity the enormous benefits which are to stem from their mastery. The goal of this chapter was to present such phenomena, which are released by the intellectual attributes of the counter-matter, but the influence of which extends to events, attributes, and operation of our physical world.

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