I5.3. Counter-organs (mind, counter-senses, conscience, compassion, karma organ...
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I5.3. Counter-organs (mind, counter-senses, conscience, compassion, karma organ, chakras, etc.)

Our counter-material body ("spirit") is an exact copy of our physical body, with a duplicate of every cell, tissue, and organ present in it. Therefore, similar as this is the case with parts of a physical body, each part of a counter-material body is also fulfilling some specific functions. But functions that these parts fulfil in the counter-world, not necessarily correspond to functions that they fulfil in the physical world. For example, in the counter-world we can move just by an act of will, therefore we do not need legs. So legs can be used for other functions. This brief subsection is to summarise, what is currently known about functions of specific counter-organs from our counter-body.
All the counter-organs, which we have in our counter-body, can be subdivided into several categories. Let us list them here.
- Chakras. These are counter-material duplicates of our physical organs, which in the counter-world are "unemployed" (means which in the counter-world do not fulfil the functions for which they are created in the physical world). Because of this "unemployment", in the counter-world chakras are utilised for the control of the flow of moral energy between themselves and their material counterparts. For example, chakras include the counter-organ of our stomach, which in the counter-world does not need to digest food, therefore which is used to control the flow of energy between itself and the physical stomach. Similarly, every other "unemployed" part of our physical body, such as legs, lungs, neck, shoulders, hands, etc, in the counter-world is used as a chakra - i.e. to control the flow of moral energy. The exact locations of energy "valves" from these chakras are described in subsection JA6.2 /?/.
- Mind. This is a counter-organ for the physical brain. It performs all intellectual functions, including memory recalls, thinking, mental feelings, etc.
- Counter-senses. These are counter-material equivalents of our physical senses, namely eyes, nose, ears, etc. They also fulfil similar functions in the counter-world. In addition to these functions they also control the flow of moral energy.
- Conscience. This is a counter-organ, which has no physical equivalent. The location of this counter-organ is not known yet. It is possible, although it seems to shock in the first consideration, that the function of conscience may actually be performed by the counter- material duplicate of "intestines" from our physical body (hence the English expression of having a "gut feeling"). After all, in the counter world they do not perform their digestive functions, and also they are the only counter-organs which cooperate with energies and substances that are not components of our body, thus which provide a blending connection with the universe around us. It is also interesting to notice, that if we receive the whispers of conscience, they actually seem to radiate from our intestines.
- Compassion. This is another counter-organ, which has no equivalent in the physical world. It is used to transfer the moral energy from a counter-body of one person or animal, directly to a counter-body of another person or animal. Thus, it is used during healing, moral support, and also during moral vampirism. Folklore claims that its function is performed by the counter-material duplicate of physical "heart".
- Karma organ. This is one more counter-organ, which does not have its physical equivalent. It is used to manage exchanges of karma. Most probably its function is performed by the front part of the brain, hence the idea of the "third eye" emphasised by Hinduism and by some Eastern philosophies.
Apart from the specialistic function, each counter-organ performs also a function of a compression pump, and a decompression valve, for the moral energy contained in our counter-body. Because during a flow of the moral energy through a given counter-organ, an unique sensation is created, which people perceive as a "feeling", the functions of counter- organs for energy transfer are going to be comprehensively explained in subsection I5.5.
Our counter-organs fulfil functions, which are equally important as those performed by their physical counterparts. Therefore, human science needs to start investigate them urgently.

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