I8.1. "Intellectual geniuses" amongst animals
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I8.1. "Intellectual geniuses" amongst animals

From time to time we learn from mass media, or from our friends, about cases of animals, when these animals solved some type of a problem, which sometimes was exceeding the capability of people for logical thinking. The existence of such "intellectual geniuses" amongst animals actually proves, that their shocking knowledge must originate from somewhere. Because in some cases this knowledge is so sophisticated, that it could not originate from animals themselves, the only explanation is, that it originates from the intelligent counter-matter, or more strictly from the universal computer (UC) that is formed from this counter-matter. Animals are walking proofs for the intellectual capabilities of the counter-world.
In order to support the above statement with concrete examples, below I described cases of such animal geniuses, the descriptions of which I encountered in newspapers so-far. Here they are.
#1I8.1. A dog who drove a car. In the article [1#1I8.1] '"My dog crashed the Maserati", TV star claims', published in the Malaysian newspaper New Sunday Times, Sunday edition, 22 December 2002, page 20, a case of a "driver dog" is described. A British film star took his dog from a veterinary doctor, in order to bring the dog home. But when the dog started to behave strangely, the star stopped his luxury car Maserati, in order to check what happens with the dog. When he walked the car around in order to examine the dog from the side of passenger doors, the dog unexpectedly jumped on the driver's sit, put the gear on, and pushed the accelerator. The car accelerated forward and smashed into a nearby truck. Because dogs not supposed to be able to drive a car, in the court this star was explaining that the dog "by accident" switched a gear on, and "by accident" pushed on the accelerator with its paw.
#2I8.1. The dog who survived, because was able to untap the water in kitchen. In the article [1#2I8.1] "Stray dog trapped 23 days taps survival instinct" published on page 1 of the New Zealand newspaper "Dominion", issue from Saturday, 16 November 2002, an extraordinary case is described, when a dog was locked accidentally without food or water for the period of 23 days. This dog still survived, only because it was able to open for itself a tap with water, thus obtaining something to drink. Of course, because of this untapping of water the dog also demolished the cottage in which it was locked.
#3I8.1. The cat "Oscar" which knew exactly who is going to die. Abilities of this extraordinary cat to predict someone’s approaching death exceeded significantly capabilities of people – in this number of doctors who professionally took care over dying people and who in their professional capacities saw hundreds of dying people. Myself I red about this cat in the article [1#3I8.1] "Providence, R.I.(AP)" which appeared on page 4 of the special addition entitled "The Learning Times" to the newspaper "The Korea Times", issue from Monday, July 30, 2007. But this article was just a summary from a medical report that about this cat appeared in the "New England Journal of Medicine". In the article from "The Learning Times" also the photograph of this cat was shown – the cat looked on it quite official, like a doctor in his white-black patched fur, and with the emotionless, mysterious expression on his face. It was called "Oscar". It was two years old. It was adopted as a small kitten by nurses from the "dementia unit" in the "Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center". This unit dealt with old and dying people who had Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other terminal illnesses of the old age. Since the time when Oscar was around 6 month old, workers of this center noticed that it started everyday route around all patients in a manner like doctors do this. During this route the cat watched carefully every patient. If a given patient was to die within not longer than around 2 hours, the cat jumped onto his or her bed, and cuddled to a given person, not leaving him or her until the moment of death. Until the time of writing an article about it, the cat predicted correctly the approaching death of over 25 patients of this center. Already after around 13 such cases, the workers of this center so much relied on the knowledge of this cat, that if it cuddled to a next patient – they took it for a sign that the family of this patient should be notified speedy to come and be there at the moment of death of their close one. Doctors from the center started to compete with the cat in attempts to predict precisely the time of someone’s death. For example, Dr Joan Teno from the Brown University, found in one female patient all medical signs of the approaching death. But it later turned out that her predictions were by around 10 hours too early. However, around 2 hours before the actual death of this patient, Oscar as usually lied by her side. Generally speaking the abilities of this cat to predict deaths were well taken by all. Patients were grateful to it that it calmed their feelings and kept them company in last moments of their lives. Families of dying people were grateful to it that it gave them an early warning about the approaching death, and thus allow them to say good bye to their loved ones. In turn the workers of the centre were grateful to it that it warned them that someone’s final time is just approaching. Only in one case a family thrown the Oscar out of the bed and out of the room of a dying person. After being thrown out, Oscar “miawed” desperately in front of doors of the room and tried to open doors with its claws to fulfil its voluntary “obligations” - as in its small cat’s head it understood these obligations. The abilities of the cat such as Oscar, cannot be explained in purely physical manner, as one needs to have a prior knowledge of what this volume tells us about the universal computer (UC), intelligent counter-matter, and about the existence of other worlds, means the counter-world and the virtual world.
