I5.1. Counter-material body (i.e. religious spirit)
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I5.1. Counter-material body (i.e. religious spirit)

As this is explained in previous subsection, according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, people and also all other creatures and objects that surround us, have as many as three parallel bodies, which live/exist simultaneously in two parallel worlds of the physical nature, means in our world and in the counter-world, and in the additional third virtual world. In our world of matter lives their physical body, in the counter world lives an exact duplicate of this physical body, means their counter-body, while in the intelligent virtual world lives their register - means a kind of software model of their bodies. Our awareness can be compared to a "cursor" in a computer, which moves to one of these three existing bodies. This awareness can switch from one world into another one, depending on the state of a given creature, normally residing in the physical body, but during dreams or hypnosis shifting to the counter-body (from the physical counter-world), while after the death landing in the register (from the intelligent counter-world). In case of people, such switching of their awareness to the counter-body contained in the counter-world, takes place only during special circumstances, out of which the most frequently taking place are dreams and hypnosis. After our awareness is switched to the counter-world, everything that we experience in there is equally real as events that affect us in the physical world. But because physical-types of laws that rule the counter-world are opposite to laws that rule our world of matter, and also because in the counter-world there is no elapse of time, our material understanding of reality to-date causes, that whatever we experience in the counter-world during dreams or hypnosis, is automatically qualified as "unreal events". In turn after our death the awareness shifts to the register (soul), in order to break away with this register from ties with the biological body and the counter-body.
Our counter-body, in religions usually is called a "spirit". But when it appears to other people it is called a "ghost", a "phantom", or an "apparition". Many religions quite clearly distinguish between the "spirit", and the "soul" (in this monograph a "soul" is called a "register"). But in spite of distinguishing between them terminologically, religions usually are quite confused when comes to explaining the differences between these two. Fortunately the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is able to explain these differences quite simply. If we compare a counter-body (i.e. a "spirit") to a natural computer hardware, then the register (i.e. a "soul") can be compared to a collection of software and data, which resides in this computer. Therefore, in spite that a counter-body (i.e. a spirit) is capable of thinking, this thinking is unstructured and uncoordinated unless some kind of register (i.e. a soul) resides in it. Therefore the spirit is dumb and deprived of memory, while the soul is intelligent and full of memories, and also have its own personality. Furthermore, a spirit/counter-body is a kind of hardware, thus it can appear, and be visibly seen (e.g. by marking its outlines with the "extraction glow" produced during telekinetic motion - see subsection H6.1). In turn the soul/register is a kind of software residing in the virtual world, thus is invisible and unable to appear to anyone.
The counter-body is also recognized by various other disciplines. For example, acupuncture calls it "energy body", healers call it "etheric body", psychics call it "astral body", etc.
The knowledge that we have the triple system of bodies, bears an enormous significance for the understanding of some previously unexplained aspects of human lives and some behaviors of our awareness. For example our counter-body forms in cooperation with physical body an unique kind of dual electrical system. This system displays a highly complex, intricate operation, which is explained in subsections I5.3 to I5.6, and in I4. This dual electrical system continually exchanges energy between counter-body and physical body, creates electrical fields and flows of electrical charges, converts moral energy into life energy and vice versa, and operates in hundred intricate manners that still await to be demystified. This monograph undertakes attempts to explain at least the initial part of this complex system. Because in these explanations further details about our counter-body need to be revealed, subsection I5.6 is additionally extending the description of the counter-body provided here.
There is a wealth of evidence and observations available at present, which confirms the correctness of the conclusion of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity that every material object has its mirror, counter-material duplicate (spirit) in the counter-world. Listed below are some examples of this evidence:
#1I5.1. The existence of the non-physical bodies. The conclusion derived from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity that "every material object has a counter-material duplicate (which in turn contains a register)", only provides a new, scientifically based justification to the very old finding, which was presented to us by various sources for centuries. In religions this counter-body is called "spirit". Healers and psychic call it "etheric body". Acupuncture refers to it "energy body". The dynamically pumped component of this body many people call "aura". The mutual correspondence between a counter-body derived theoretically from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and an "etheric body" so successfully utilized in Psychic Healing, is best expressed in the book [1I5.1] by David St. Clair, "Psychic Healers" (Bantam Books, New York, 1979, ISBN 0-553-02056-0). On page 244 of this book the famous American Psychic Healer, Reverend William Brown, explains the principles involved in his healing. Here is an excerpt from his explanations:
"The etheric body is an exact copy of the flesh and blood body with every muscle, bone, organ, and nerve reproduced but in a finer density. The principle is that this body, being more basic than the physical, can be adjusted more rapidly and bloodlessly. Each condition corrected in the etheric body is reflected back into the physical body, thus adjusting the physical back to health".
It is amazing how closely this explanation of Reverend Brown regarding his "etheric body" corresponds to the definition of the "counter-body", and to the methods of altering the counter-body with the use of so-called "Telekinetic Effect" described in subsections H6.1 and L1 /?/.
#2I5.1. Non-physical seeing. If, according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, every material object has in the counter-world a counter-material duplicate, than people who are in states when their senses are switched into the reception from counter-bodies, should be able to perfectly see even when their eyes are closed. According to information from subsections I2 and I5.4, the special states - during which such switching of senses into the counter-body takes place, include dream, hypnosis, euphoria, etc. Actually, some experiments carried out with people in these states, and also popular knowledge about these states (e.g. about "sleep walkers", and about people by the folk wisdom called "lunatics"), indicate that such people actually perfectly see their environment and all existing obstacles, in spite that their eyes remain closed all the time.
#3I5.1. Kirlian photography. Counter-bodies from the counter-world are actually registrable on a photographic film. The technique which allows the registration of these counter-material images is called the Kirlian photography.

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