Three years later I encountered another articles about the cat named "Oscar". The first Of these [2#3I8.1] was entitled "Nursing home cat Oscar taken on Grim Reaper Role", and appeared on page A8 from the New Zealand newspaper "The New Zealand Herald" (www.nzherald.co.nz), issue dated on Tuesday, February 2, 2010. It describes already 5 years old Oscar, whom until that time correctly predicted the death of over 50 patients. Its behaviour did NOT change in the meantime. The article shows also the photograph of that extraordinary cat. Another article [3#3I8.1] entitled "Angel of death just an ordinary cat with a gift” appeared on page B3 of New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post" (www.dompost.co.nz), issue dated on Wednesday, February 3, 2010. It informs about the book just published about Oscar, by Dr David Dosa, entitled "Making Rounds With Oscar".
#4I8.1. The rabbit which save his owners from a fire. About this rabbit I learned from the article [1#4I8.1] "Pet rabbit saves couple from fire" which appeared on the page 31 of the Malaysian newspaper "New Straits Times" (on line: www.nst.com.my), issue dated on Friday, July 25, 2008. This article describes an event which took place on Thursday, 24 July 2008, in Melbourne, south Australia. Namely, a married couple had a pet rabbit, which they called "Rabbit". It was like a member of family. That particular night they were awaken by the impatient scratching of this rabbit into doors of their bedroom. When the man get out to see what happens, he discovered the fast spreading fire which already engulfed another room from which a dense smoke was gushing. The rabbit saved them from a sure death. A next day they show the rabbit in the television. For me it looked as just an ordinary bunny, only that it had non-typically black, shiny hair.
#5I8.1. The cat "Nora" which plays piano. A first information about this musical cat I learned from the article [1#5I8.1] "Nora plays the piano purrfectly", from page A3 of New Zealand newspaper "The New Zealand Herald" (on line: www.nzherald.co.nz), issue dated on Monday, August 24, 2009. In this article a web page was indicated entirely devoted to the talent of that cat, with the address: www.catcerto.com . At that time this cat named “Nora” was 5 years old, and it already played its own concerts in Philadelphia philharmonic. I also heard music of this cat, because at 10:30 pm on the day of publishing the article about it, the New Zealand television news from channel 3 show the cat playing a short sample of its music. The music was very strange, although nice and melodious. In me it induced an inner sadness. If I heard it without knowing that it originates from a cat, then I would suspect that it was composed by some aliens from a distant star system.
#6I8.1. Octopus "Paul" who predicted correctly outcomes of football matches. In July 2010, in the entire world become very popular the octopus called "Paul" from the aquarium "Sea Life" in the German town "Oberhausen". This octopus accomplished 100% correctness in predicting outcomes of football matches for the "Fifa" World Cup trophy, which were played in the South Africa in the first half of July 2010. Descriptions how it carried out its predictions of matches' outcomes are contained in the article [1#6I8.1] "Spanish transfer offer for Paul the tentacled tipster", from page A22 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue dated on Saturday, July 17, 2010. In turn a photograph of this clairvoyant octopus are shown in the article [2#6I8.1] "Tentacled tipster gets his trophy" from page B2 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post (www.dompost.co.nz), issue dated on Wednesday, July 14, 2010. For its correct predictions, the octopus was rewarded with delicacies, to its aquarium a replica of the world's Fifa trophy (the original of which is made of solid gold) was inserted, while the National Aquarium in Spain, for the team of footballers of which country the octopus correctly predicted the win of the trophy, formally approached Germany to let have it for a while for a VIP treatment. Unfortunately, soon afterwards the octopus died. Its death was announced in the article “Who could have predicted interest in dead octopus?” from page B4 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, November 3, 2010. (Octopus "Paul" is also described in part #F of the totaliztic web page named "stawczyk_uk.htm".)
#7I8.1. The horse "Hans" whom was able to count. The octopus "Paul" was not the only German animal with supernatural capabilities. Around 1906 was widely known in Germany a horse named "Hans", which was able to count, solve complex logical problems, and which also knew the future. A brief description of this horse and other animal geniuses - including also the photograph of abovementioned octopus "Paul", was presented in the article [1#7I8.1] "Prescient Paul and his psychic pals" from page A7 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post (www.dompost.co.nz), issue dated on Tuesday, July 13, 2010.
#8I8.1. The cat named "Tuppence" which found the family that shifted to a different home. In the New Zealand city called Tauranga a family had the cat named "Tuppence". All members liked this cat very much. So it was a worry when a day before shifting to a new home distant by 9 kilometres, the cat unexpectedly disappeared. But the shifting needed to happen. From the suburb named Greerton the family shifted to a different home in the suburb named Bethlehem. In case that the cat could return to the old home, its mistress drove over there every day and seek the cat. But after 6 weeks the family gave up and lost the hope to find its much loved cat. Then Tuppence unexpectedly appeared by itself in a new home in which he never was before. How he managed to find them no-one was able to explain. So starting from 8 September 2010 the cat was again with its family. Its extraordinary fate is described in the article [1#8I8.1] "Sixth sense leads cat to strange new home" from page A5 of the newspaper "The New Zealand Herald" (on-line: www.nzherald.co.nz), issue dated on Friday, November 5, 2010.

Several further examples of such "animals - intellectual geniuses" is described in
subsection I5.4 (especially see there item #4I5.4). In turn various supernatural capabilities of some animals and vegetation are discussed in part #F from the totaliztic web page named "stawczyk_uk.htm".

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